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ShopatHome Review: Is it Legit or Big Scam?

By Anis Chity

March 10, 2019

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This is a Shopathome review; many people use this site some are happy while others are TOTALLY disappointed and feel scammed, is it worth your time? Are there any alternatives that are better?

Did you hear about shopathome and want to make sure if it’s a legit website?

This site honestly is strange in the sense that it has both bad and good reviews.

But is it legit? Or another scam you should avoid?

Without wasting time, let’s dig in!

ShopAtHome review

What is ShopAthome?

Shopathome is a website that pays you to shop, for instance, if you buy something directly from Amazon you won’t earn some cash back from your purchase.

Shopathome is connected with many stores if you buy from any of the stores that are affiliated with them, they will earn a commission.

Shopathome earns a commission because you have purchased a product using their affiliate link.

To thank you they are willing to share that commission with you.

Many websites are on this business model like EbatesExtrabux, Mr. Rebates, and Ibotta

How Shop At Home Works? 

It so simple here is how it works in four steps.

1- Select Your Favorite Store

They are connected with over 3,000 stores so your favorite store must be there.

2- Add The Products to Your Shopping Cart

Now that you have selected your store, it’s time to pick up the products you are looking for.

Make sure you don’t miss any coupons and deals related to the products you are interested in.

Groceries or electronics everything is there.

3- It’s Shopping time!

Now you can purchase the items you have selected after your purchase within seven days you will see the cash on your account.

If you don’t see it even after seven days, they have a missing cashback form you can fill out and submit to the support team.

How Does Shop At Home Pay You?

You can request your payment through Paypal, Check or gift cards.

Their minimum payout requirement is $20.

Payments are processed at the end of every month.

Is ShopAtHome Safe?

There are a lot of people complaining; they think there is a Shopathome malware.

Let me make things crystal clear.

Shopathome is completely safe, they are a legit company and been online for so many years.

There is a program on the internet called Shop At Home Network.

This network has a malware software that some Shop At home users have downloaded and can’t get rid of.

That software is so complicated to uninstall.

That software was confused with the Shopathome toolbar apparently.

Shopathome’s toolbar is completely safe.

There are a few tutorials online that show you how to uninstall the stubborn Shop At Home Network malware.

Things Shop At Home Doesn’t have Anymore

Shopathome used to have some amazing futures that today is missing.

Here are some of the futures that Shopathome used to have.

1- ShopAtHome Referral Program

Shop at home used to have a referral program but now it’s gone, and that’s pretty annoying, to be honest.

Most shopping sites still have referral programs today, and it’s a great way for the members to earn some extra cash.

2- Shop At Home Catalogs

They used to offer shopping catalogs too, but they are gone now since 2008.

But now they offer coupons deals and cash back.

If you are looking for great coupon deals, you may want to check the specialist Coupon Cactus.

Coupon Cactus is a site where you can find great coupons on every category you may think about.

3- ShopAtHome 110% Guarantee.

There used to be a 110% cash back guarantee, but it was discontinued in December 2016.

4- Shop At Home ShopGold Points

They had a program where you could earn shopGold points that could be redeemed for gift cards.

The program was discontinued in November 2016 according to their terms.

Tips to Earn More With ShopAtHome

Here some 3 quick tips to earn the most with this cashback site.

  1. Install the ShopatHome Toolbar: (Browser savings app) It makes life easier, once installed you can perform searches right from it to find deals, it will also notify you of new cash back opportunities and deals.
  2. Uninstall any adblockers; cashback sites don’t work well with adblockers.
  3.  Buy your items right after you click on them through Shopathome links.

ShopatHome Complaints

There are a lot of people complaining, some complaint about missing cashback, problems unsubscribing from their newsletter or uninstalling the Savings app.

To unsubscribe you simply have to log in into your shopathome account as the support team says.

Click here to read the complaints

ShopAtHome Pros and Cons 

The Good

  • Legit and one of the oldest cashback sites
  • Hight Cashback rates
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Different payment methods.
  • Good support team.

The Bad

  • Some good features are gone like the referral program.
  • Many complaints.
  • Cashback is not available for every product.

ShopAtHome Review: Is Shopathome a Scam?

Shopathome is a legit company that is trustworthy and safe.

However, I use Ebates and Ibotta, to earn cash back just because they have a referral program, to be honest.

Swagbucks and Mr. Rebates give you cash back from shopping too.

If you are interested in Shopathome Sign up here

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Have you ever tried shopathome? Please share with us your experiences!

If you have any questions don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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  • I’m constantly looking for legit cashback sites, found your site, thanks for mentioning all the cashback sites out there which one would you recommend the most?

    Waiting for your response, thank you

    • Hi,Odd, I recommend you to join at least two cash back sites so you make sure you actually earn a cashback on your online shopping.
      All of those are good just pick up whatever you like, you can also use Cashbackmonitor to see what cashback is the best for you.

  • Thank you Anis for this review of Shopathome. It is good that we have watch dogs like you on the Internet that do these type of reviews as otherwise many more people would get ripped off! I always take precautions when receiving online business offers by Google searching the business. On many occasions my search leads me to reviews such as this one! But looks like Shopathome is not a scam, I will try the other cash back sites thank you.

  • Hi Anis, thanks for this Shopathome review. I think I will try your ebates suggestion because they have a referral program and heard good things about it, thanks.

  • Hi Anis,

    I am desperately trying to earn some online income and Shop At home seems fascinating it is good that you made such detailed review.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Anis, I was looking for a cash back site, I already use Swagbucks but did not know they had cash back offers lol, thanks for this review.

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