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The Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs (Top 10 Programs)(2019)

By Anis Chity

June 10, 2019

Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs

Hello there! Welcome to my Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs article.

If you love to travel and would like to earn money at the same time, then you have made the best decision of visiting and reading this!

With this method, you can get the best of both worlds! 

Note: You do not have to really travel for this to work.

But don't worry. If you do not have any background or knowledge about affiliate programs, I will explain it to you briefly!

So... without further ado, let's get down to it!

What are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs, also known as associate programs, is basically an agreement between a merchant website (the one you are working with) and the affiliate website (you).

There are a lot of websites out there that offer various affiliate programs. Some of which are provided below (travel niche only).

To put it simply, affiliate programs work when you bring traffic to the merchant website.

And no. We are not talking about the same traffic that you experience everyday when you go out.

I am talking about the web traffic or the web users who visit the merchant website.

You can put links on your website that can lead people to the merchant website.

And when that happens, you get paid by the said merchant DEPENDING ON YOUR AGREEMENT.

Some merchant websites pay you everytime a person clicks your link. Others pay you only everytime a successful sale is made.

The amount of money you earn also depends on your agreement. Usually commissions you earn ranges from 20% - 60%.

Affiliate programs is a very effective method for merchants to gain exposure to the people in the web.

It is a very excellent way to promote its products and services. I can say that this kind of marketing, affiliate marketing, is very beneficial to both parties.

In fact, I do affiliate marketing the whole time and earn money!

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What are Travel Site Affiliate Programs?

Travel Site Affiliate Programs are basically websites in the travel niche that offer affiliate programs.

Some websites are mentioned below and these are the best travel site affiliate programs today.

You can get paid whenever you lead people in their websites using your links or whenever a successful sale or booking is done (but also the person should click the link you have provided).

Travel Site Affiliate programs are very rewarding. But before going to the best travel site affiliate programs, let's go over the pros and cons first. 


#1 The Offers Are High Quality

Travel Site Affiliate Programs are high quality.

They are offered by the internet's most trusted and best travel websites out there, such as Expedia and TripAdvisor.

That means, you do not have to worry about scams or leading people to any suspicious and harmful websites.

#2 High Income

Believe it or not, affiliate marketing really pays well. However, you need to be good at it.

Content must be great and also, you have to integrate a good SEO to fully maximize the number of traffic that visit your website and also, to rank higher in the search results.

With that said, I told you that most travel site affiliate programs offer a range of 20% to 60% of commission on each visit or on each booking.

And if you check, international flights can cost up to $1000. Do the math and you can see that you can earn a lot.

#3 Wide Niche

Travel niche is very very wide.

You can never run out of options!

It ranges from hotel bookings, restaurants, resorts, flights and even travelling products!

#4 Lots of Opportunities

There are lot of opportunities for you out there. Like I said, the travel nice is very wide.

Also, travel niche is not limited to U.S. based audience. In fact, if you try to focus more on places outside of the U.S., you can find a lot of opportunities.

Furthermore, the competition is lower.

For example, if your keyword is "best hotels in Florida", you will have a lot of competitors since this is very common.

However, if you use "the best hotels in Cambodia", then you won't have much to worry about your SEO ranking.

#5 Convenient and Easy

Doing affiliate programs is very easy and convenient.

You can work anywhere and anytime.

Plus, writing articles about travelling is fun!

And do not worry about the website creation part since there are a lot of websites and companies out there that offer services that can help you create your website easily!

Personally, I recommend Wealthy Affiliates! It has everything you need to create an excellent website and begin your affiliate marketing journey!

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

Hello! I am Anis and I am an affiliate marketer!

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#1 Low Customer LTV

First of all, LTV means Lifetime Value.

What I mean by this one is that, a visitor in your website mostly visits ONCE.

For example, if I am one of your visitor to your article title, "Complete Guide to Paris", I will most likely to visit it whenever I am planning to go to Paris.

And after I am done booking a flight going to the beautiful hometown of the Eiffel Tower, planning my itinerary, chances are, I will not visit your website ever again.

#2 Targeted Traffic

In relation to the con above, your travel website need a targeted traffic.

If you wrote a guide about Paris, the people who are most likely to view your website are the ones who plan to travel to Paris.

According to my research, there is only a few number of people who are "just curious" to visit your website.

#3 Difficult Competition

This is one of the downside of travel site affiliate programs.

Your travel website will have to compete against multi-billion travel companies, such as the ones I provided you below, in teh SERPs.

Same example, if you wrote an article about Paris, it will be difficult to rank higher in the SERPs because you will still have to beat travel websites such as TripAdvisor and Booking.com!

Since we are done talking about affiliate programs and travel sites, let's move on to the highlight of this article,

The Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs.


Booking.com Logo

Booking.com is very widely known In the travel industry. Chances are, if you were looking for help in the internet whenever you travel, you came across this website.

It is a travel fare aggregator website, as well as a travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations.

It can give you the best deals in accommodations and hotels.

Furthermore, it is owned by the U.S. based Booking Holdings.

This website is considered as one of the largest hotel websites out there, with over a million of locations all over the world where you can stay. 

Affiliate Program

The Booking.com Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to earn a commission on successful and confirmed booking from a person who used your affiliate link.

It's commission rate depends on the amount of bookings you generate per month.

The lowest rate you can get is 25%. However, if you can make 501 and above bookings on every month, you get to acquire 40% of commission!


  • You can sign up for free!
  • Easy-to-use-system
  • It has an official WordPress plugin to make your work a lot easier
  • Offers a search box, deep-linking and an interactive banner integration options


  • You can only get your payout once you have a minimum commission of $100.


TripAdvisor Logo

Personally, I have encountered TripAdvisor for a couple of times.

 It has helped me a lot to know more about a certain location or place. It can give you the best hotels, the best places to visit in a city or country.

Almost everything you need to make your travel smoother and better.

TripAdvisor is the internet's largest social travel website.

It is an American travel website that offers hotels and restaurant reviews, as well as the best bookings for accommodations, and other travel-related stuff.

Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor partnered up with CJ Affiliates to create the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program.

Because of that, you will have access to a gallery of text-links, banners and content widgets. Furthermore, you will have a real-time reporting 24/7.

Additionally, commission checks are sent to you monthly. And you can even monitor the amount of your earnings online!


  • 50% Commission (each time a person clicks the link, no need for successful sales or bookings)
  • Deep-linking to over 500,000 pages of cities and hotels
  • Lots of incentive programs


Agoda Logo

Agoda is another part of Booking Holdings, just like Booking.com.

It is one of the world's fastest growing travel booking website with 2 million properties in over 200 countries.

This helpful booking platform offers people the opportunity to have an access to a wide choice of hotels, restaurants and different kinds of accommodations, both affordable and luxurious.

Its headquarters is located in Singapore.

Affiliate Program

The Agoda Affiliate Program gives you a commission on each referral you make. Furthermore, the commission is tier-based.

That means that the more referrals you make, the larger percentage of commission you earn.

Under 50 referrals, you can earn a commission of 35%. This is the lowest tier.

If you get 1000 referrals in a month, then you get a 60% commission! This is the highest tier. 


  • You can sign up for free!
  • It supports 38 languages
  • Can offer you an easy way to set up and track your commissions


  • You can only get your payout once you have a minimum commission of $200.


Skyscanner Logo

Skyscanner is another travel metasearch engine and travel aggregator website, like Booking.com.

It is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, in the year 2016, it has been owned by China's largest travel company, Ctrip.

It offers you the best travel booking options around the world at reasonable price.

According to it's website, the company's secret is its high end technology that connects people to everything it has to offer. And can even provide you travel search for its 1200 partners. 

Affiliate Program

The Skyscanner Affiliate Program is also partnered up with CJ Affiliates.

Skyscanner pays you half of the revenue they receive on each booking they get from your referrals. 

Furthermore, it also gives you $1 CPI on each Skyscanner app download through your links.

Why Skyscanner?

  • It is free!
  • Skyscanner is global.
  • Has 60 million visitors per month
  • Offers all the tools you need

Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts Logo

When it comes to Caribbean vacations, Sandals Resorts is highly recognized.

It offers people with the best and luxurious all-inclusive resorts, hotels and accommodations.

Be it on your honeymoon, wedding or just a family vacation, Sandals Resorts got your back

Affiliate Program

Same as other affiliate programs, for this to work, you just need people to visit Sandals Resorts through the links you provided in your website.

Furthermore, Sandals Resorts Affiliate Program will pay you commission on each booking made by your referrals.

Speaking of commission, Sandals Resorts pay you 4% on each bookings.

Sounds a bit low compared to the others, right?

But wait.

Don't forget that Sandals Resorts are luxurious resorts, with a range price of $150 - $2000 per night per person. 


  • Highly quality and known brand
  • Offers affiliate incentives (even free trips!)
  • High EPC (earnings per click)
  • Updated creatives (banners)
  • Affiliate Marketing Manager is ready to help


  • Only for those websites dedicated to luxury travels to the Caribbean.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Logo

I am sure that you already know what Amazon is. If not, I am sure you bumped into it more than 5 times before.

Amazon is an American-owned multinational tech company, located in Seattle, Washington.

It is considered as one of the Big Four Technology, along with Facebook, Google and Apple.

Amazon is different from the other websites in this article. It is not about travel flights and hotel bookings.

It is an online shop that sells a wide variety of items.

That is why Amazon is great for affiliate marketing because it has a lot of products you can promote.

Insert Content Template or Symbol

Affiliate Program

The Amazon Associates pay you a commission on each visit by a web user on your link that leads to the product in Amazon.

Amazon is full of travel gear, clothing, as well as travel accessories that you can promote.

The commission rate of Amazon Associates depend on the category of the items.

For outdoor, the category in which hiking and camping products for travel belong, you earn 5.5% commission.

For apparel, bags, luggage which can also belong to your travel website, will earn you 7% commission.


  • The brand is very famous
  • It has a high conversion rate
  • You can earn a commission on each product purchased by the person who clicked your link (not only for the product you promoted)
  • Has a lot of products to promote


  • The commission rate is low. 

Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct Logo

When it comes to travelling, cruises play an important role.

Cruise Direct is one of the best companies out there to offer you with excellent cruises all over the world. 

Yes. Cruise direct is global.

That means you will have a lot of options.

It takes care of all of your cruise needs. By the usage of the latest technology, Cruise Direct can easily provide you with the best of the best options at an affordable price.

This program offers you the best affiliate marketing service! Check it out!

Affiliate Program

Cruise Direct Affiliates offer you a 3% commission on gross sale, which is one of the highest commission in the cruise industry.

I know 3% is smaller compared to the previous ones. However, have you ever thought the cost of cruise ships???

The average price is like $1000 or more per person! And let's say that a family of 5 goes on a vacation and rides on a cruise. 

In just one referral (the family of 5), you can earn $150!


  • 3% Commission of Gross sale
  • Offers a 45-day tracking cookies (if a person visits your link today, but books a cruise more than a month starting today, you can still earn a commission)
  • Offers banner ads, Text Ads and Search Boxes
  • It is parasite-free program
  • Offers weekly opportunities for earning extra money


Kayak Logo

Kayak is another fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine operated by Booking Holdings.

It processes more than 2 billion searches every year.

If ever you plan on visiting a place, Kayak helps you find all the information you need to enjoy your stay, from hotels, restaurants, flights, rental cars and vacation packages.

Affiliate Program

Kayak's White Labels, API integration and affiliate network offer you an opportunity to partner up with them!

Kayak Affiliate Program offers you 50% commission on each booking. 


  • 50% Commission on each booking
  • Access to banners, links and widgets

White Labels and API Integration

  • A flexible structure of rate
  • Optimized performance
  • Top products

Affiliate Network

  • Offers you a great travel search engine
  • Solutions for every business


Viator Logo

Viator is a company under TripAdvisor.

It is another travel site that hooks you up with the best flight deals, hotel bookings, show tickets, and other accommodations.

With access to over 200,000 bookable activities, expect that you will enjoy your vacation with Viator's help.

Affiliate Program

Viator affiliates provides you with the tools you need to create a widget you can use.

Each time a visitor clicks your widget, you earn a commission!


  • 8% Commission on each booking made by a customer through your site
  • Widgets can be created in any seconds
  • Offers a 24/7 support
  • Offers a widget builder and preview tool


Expedia Logo

Expedia is a travel booking website that is located in Washington. 

It helps you book the best airline tickets, hotel reservations, resorts, car rentals and many more. 

Affiliate Program

The Expedia Affiliate Program offers you a percentage of the commission made depending on the item.

If a person clicks the link you have on your website that leads to Expedia, you get to earn the following:

  • Rental Cars - 6% per transaction
  • Activities and attractions - 10% per transaction
  • Vacation Packages - 3% (less than 3 nights), 5% (minimum of 3 nights)
  • Hotels - 11% premium plus, 9% premium, 6.5%basic plus, 3.5% basic

Why Expedia

  • It has competitive commissions
  • Offers a large travel inventory
  • The booking system is fast and flexible
  • The affiliate program is safe

Bottom Line

There are a lot of ways to earn money online. There are reward sites that offer money if you are able to do things like

However, for me, I totally recommend affiliate marketing.

You can apply it in any niche you want.

In this article, we only focused on the travel niche and I gave you the best travel site affiliate programs.

However, affiliate marketing is not limited to travelling.

There are still a lot of options for you out there! Make sure to choose the one that really fits your interest.

You won't only be working to earn money but you will also be enjoying!

This is How I Make Money from Home!

Like I said above, affiliate marketing is really a great way to earn money.

It is very easy and enjoyable. Apart from that, you can earn a passive income!

That means that your website will keep on earning you money.

To be honest, because of affiliate marketing, I earn commissions like this.

I earn affiliate commissions regularly

My November affiliate commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

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  • Travel site affiliate program is an amazing affiliate marketing business. I have been doing affiliate for travel site for quite an age now and I know many rules that guided it. It is true that majority of the people who make it their priority to search for affiliate travel website are those who need information about where they are traveling to. Another ones are those who wanted to make reservations. That’s the trick. The return from this business might not be high for affiliate marketer because of some high authority website doing thesame program. It is actually a backup business which I love doing. I have other products I’m doing affiliate for. This review will provide some guides to people who need these information. Gracia

    • Hello Stella! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my article! I hope it was able to help you. Good luck with your affiliate marketing journey!

  • It’s never been an affiliate niche I’ve thought about before really, but one thing stands out – these are big ticket affiliate products, and one or two sales could cover a few months worth of money! It’s great that you’ve managed to cover some of the best options here, but I am wondering – do you need any sort of website ‘qualifications’ before these travel companies take you on as an affiliate?

    • Hello Chris! That’s what I thought too. When I saw the commission percentage, I was not that impressed right away. And then, it struck me. Because I realized that the products really worth a lot! Even if the commission is 6%, you will still receive a large amount of money because the product’s price is high.

      Most of these programs only allow you to join if you have a website. Some really need your website to be only dedicated to travelling. You will know when you get to read the terms that these websites will give you.

  • The travel sector is one of the luxurious industry and there is a great opportunity to earn good commission via the affiliate programs. You have done good work on listing the Top 10 Travel Site Affiliate Programs. I am keen to join some of these programs to add another stream of income to my MMO niche site.But I know the competition is fierce, what are your strategies to bet your competitor?Thank you very much for sharing this article.

    • Hello Zayn! Yes I agree. The travel sector is very nice when it comes to affiliate programs.

      Yes the competition is fierce, especially you have to beat a lot of travel websites. My advice is to make sure that your keyword/s is/are unique. Also, great SEO will surely improve your website

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