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March 15, 2017,, and are some scammy websites that I am reviewing today to show you they are nothing but only shady programs.

It’s very sad to see a lot of people looking for online jobs falling for these websites.

If you are interested in joining those sites or you are already a member of one of those you have to read this whole review.


Quick Review

Names: Teeban, Duty Set, Money Job

Websites: – –

Price: free

Recommended?: NO

Recommended Online business training


UPDATE! Beware of is the same scam!

UPDATE! is another similar scam!

UPDATE!, & (this one with different design) are new scams to the network! & are new scams!


Teeban, DutySet & MoneyJob what are They?

These websites you see in the picture are scams that are not going to pay you.

They belong to a network of scams, the owner of these sites produces the same scams with different domain names.

Sometimes one will redirect you to a similar site with another name.

This is not the first time I review this kind of websites feel free to read my DollarBirth, RapidUSD, Super Jobs and DutyScreen, PokeLazy and reviews

Nine websites and they are all the same when I say the same I mean literally, the only difference is the name.


Will you earn Money with These sites?


Money can be made by these sites but they will all go to the owner of the sites.

They only want to use you to make money for them so please don’t fall for it.

Nobody is going to give you ‘easy” money if you don’t work very hard for it, you are not going to earn it.


Looking inside Teeban, MoneyJob & DutySet


I already know what they are all about and how they scam people because I reviewed their similar sites.

Assuming this is the first time you hear about these and probably you don’t know that they belong to the network of scams I mentioned earlier so I will go into explaining how they scam people. affiliate link

These sites are all about sharing an affiliate link everywhere they say you will be earning $5 to $10 everytime someone clicks on your affiliate link.

$25 sign up bonus

When you register and log in you will see a $25 dollar in your account, the minimum cashout limit is $300.

So even if you collect enough clicks to reach the $300 you are not going to cash out and that’s how they scam people.

You will have to take a survey to make money which asks for money itself.

There are other similar scams which are the following



Here’s a video of some of their previous scams.


Solid & Legit Way to Earn Money from Home?

Unfortunately, most online jobs are either scams, not for newbies or pay less than minimum wage that’s why I recommend starting an affiliate website.

Within an affiliate website, you can promote products people are looking for whenever someone purchases an item through your website you earn commissions.

If you are a novice at this then you need a training and a place where you learn from other members and get help when you need it.

The best training I recommend for newbies is Wealthy affiliate which will teach you how to start an affiliate website, how to get visitors and how you can make money.

It’s an honest way to make money but it takes months of consistent hard work but it’s totally worth it because with an affiliate site the sky is the limit in terms of earnings.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you 2 free websites and 10 free lessons to get you started.

Here’s what you will be learning from Wealthy Affiliate


Read my Wealthy Affiliate review for more info.

If you have heard about any other similar scams to, or please let us know by dropping a comment below!

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Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

Quick update: Anis now is 28 earning over $40k a month on average in affiliate commissions! Learn How He exactly did it here.

  • I am so sorry to realise that many online making portals are all fake. I spent about 2 weeks to hit $355 on dutyset, but I cant access the payment. This is not the main thing that saddens me, but the numerous online friends who may not take my word seriously next time, if they too can not access their payment. It is very sad indeed.

    • Believe it or not, I received emails from people telling me these are not scams and that I am a scammer misleading people, they just don’t get it, damn.

  • I have worked with dutyset for the last 3 weeks and i have hit the target of us300$.when i try to withdraw it fails help me please.i wonder is this website real or fake?

  • m from Pakistan
    I worked for a website to earn money
    how they pay me
    is it real online earning website or scam

    • Sorry I don’t speak French but I know you are asking about withdrawing your money, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that, these sites are ripping people off.

    • Hi Muhammad, a lot of people are asking the same question have a look at the comments, those sites will NEVER pay you because they are scammers, if you want to earn money check out Wealthy Affiliate (making money online is not easy! Give it time and hard work!)

  • You can also get real jobs by doing some work for webmasters such as urdu typing jobs, you can apply for the job on Link Removed
    use their contact page.
    Or if you wants English typing jobs then contact to Link removed

    • Hi, Albert, most of the sites mentioned here are still working, don’t waste your time they are pure scams, have a look at the comments, everyone is wondering how to get their money out their accounts which will never happen, unfortunately.

  • Hi all. Its true what he said. They give u links to subscribe.but the link to with draw doesn’t happen. I have tried to with draw all day and Nothing! Plz help me to get involved with a site that’s not a scam.really need cash. Single mother 2kids 2feed

    • Hi Jacqueline, to be honest there are no sites online that will give you cash right away unless you have some special skills or something I think the most reliable way to make money online is to start an an affiliate website if you are a newbie Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything at the right time, the sky is the limit in terms of earnings the catch is you need to give it time and patience, just to give you an example it took me 4 months to make my first sale after working very hard without making money in the first months, but my websites traffic is increasing now so my revenue.

      If you are desperately looking for ways to make money online, the you can try writing articles for other people on sites like Hirewriters
      Hope this helps, thanks for visiting and have a great day

    • Hi Coded did you read the post and the previous comments? DutySet and the sites mentioned in this post are scams even if you collect $50,0000 you won’t be able to withdraw it.

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