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Unique Rewards Review – BS Scam?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 7, 2018

What is Unique Rewards?

This is my unbiased Unique Rewards review, is it a scam or a legit and honest reward site to make some extra cash online? Before you sign up you MUST read this review.

I don’t know about you but I like to diversify my online income.

I always try new reward sites or any site that offers me some extra cash.

But I don’t just blindly go to register for any website because the internet is full of scams.

Some of the few legit sites that I love are Wealthy Affiliate and Swagbucks.

But what about Unique Rewards?

Well, Unique Rewards is legit but there are some things I don’t like about it that I’m going to share with you in this review.

I will also share with you ways to earn, the good, the bad, and my final opinion.



What is Unique Rewards?

Unique Rewards is a reward site where you earn cash doing different things like taking surveys and listening to music

Just like any reward site the earnings are relatively low in the sense that you are not going to earn a full-time income from those simple tasks.

With that being said, Unique Rewards is a legit site and it’s been around since 2007.

How does it work and how can you earn?

How to Earn Money With Unique Rewards

Only the US, Canada, and Uk residents can sign up for Unique Rewards.

If you are not from those countries don’t worry I will show you some good alternatives that are available worldwide.

Now that you have registered just confirm your email address and login to your Unique Rewards account.

Here are the ways to earn cash.

1) Surveys

Just like Cashcrate, you can participate in surveys every day.

Most surveys can earn you 70 cents to $1 which is good.

But some surveys are so long and boring.

2) Offers

You get paid to complete offers when you find an offer you are interested in simply complete it and you will get paid for it.

Some offers may require a credit card, if you forget to unlink it you will be charged every month without even noticing it.

3) Shopping Cashback

You can earn up to 35% of cashback, simply buy something that you need and earn cash back from it, when it comes to rebate websites I prefer Ibotta and Ebates.

4) Read Emails

You will receive 2 to 3 emails per week with special offers, each offer earns you 1 cent.

5) Watch Videos

You get paid to watch videos as well, you earn 1 cent for a 5 to 7 minutes video.

6) Listen to Music

You can listen to music or Radio, every 30 minutes you will need to fill out a captcha code, every time you fill out that captcha you will earn 3 cents.

It reminds me of Musicxray where you also get paid to listen to music.

7) Click on Ads

You have 20 ads per day to click, each ad you click earns you 1 cent if you have tried some other Paid to Click sites before then you know that 1 cent per click is not that bad because most PTC sites give you $000.1 per click.

Some advertisers include some shady programs on their ads, make sure your computer is protected by a good antivirus.

8) Referral Program

You earn $5 if you invite a friend, but your friend must earn $20 so you can get that $5.

You will also earn 10% of whatever they earn for life in addition to 1$ if they complete at least one task.

A task can be listening to music or any of the seven ways to earn mentioned above.

To be honest, their referral program is good.

Payment Proof

I don’t use the site but there’s a popular Subreddit on Reddit called Beer money where you can find people discussing Unique Rewards some claim that they got paid and they have a payment proof hanging there.

How Does Unique Rewards Pay You?

The cash out limit is $20 it’s pretty high especially when you consider the low rewarding tasks.

However, if you focus a bit more on their referral program you may reach $20 faster.

The payments are processed every Monday via Paypal or check.

Paypal payments are pretty fast, but a check can take up to 30 days to arrive.

After you request your first payment you will automatically become a member of the golden membership you can expect your earnings to increase a little bit.

Unique Rewards Alternatives

Unique Rewards is only available in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Here are some alternatives of UR for people that live in those three countries.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Cashcrate
  3. PrizeRebel
  4. InboxDollars

There aren’t so many alternatives for worldwide members.

But I know a few which are Gift Club Hunter (Reward site), UniqPaid (Get paid to take offers) and The Hit Predictor (Get paid to listen to music)

Unique Rewards Pros and Cons

This is what I like and dislike.

The Good

  • Legit reward site
  • Fast Payments via Paypal
  • Various ways to earn
  • The free Golden membership increases your earnings
  • Good referral program.

The Bad

  • The site looks cheaply made
  • Some advertisers include harmful stuff on their ads which may contain viruses and malware.
  • The payment threshold is high ($20)
  • Low earnings especially for videos and listening to music.
  • After you confirm your email address and log into your account you will have to go through several offers that you can either take or skip.


Unique Rewards Review: Waste of Time?

I don’t think Unique Rewards it’s a waste of time, to be honest, it depends on what you do, it’s a waste of time if you rely on surveys and listening music to pay your bills.

I’d focus on referring people to earn some extra cash.

Sign up for Unique Rewards

With that being said there are better and more rewarding ways to earn money online.

Ever thought about making a full-time income from your passion?

Check out My#1 Free Recommended Work at Home Program.


Did you try Unique Rewards before? What do you think about it?

Comments, suggestions or any type of feedback are always welcome.

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  • just to let you know I have been on Unique Rewards for long long time and have made enough to cash out but Paypal option has not been available for months and months says Payza or Bitcoin and if a cheque need to have $50 – contacted them about Paypal do not get straight answer makes no sense that Paypal unavailable – and review are stay away from Payza people not getting paid thru them and have no idea about Bitcoin – something not right with these guys

  • Great article. Unique Rewards seems to be a legit way to make money. Since the reward amount is low, I think filling up surveys can only give me some extra income. I would consider trying it out. Thank You so much for your help 🙂

  • That’s a great review there. Everything I wanted to know! Thank you for such a simple but informative explanation.


  • You have offered some alternative ways to earn money online with a nice review about each one. But it looks like by the time you have made some decent money you would have worked for less than minimum wage. What do you think?

    • Hi, Maurice yes that’s right, this is the case with most reward sites, that’s why I stated that the one should focus on referring people more than spending the whole day in surveys it’s not worth it 🙂
      Thanks for visiting.

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