Is Survey Voices a Scam? The Truth!

Survey Voices scam

Surveys, in my opinion, are a good way to earn some easy extra cash, the best part about them they are 100% free

There’s no financial risk involved with them, however, if you are involved with scam surveys then you are in trouble

I heard about Survey Voices and they promised me $300 in my first week which is something literally unheard of when it comes to surveys

After having a closer look it became crystal clear to me what it’s all about

I am going to share with you the truth about Survey voices in this honest review.

Survey Voices Review

  • Name: Survey Voices
  • Website: SurveyVoices.com
  • Owner: Reward Zone USA LLC  (BBB Profile)
  • Price: Free

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What is Survey Voices?

Survey Voices is just a middleman, it means they only connect you with reward sites & Surveys.

A lot of people think that Survey voices are a research company that has their own surveys

But that’s not the case

How Does Survey Voices Actually Work!

Survey Voices makes money when you join the websites they recommend you through their affiliate links

They also make money through your email address and phone number

These type of websites usually sell your personal information to other people

If you already gave out your email address and phone number chances are you are receiving lots of emails and SMS about offers and make money online opportunities, SPAM in other words.

Survey Voices review

Survey Voices is very similar to other websites I reviewed in the past called Survey compare, Gold Opinions, Survey Spotter and Opinion City.

To get started you will have to

  • Enter your email address
  • Confirm it
  • Take a background survey (to receive surveys that might interest you)
  • Join the offers they recommend
  • Keep joining every website they recommend through SMS and email

Can You Make Money with Survey Voices?

This is a tricky question

Because Survey Voices does connect you with some legitimate surveys like

The problem is

Through email, all they send you is ridiculous poker offers and get rich quick scams that promise the moon

Honestly, Survey Voices could be a good website if only they stop spamming random offers via email and SMS.

In fact here’s a message I received when I tried to visit a website they recommended via email

Survey Voices reviews

This site I am trying to access is called Paid Survey and More which is 100% scam

I don’t know why Survey Voices is recommending it since it’s going to rip off their clients

This makes me think Survey Voices is there only there to make money for themselves as they promote whatever makes them money.

Below I’m going to share with you MORE RED FLAGS and WHY you should avoid Survey Voices.

1) Survey Voices is A Cookie Cutter Scam

Survey Voices is NOT a real survey but just a cookie cutter site that has been copied over and over.

At the time of this writing, there are different survey scams out there with the same look of Survey Voices.

Here’s the proof:

surveybucks.org rehashed scma


survey bucks website

As you can see Survey Voices & Survey Bucks have literally the same look!

You can watch a video review I have made about Survey Bucks!

Other scams that look like Survey Voices are Smart Dollars Club & PaidClub.org!

Tired of Scams? Here are 6 FREE Legit Surveys!

2) Survey Voices is going to Sell Your Information!

Survey Voices just like most surveys scams, is going to sell the into of all their users, this is something that happened with another scam called Clout Cash Club.

There are many advertisers that are looking to buy email addresses and phone numbers, and sites like Survey Voices are happy to send them your personal info!

If you want to earn from surveys without getting your info sold, here are the surveys I recommend!

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Inboxdollars
  3. YouGov

3) $300 per Week Doing Surveys? LOL

Any survey website that says you can make $100’s per week from surveys should be avoided!

THERE is absolutely no way surveys will make you that amount of money.

Legit surveys can make you an extra $300 per month! Maximum!

Don’t let scammers fool you, that’s only hype they use to lure you in.

Once you get inside Survey Voices you will be shocked by the fact you won’t make a dime! Let alone $300 a week.

Is Survey Voices a Scam?

As I said before they do connect you with some legit surveys

However, they do that by hyping things up a bit like promising you $300 in your first week

We all know that there is no way the one would make $300 per week doing surveys.

That’s Complete BS in My Opinion

To make things worse, they recommend you get rich quick schemes and loads of spam via email and SMS.

While Survey Voices may not be a complete scam it’s definitely so unethical and lying.

Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • It connects you with some legit offers
  • You have a chance to earn money


  • They promote scammy offers
  • They send lots of spam (poker offers & sweepstakes)
  • Not trustworthy (research whatever program they promote)

Is Survey Voices Worth it?

All they do is send you to other offers

Since they promote bogus offers I don’t recommend you to get involved with them

You can simply directly join the Best Survey Websites on the Internet without getting scammed.

Final Review

Survey Voices are not an honest company while they do recommend you some legit sites

Most of the time they recommend BS websites that are going to rip you off

I Don’t recommend you to get involved with them

If you want to make extra cash without falling for scams

I invite you to check out my favorite 5 High paying survey sites

Or check out My Recommend Make Money Training for Newbies to earn a full-time income online

Your Opinions

What do you think about Survey Voices?

Do you have any experiences you want to share with us?

Feel free to share with us your opinion by dropping comments below!

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