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UDC System Review- Shutdown by the FTC!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 24, 2018

UDC System scam

UDC System also known as Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is a newly released program where you are promised to make money

I heard about this system when I was checking out some emails

I know what this program is all about and I am going to share with you a VERY honest review today

If you are looking for the UDCsystem.com reviews

Make sure you read this entire review so you make a smart investment without wasting money you probably can’t afford to lose!

UDC System Quick Review

Name: UDC System aka Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle

Official Website: UDCsystem.com

Price: $49 + upsells

Rating: 3/5

Owner: Mark

What is it?

Yet another program created by a MOBE affiliate to increase sales

UDC System is a sales funnel to MOBE.

UPDATE 2018: Mobe has been shut down by the FTC & UDC is gone!

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle review

It seems like MOBE affiliates create multiple products to promote their training.

Here are some examples of other programs that promote the same offer


UDC System (Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is so unethical and lying

However, MOBE (the program they want to sell you) is not a scam

However, it has a lot of problems that I will go over on the rest of this review.

Before we move forward with this review I invite you to

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What is UDC System Exactly?

Note that there are two different Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle programs

The first one belongs to a millionaire entrepreneur called John Chow

and the one I’m reviewing today belongs to someone called Mark that is not showing face as a real person

With that said they are literally the same as they both sell you MOBE

The only difference John Chow’s program is not promoted in a nasty way like Mark’s UDC System.

How Does UDC System Work?

To get started with the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle you will have to pay $49

Once you pay $49 you will have instant access to the training called UDC 7 Step program

The UDC 7 step program training is pretty limited

When you complete it you will be immediately forwarded to the MOBE 21 steps training.

In a few words, the UDC 7 step program is just an introduction to selling you MOBE

What is MOBE?

MOBE aka MTTB aka My Online Business Empire is a high ticket online business training created by Matt Lloyd they are based in Malaysia

in MOBE you will learn how to buy and market the MOBE products

In my opinion, MOBE is a legit opportunity but it comes with a few problems

First of all most of their members earn less than $100 per month (but they don’t take action) the active ones earn thousands of dollars.

Secondly, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars

Here’s a MOBE review if you want to learn more

Or you can read the MOBE reviews and complaints here.

How Much Does the UDC System Cost?

Ultimate Lifestyle dot com scam

The Ultimate Dot Cot Lifestyle training is called UDC 7 step program will cost you only $49

As I said before it’s just an introduction to MOBE.

The MOBE training which is called the 21 steps training will include a personal coach or mentor

The mentor will guide you through the training and will unlock for you the next modules only if you complete the previous ones.

All good

The MOBE 21 Steps training will stay free until the step 6

MOBE training has 21 steps you will have to complete, the first 5 steps are free and those steps are enough so you can fall in love with the training

But here’s is the catch

MOBE Licensing Rights

in Step 6 you will be introduced to the MOBE licensing rights training and that’s when you won’t have the assistance of your coach anymore

The coach will be only upselling you the MOBE products

Remember the Sales Page?

If you still remember what you were promised in the sales page

You probably got excited about earning $15,000 in a single sale

But did you ask yourself where the money comes from?

In order to be eligible for the fat commissions you need to invest like crazy

When I say invest like crazy I mean it literally

$2,000 is the minimum and up to $60,000 to be all in regardless of the add-on products that you are going to be encouraged to buy.

But if you don’t want to invest all that money you can simply promote MOBE you will be earning $20 per sale only

Is UDC System Legit or Scam?

UDC System is a scam here’s why

  • They promise you the moon
  • Fake paid actors
  • Big claims
  • They don’t mention the real cost involved

As you can see the UDC System or The Ultimate Dot Com lifestyle is full of hype and lies

However, the MOBE training is legit and it does work just remember that you are going to spend a lot of money

In a few words, if you invest join the UDC system you won’t be scammed they won’t steal your money

Just ignore the hype, you won’t earn money in six weeks it’s going to take a lot of time as you need to learn and master the skills thought in the training and learn how to recruit people to buy what you promote which isn’t easy.

UDC System – What I Liked

  • High commissions (up to $15,000 per sale)
  • Great incentives for the top affiliates
  • They promote MOBE which is legit

What I didn’t like

  • Full of hype and lies
  • To earn high commission you need to invest a lot of money
  • Fake testimonials
  • Not newbie friendly
  • Unethical marketing tactics

Who is UDC System for?

In my opinion, UDC System is not for everyone

If you are someone that has never made a dollar online

I recommend to check out Wealthy Affiliate instead of Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle

WA training is newbie friendly and you can try it out for free.

The UDC system is for those who can afford it and ready to invest real money and they are serious about making money online.


UDC System is just a sales funnel to MOBE

UDC System is marketing MOBE in an unethical way

However, if you forget the hype and join you will be making money as they are promoting a legitimate opportunity

With that said with MOBE, you should expect to invest money in order to make money

You can join UDC System from Here through my affiliate link if you found my review useful

If you are a newbie I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate which is free to try and costs way less.

What do you think?

Would you join the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle?

Do you have any experiences with it?

I’d love to hear your opinion and thoughts!

Don’t forget to leave comments below!

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  • I’ve heard of Mobe and looked into it but but saw some very bad reviews on it so I left it well alone.
    Matt Lloyd did not get a very good right up either.

    Thanks to your review I would leave this website opportunity well alone and stick to a more honest way of making money online


  • I’m glad I found the Wealthy Affiliate program that you recommended instead of UDC. I’ve paid for other programs before and was left with more questions and cost. The Wealthy Affiliate was for newbies like me! It is more of a community than just a place to learn.

  • I really hate programs of this nature that promise you’ll make “X amount” of money if you simply watch a short video and set up a really quick and easy system, etc.

    I’ve come across Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle before and even 45 Minute Paydays. I just can’t believe there are so many of these hyped up systems promoting MOBE – They always tell you it’s a one-time fee of $49, when in reality, there are $1,000’s in hidden upsell fees.

    In my opinion, it’s ridiculous that Matt Lloyd actually allows his affiliates to get away with creating misleading “gateways” to his MOBE opportunity. Yes, MOBE is legit. But unfortunately, the prices are a rip-off because the program has been designed for members to promote the program for BIG commissions.

    My theory is because MOBE has a bad reputation, affiliates are looking for new ways to promote it by creating sales funnels like the UDC System.

    That Chris and Susan have done the same with their retirement system, and Matt Lloyd himself with his free WiFi Millionaire ebook.

    All these funnels in place are making MOBE appear desperate for new members.

    Cheers Anis
    Neil 🙂

  • Hi Anis,

    Nice article on UDC and info on MOBE. I have to say that I had heard of neither before reading your post. I am so skeptical of people coming out of nowhere who ask me for lots of my money so that they can tell me how to make money that I just don’t bother with them anymore.

    I am really happy with Wealthy Affiliate so far. They are up front and honest and the training that they provide is the best. There is no need to look any further as far as I am concerned.

    Good luck

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