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Retired Millionaire Review: Big SCAM Alert!

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By Anis

May 26, 2017

The Retired Millionaire sales video

Retired Millionaire is a scam, are you about to waste $47? Before you do that you MUST read this review otherwise you will end up wasting your life savings with this SMART scam!

Retired Millionaire Quick Review

Name: Retired Millionaire


Price: $47 + Hidden costs and upsells

Verdict: Scam

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What is Retired Millionaire?

Retired Millionaire scam

So Retired Millionaire is another get rich quick scheme claiming it’s going to make you a millionaire by simply paying $47.

First of all

There is NO way you are going to be a millionaire or financially free by investing only $47

Second thing

You are not going to make any money with the Retired Millionaire

After having a closer look at the system it was clear to me it’s another rehashed scam

Trying to fool you with a fake story of a millionaire

How Does it Work?

I mean how does it scam people?

Here’s what they want from you

  • Your Email Adress
  • $47

When you give them your email address

They will be promoting you the latest scam offers like the Retired Millionaire so they can earn more money from you

They will also sell your email address to other unethical marketers so they can promote their products

Retired Millionaire – Here’s the Scam

To prove to you that this system is complete BS

I am going to show you the scam signs

Fake Testimonials

You have probably thought wow these people are making money with the Retired Millionaire

Unfortunately, they are not making any money

Because they are fake testimonials that you can purchase from

You can yourself buy a video testimonial from for only $5!!

So this guy claims he made $70,000 in his first month with this system

The retired Millionaire scam actor

First of all $70,000 in a month with no experience is absolute BS

Secondly, this guy seems to give testimonials for a lot of scammers

If you want to see his face again have a look at other scams I have reviewed some time ago.

There are tons of scams out there with this person’s face where he’s giving testimonials and how much he made with them.

The paid actor can be found at Fiverr his testimonials gigs cost around $5-$10 each.

Here’s a screenshot of one of his video testimonial gigs

Fiverr video testimonial gig

The other testimonial is a lady that claims she has made $9,567 in her first 3 days

Seriously? In 3 days?

That’s a lie because she was also paid $5 to lie and give a testimonial video

The Retired Millionaire sales video

She can also be found on Fiverr and here’s an example of her testimonial gig

Fake fiverr paid actor

There are other testimonials and now I think you are sure like me they are fake as well, right?

$500 After Watching the Video

Just above the Retired Millionaire sales video

You are promised to make $500 after watching the video

Make $500 after watching the video scam

You and I have both watched the video and none of us got $500.

The thing is they just want to make you both excited and curious so you can spend that $47

Retired Millionaire – Guaranteed Income?

This may be so picky of me but the person on the video

repeatedly says Retired Millionaire is the only program that can guarantee you to make money

But after scrolling all the way to the bottom of their page

You will read this

The Retired Millionaire fine print


How Much Does the Retired Millionaire Cost?

If you think this system will cost you only $47

You are wrong

As I said before they will keep sending you emails with products to purchase

Also as you go through the training (rehashed & confusing info) you will go through series of upsells that may amount to thousands of dollars

I have written and reviewed quite a lot of products like these

I have received lots of comments from people wasting thousands of dollars without earning a cent.

scammers are so good at scamming

and they perfectly know how to squeeze as much money as possible from newbies looking for a legitimate online business training.

Final Review -Retired Millionaire is a Scam 

Unfortunately after having a closer look at the Retired Millionaire

I have literally nothing good to say about it

They use fake testimonials and unbelievable income claims

$70,000 in the first month? $10,000 in 3 days?

Without experience and training?

Isn’t that kind of too good to be true?

It is indeed

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Did you get scammed by The Retired Millionaire?

Please leave your comments below to warn others!

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  • Thanks so much for your honest review of this program. I’m sure that you’ve saved many people serious money, as well as a major headache in avoiding the retired millionaire program. I’ll bookmark your site. Thanks.

  • Wow, I’ve heard about these sites but never came across one. How do you even get pulled into it. What got me is that it never even explains what you will be doing to earn this money. Are you able to explain that to me?’v are they selling advertising or what online? And the fact that there is no way to contact someone or pay for it via PayPal….I was curious so I watched it and found it so staged! I fell terrible for the people that get sucked into these things. If you want money fast you work your ass off for it. Or if you’re lucky you win the bloody lotto! I’m in Australia so $47usd would be around $100 for us. How are these people allowed to do this. Thankyou for taking the time to put up this review. I hope people find it before buying it. I simply looked up the name and scam and this came up. I’ve never been this gullible but know loads of people who are. How can we report this! I’ve even tried to unsubscribe but still get countless emails.

  • I haven’t heard of Retired Millionaire before. I actually thought I knew most of the bogus programs out there, but this is a new one on me.

    Selling your email address to others is bad enough, let alone anything else. So some dude made $70 in his first month. I wish this stuff was real, but it just isn’t. If it was, I would have found some get rich scheme that works by now.

    Thanks for the heads up on retired millionaire.

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