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Traffic-Laze Review – An Ugly Scam to Avoid?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 27, 2018

traffic-laze review

So can you really make $233 per hour with Traffic-Laze, is this software  another useless scam?

Have a deep breathe, relax and enjoy reading this honest review which is going to tell you exactly what this software is all about!

Don't worry I'm not an affiliate that is trying to sell you this! This review is going to share with you my honest take on this software!

Quick Traffic-Laze Review

  • Name: Traffic-Laze
  • Website: traffic-laze.com
  • Price: $12.95 front-end + more costs
  • Owners: Jono Armstrong, Jason Fulton and Brendan Mace
  • Is it a Scam? No
  • Recommended? No
traffic-laze scam

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What is Traffic-Laze?

Traffic-Laze is a new software that came out in May 2018, it's advertised to be a software that can bring in lots of free traffic from instagram.

traffic laze training and dashboard

The Traffic Laze Dashboard

This software was created by three internet marketers that are:

  • Jono Armstrong
  • Jason Fulton
  • Brendan Mace

I have heard about these marketers before, I don't know them very well but all I know is they have like 300's products under their names.

It seems like they crunch out 10 make money products a month which always makes me wonder whether these guys care about their customers or they just want to earn a quick buck?

For example if you just Google Brendan Mace, you will see how many low quality products are attached to his name!

That's the case for the other owners of Traffic-Laze as well.

Anyway let's get back to our main topic, Is this magic software another low quality product? Or the real deal?

Just keep reading below to find out!

How Does this Sotfware Work?

So Traffic-Laze is basically a software that should give you tons of instagram followers that are ready to buy whatever you promote.

You just have to set up the software add your instagram accounts and the software will start following tons of people and hopefully some of them will follow you back.

traffic-laze software

This is how the traffic laze sottware looks like

Well that does not seem nothing new as there are thousands of other softwares that automate following other people but looks like Traffic-Laze comes with some different features and training.

I think Traffic-Laze is a good software to get traffic but I think you should learn first  how to Start a Real Online Business and learn how to convert leads into sales.

Because if you have traffic but don't know how to turn it into sales, then you will have a hard time making money.

With that said I don't think Traffic-Laze is going to deliver the results they promise and below I share the reasons on why you should pass up on this software.

Real User Complaints About Traffic-Laze

I heard about Traffic-Laze when a user was complaining about it, so this visitor left a comment on another review about a scam called Amazon Cash Websites. I read the comment and noticed that this visitor said he wasted money on their upsells.

He did not make any money using this software.

You can see the complaint in the screenshot below.

traffic laze negative review

Traffic laze negative reviews

$233 per Hour, Really?

$233 per hour using Traffic-Laze that's some real ultra-hype, I really don't like products that give their customers false expectations, that's the reason why newbies don't make money!

When someone watches the sales video of someone enjoying their life on the beach and the sales page that says it's so easy to earn and you can make $233 an hour, people will be excited then spend money without thinking twice!

That's why people fail to earn online.

 The owners obviously don't care because they just want you to spend money on their products.

Maybe that explains why the owners of Traffic-Laze have like 400 products under their names!

Instagram Followers Won't Trust You Quickly!

It's great that you can get Instagram followers automatically, but that does not mean you will make sales automatically.

Most people are skeptical and don't trust anyone that tries to sell them something online, people need to trust the person that is trying to sell them something.

That's why I think this software is not going to work that well, $233 per hour? That's really impossible!

I think you can earn doing this but I don't think it's going to be a reliable business!

Traffic-Laze Comes with Upsells

Most Clickbank and Warrior Plus products do this, they charge you a front end price that is very low and then start hitting you with more upsells.

Most of the times, these upsells are banal and full of hype, for example traffic laze upsells promise more automatic money and obviously more sales and conversions!

Here are the upsells broke down for you below:

  • Advanced Traffic-Laze Training $37
  • Complete DFY Set up $197
  • Set this Up on Autopilot $47
  • Licence Rights $97

Does Traffic-Laze Have a Money Back Guarantee?

A complaint from a person that has purchased Traffic Laze claims that he has contacted the the software support team for a refund but looks like his request was ignored.

negative traffic laze reviews

A Traffic Laze member could not get a refund

On their website they say you have 30 days to request a refund, the fact that they have ignored this person refund request is pretty worrying.

traffc laze money back guarantee

Traffc Laze clearly say in their FAQ page they have a 30 days money back guarantee

 Is Traffic-Laze a Scam?

Traffic-Laze is surely not a scam, because it's not a product that will steal your money like the scams I review on my site.

But I don't think it's ethical to promise people $233 per hour and use all that hype, this product may help you get new Instagram followers but if they don't convert they are useless.

Before thinking about traffic you should think about having an online business or an affiliate website to drive traffic to.

They even have more products to sell you, which is really annoying, they don't even mention them in the first place, one of the upsells is a 100% done for your system that generates $100's every day on autopilot.

If a software can make hunderds of dollars easily and automatically why would you sell it for $197? Doesn't make sense.

Traffic-Laze is worth a try, I'm not promoting it to my email list because I don't think it's good enough.

If you're new to the game I think you will learn something or two from this software but if you're looking for a good opportunity to actually earn check out what I recommend below.

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Did you buy Traffic-Laze and found it useless?

Or it helped you make money finally?

Let us know what you think about this software and this review!

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