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The Bux Review: Is It Legit? Is it Really a World of Trust?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 13, 2017

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The Bux review: Another paid to click site, this one looks legit but is it legit or just another time wasting scam to steal your hard earned money?

Clicking ads is something we all can do. Apparently, it’s easy to earn clicking a few ads per day.

Unfortunately, most of the PTC (Paid to Click) sites reward you with cents some even refuse to pay.

I know you came here to know if The Bux is worth your time but before I answer your question let me tell you something.

Since you are here because you are looking for an extra income opportunity, let me invite to a community where you can earn a full-time income from your passion.

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I did not forget your question; The Bux is a big scam, and they will never reward you for your hard work, you will read later what other people say.


What is The Bux?

The Bux is a PTC site where you get paid to click ads, watch videos, sign up on other sites, take offers and play games  you can find the site at The-Bux.net

The site was launched in 2013 by some guys from Slovenia.

The site used to pay but now it doesn’t anymore, this is no surprise to me as many PTC sites pay the first members then they start scamming people.

Have a look at similar scams I have reviewed.


How Does the Bux Work and Why it’s a Scam?

Like any other paid to click site, you have to register, confirm your email address and start using the site.

But before even verifying my email address I see something suspicious along with other red flags that I will breakdown here.

 1- Not Authenticated Messages



The message is not authenticated; it means that my email provider does not know if the message is really from the person that sent it.

Another thing is you have to click on this to verify your email address which is unclickable.


Then they ask you to copy and paste a similar messy URL on your browser which doesn’t work.

2-Minimum Cashout Limit


The minimum cash out limit is $250; all the legit PTC sites have a cashout limit around $8.

Another thing is they allow you to cash out only in the middle of the night at 12 Midnight, lots of members fight to withdraw at that time but the server crashes and therefore no one gets paid.

On the payments page, they ask you to be VERY fast and accurate to ask for payment.

That’s basically how they keep their ball rolling.

They keep telling members that they have problems with payments processing and that they will fix it soon, I grew a beard now still no payments.

3-The Premium Membership


They have a premium membership that costs $35 where they promise you to earn more and more.

But the reality is they pray day and night so you can buy that premium membership, they keep pushing you to buy it.



The owners will laugh if you purchase that membership.

4- Fake Rented Referrals


The Bux allows you to rent referrals, but those referrals you pay money for hoping for better profits are just a bunch of bots that click at the same time.

If you buy them, you will notice that they are programmed to click on a specific time.

When you ask support they either never respond and if they do they will quickly tell you that your rented referrals are not active and that they can do nothing about it.

5- Support Team Always on a Vacation


Trying to get a response from The Bux support team is like trying to read with your eyes shut.

Lots of people contact them for their payments, but they never get back to them.

6- Unhappy Users


lots of people have spent hours and hours working on The Bux but only to realize they have been scammed.

If you want to read about their experiences click here

The Bux Review: Is it a Scam?


The Bux is a scam, and I don’t recommend you to waste any of your time there.

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Do you have any experiences with The Bux? Don’t forget to share your thoughts here!

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  • Hi, Thanks for the review. I have a friend at work who keeps going on about the bux. He makes out like its the best thing since sliced bread. He always seems to fall for scams like these. Found your site while trying to hunt out some genuine opinions on this scheme. I will send him your way….I might take a look at your suggestion as well. Thanks

  • Hi Anis, thanks for informing us of another one of those time and money wasting scams. I wish more people will research into these scams more before letting go of their hard earned cash as you have. Good work once again.

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