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PTC Bank Review – Money In Seconds or Scam?

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By Anis

November 24, 2016

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You have just heard about PTC Bank and don’t know if it’s a legit site where you should spend your time and energy? So you did a quick research to make sure if it is worth your time?

You have done the right thing, the internet is full of scams and you should do lots of research before joining any online site.

In this post, I am going to tell you anything you need to know about this company and we will see together if it is worth your time or not, are you ready? 😀

These are the topics of today’s post:

  1. What is
  2. How does it Work?
  3. What other people Say?
  4. My Final Opinion of and a good Alternative!


Name: PtcBank


Website: Ptcbank.netptc bank


Price: FREE


Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

1- What is is a site that claims to pay you for clicking ads, their site has been online since 2003 (according to web archive)

They claim you can earn 10 cents for every click, well, for now, everything sounds normal and legit.

This site is very similar to Four dollar click except that four dollar click say that you can earn $4000 a month clicking on ads.

Fdc and Ptc bank are two stupid scams, but at least this one that I am reviewing right now is not so exaggerating like the other one.

Let me show you and give you a proof that this site is a total scam.

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2 – How Does it Work?


To register you need to provide your email address and name, then you will be able to surf the ads, for every single ad you earn 10 cents sometimes even 20 cents.

ptc bank

They also have a section for cheap ads, where you earn 2 cents for every click.

Well, as a member that wants to make money, you will keep clicking on ads, every day you have only 25 ads to click, and to cash out you need to reach $100.

It takes a few months to reach the $100, once you finally reach it, you will run towards the withdraw button to destroy it so you can have your so earned money! You have spent a lot of time in front of your laptop or computer.

You hit the withdraw button and boom, nothing the site will start acting up and you will never get your money, you will go to the contact from for clarification?

Nothing, your account will be closed!

This scenario happened to many people, and you are so lucky because you have decided to read a review before joining this scammy website, you are so smart and you saved a lot of time and energy!

Now let me show you the complaints this online scam has received! 😉


3- What Other People Say?


Other people have lost a lot of energy and time working for free for this huge scam, nobody wants to work for 3 months just to realize that they were scammed right?

Unfortunately, many people fell in PTCB’s trap, and I don’t want you to be one of them.

Here is what other people say about this stupid scam.

ptc bank

ptc bank

ptc bank


Apart from wasting your precious time and energy for nothing, some ads will take you to dangerous programs that will download automatically and will cause your computer or laptop to slow down tremendously.

They have a page on their website called payments proof, this is just to fool you into thinking that it’s all legit.

Here’s how the payments proof page looks like!

ptc bank

So easy to falsify!


4- My Final Opinion of PTC Bank and a good alternative!


This is a huge scam, and you should run away from them! they will make you work hard for several months for nothing!

The Alternative! 


I have a great solution for you to make a living online, if you stick to it after a couple of months you will earn a lot of money!



Do you know any other scam that made you lose time?  have you ever get scammed? Please share with us your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


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  • Dude you are becoming the authority on unmasking these scammers! Keep up the good work buddy! Whenever I see something now I need clarification on I’m coming here to read up on it first!

  • Thank you for your review on PTC bank. I came across this site some time ago and was interested to see if it was genuine or not. I’m glad I came across your review, cause I know you’ve saved me a lot of time and energy now. After seeing all those complaints I’ll definitely be staying away.

    Are there any PTC sites that you’d recommend instead? Thanks

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