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Top 10 Personal Development Affiliate Programs (2020 Update!)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

January 21, 2020

Top Personal Development Affiliate Programs

Have you ever wanted to become better at something or improve yourself? If yes, then you would know that it can be challenging.

That is why personal development programs started. They aim to help people like you to discover more about yourself and be the better version!

With that being said, personal development is one of the great niche for affiliate marketing.

In this article, I will give you the Top Personal Development Affiliate Programs!

So, without further ado, let's get started!​​

What is Personal Development?

Before we start discussing the Top Personal Development Affiliate Programs, let's have some background information first.

Personal Development is the conscious strive to shape yourself into a better one. By expanding self-awareness and knowledge, as well as the improvement of personal skills are the keys to achieving this.

Basically, the way I see it, it is all about living consciously about yourself, at your full potential, and just being contented with what you have. Furthermore, pursuing to be a better person.

Some of the aspects that are involved are the mind, the body and the spirit.

#1 Higher Awareness

Higher Awareness main page

Higher Awareness has been around for more than 50 years, providing help and services to people.

Furthermore, with their tools and resources, they offer the opportunity to support and empower everyone, especially with personally and spiritual growth.

Additionally, they have 20 online personal development products that can be of help!

With Higher Awareness, you will be able to discover more things about you. Moreover, achieve goals and overcome challenges that you thought you could never do.

Affiliate program

The Higher Awareness Affiliate Program  is run by Post Affiliate Pro. Members will be able to earn up to 50% commission and the cookie life is 6 months!

Furthermore, the affiliate program has a very high conversion rate. Being an affiliate for them, you will have the access to all of their affiliate marketing resources and tools.

#2 Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins main page

Who is Tony Robbins? Well, he is just the genius behind the #1 personal development program.

He has been able to reach out to 50 million people in 100 countries, empowering and supporting them.

Through his various products such as, books, audio tapes, as well as live appearances and public speaking engagements, Tony Robbins have "transformed lives".

Affiliate program

To sign up to the Tony Robbins Affiliate Program, there are two ways for you to do it.

If you have a coupon and discount website, you must create an account in Commission Junction. However, if your website is a blog or content site, you must create an account in AvantLink.

The affiliate program grants its affiliates with $500 and above ticket items. Furthermore, Tony Robbins will provide coupons, sales, marketing tools and creatives.

The program will give you 15% commission and has a 45-day cookie life.

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#3 Self Development

Self Development main page

If you are looking for the best personal development products, then Self Development is the place for you!

The website is designed for those people who take their personal development really seriously. 

It has over 100  unique products, with new ones released every month, that will all help you achieve your true self!

With them, you can truly change yourself!

Affiliate Program

The Self Development Affiliate Program is run by Kaleidoscope Global. Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission. Furthermore, the program has a 2-month cookie life.

Apart from that, it has an easy and streamlined affiliate process. And at the same time, you will have an accurate tracking.

Moreover, affiliates can enjoy the programs, optimized offers and internal testing.

Self Help Development Affiliate program has more than 9 years of experience in affiliate marketing. Also, it pays twice a month!

#4 INeedMotivation

INeedMotivation main page

INeedMotivation is another great personal development website. It has more than 650 courses on health which can guarantee to improve and to enrich the lives of every people who take it.

The courses they offer include the following:

  • Positive thinking
  • Weight loss
  • Work life balance
  • Focus improvement
  • Health improvement

Furthermore, customers can request which format they want these courses to be. Either in CD or in a downloadable MP3 format.

Affiliate Program

INeedMotivation Affiliate Program offers its affiliates product pages, banners, text links and real-time statistics.

Furthermore, they can contact their affiliate manager if ever they need support in making their program more profitable.

According to them, 40% of their business is made up of repeat customers. As an affiliate, that will be very beneficial for you because of recurring commissions.

The affiliate program will reward you 45% to 50% of commission which will depend on your performance. Also, its cookie life is 50 years!

#5 Hay House

Hay House main page

If you are looking for books and products about self-improvement, then you better head to Hay House.

It is the largest producer and publisher of transformational and inspirational books.

Furthermore, their wide selection of products include lectures, workshops, videos, audios and online courses. Also, these are created by best-selling authors, including, Suze Orman, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden.

Affiliate Program

Affiliates in the Hay House Affiliate Program are in a good situation. This is because the program offers various commission rates depending on the item.

  • Books and products - 10%
  • Lecture and events - 20%
  • Online courses - 50%

The cookie life are 30 days.

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I earn a 4-figure monthly income promoting affiliate programs thanks to this great program!

#6 Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy main page

When it comes to business improvement, Brian Tracy is excellent at it. He is the CEO of Brian Tracy International.

They are the experts in in individual and organization training and development. Furthermore, he has helped over 5 million people and 1000 companies!

His main goal is to support and help people and businesses achieve their dreams and goals a lot faster!

Affiliate Program

The Brian Tracy Affiliate Program has a 120-day cookie life. Also, you can earn 25% commission.

Apart from that, affiliates can get monthly bonuses and 30% commission for every action done for total sales amount equal to $2500.

#7 Real Subliminal

Real Subliminal main page

Looking for subliminal CDs and MP3s? Then Real Subliminal is what you need!

This company has a lot of options for you to choose from. Furthermore, they offer more than 240 self help and personal development albums.

These products will surely help you achieve a better version of yourself, as well as a healthier mind, habits and behavior.

Some topics are weight loss, positivity, confidence, financial success, motivation.

Affiliate Program

Being an affiliate for the Real Subliminal Affiliate Program, you have access to their tracking tools, banner ads, text links, high quality articles, free content and discount codes.

Furthermore, the program is managed by ShareASale.

According to them, they have a 4% conversion rate. Their top affiliates covert at 5% to 8%. Furthermore, they will be earning 35% commission.

And one thing I like is the lifetime cookie life!

The program really ensures to update its affiliates to be able to help them improve their sales, promotions, and of course, conversions.

#8 NLP

NLP main page

The Mastery Insight Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a website that aims to help people improve their emotional state and communication skills.

Furthermore, it is what started most of today's self help authors' program methods.

NLP offers seminars and products, include free gifts for people to experience them before purchasing.

Affiliate Program

The NLP Affiliate Program is run and managed by J. Altfeld's Mastery InSight Institute.

Affiliates can earn different commission rates based on the product with a 1-year cookie life.

  • Seminar registration - 10%
  • Product sales - 20% 

The program will provide for all of the affiliate marketing tools they need.

Furthermore, affiliate managers will be helping you in customizing links and the provision of HTML codes that you can add to your website.

#9 Forward Steps

Forward Steps main page

Forward Steps is a blog created by Thea Westra. She is also the author of “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones”.

Basically, she aims to help people find out the right steps toward their dreams and teach them how to take it.

Thea writes and publishes ebooks, and provide free gifts, as well as daily emails that contain positive self help topics.

Affiliate Program

The Forward Steps Affiliate Program is managed by ThriveCart. It pays a 50% commission to its affiliates and have a 60-day cookie life.

Moreover, affiliates will be provided with various selection of products and tools that will help them in promoting. These include free gifts for their website visitors too!

Most preferred affiliates own their own self improvement blogs and have a subscriber email list.

#10 Optimal Thinking

Optimal Thinking main page

Optimal Thinking offers a lot of personal development products. Some of these are assessments, resources coaching, books, newsletters, seminars and many more!

Furthermore, their clients are no joke! They are big and major universities, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and even the government.

Basically, they aim to empower and help individuals and organizations to develop and enhance their lives, businesses and careers.

Affiliate Program

Members of the Optimal Thinking Affiliate Program will have access to their real-time statistics, text links, banner ads, HTML codes, and other affiliate marketing tools.

Apart from that, you can also share your links in your blogs, websites, forum signatures and emails!

It offers a 30% commission and a 1-year cookie duration.

Bottom Line

Thank you so much for reading my Top Personal Development Affiliate Programs article! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the comment section below!

Finding a great niche is important in affiliate marketing. Overall, the personal development niche is an excellent one.

The conversions are high and also some clients will include big-time companies! Furthermore, it is easier to promote since a lot of people look to become a better person.

These personal development companies will ensure that people can achieve their dreams!

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    • Of course, it will take lots of time and effort, but if you focus and work hard you will make it and be able to get leads and commissions from any affiliate program you promote 🙂

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