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9 Surefire Ways to Avoid Scams Online!

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March 21, 2018


Looking for ways to avoid scams? You're in the right place!

This post is going to show you how to steer clear of online scams!

Scams are mostly done by people trying to gain access to one’s personal information or gain money from other people. 

Mostly they gain the access without the owner’s consent.

 Scammers often use certain tools in tricking a person such as mail, online in person or through phones.

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The scammers may contact anyone and lie about themselves stating that they work for a certain company just to obtain personal information about you. 

Scams may also be carried out in big companies which will lead to losses.

 The following 9 tips can help one to avoid becoming a victim of online scams!

So read this whole post if you want to avoid being scammed!

9 Ways to Avoid Scams Online

 1) Keep Your information confidential

The first step to avoid scams from happening is keeping Your information confidential. 

This is where you are the only one having the information.

 This information should not be shared with any other persons. 

Scammers tend to ask more personal information about oneself and they need you to fall into their traps.

username passoword

 People are always advised to put their personal account numbers, passwords and other sensitive paperwork’s to a safer place. 

In order to avoid other people from finding out about one's details.

People are advised never to give their personal information to people they don’t know. 

One cannot be sure even to people close to them they may also acquire the personal information which they may tend to use it against the victims.

2) Consulting Trusted Friends and Professionals

Consultation with people you know and trust such as family and lawyers and banks. 

Scammers tend to use all the means such as using a lot of ideas so as to let you make a haste move without thinking first. 

This may lead to a scam. 

Consulting trusted friends can help you avoid the scammers.

3) Conducting Online Searches

One should conduct online searches when one get emails requesting money or personal information. 

Most of the companies give service numbers that one should call in case of a problem. 

One should follow up the emails that were used to avoid being tricked into the world of scammers which may lead to regrets. 

The scammers may use companies name just to trick you to fall into their own trap. 

The customers are always advised by the companies to research first before doing something.

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4) Recognizing Possible Scams

The scammers may contact individuals asking them for their personal information.

 They may say that one’s account has some problems which they need to rectify. 

These mostly occur in credit cards or one's account which they may use it as your weakness. 

They always want the personal information to enable them to steal one's identity.

one should always avoid giving sensitive information before confirming the people asking for it are who they say they are.

5) Researching on People You are Dealing with

Having more information about people you are dealing with.

one should do a research on the person he or she intends to enter into business with. 

These help one to have a brief description before engaging in any transaction or in business with them.

 Scammers may steal the identity of your friends then they contact you and ask for money.

fraud alert

 People are always advised to contact them directly to confirm that they are the one who sent the emails.

 These will enable the person to recognize the scam before it happens.

 They are also advised to take a little time and think twice getting in business with them.

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 6) Choosing Strong and Unique Passwords

Choosing passwords carefully which will be difficult for other people to guess.

one should put passwords that no one can identify and update them regularly. 

The scammers have different ways to identify simple passwords. 

your password scam

People are advised not to share their passwords and pin numbers with other people. 

These will help them to avoid the people who may be trying to steal one's information.

in order to put strong passwords, one should mix symbols with numbers and these will help them avoid scams.

7) Avoiding Suspicious Text and Links

One should avoid opening suspicious texts which are mostly found online. 

These texts always appear when one is opening a certain site then they are re-directed to other sites. 

Scammers mostly use these sites to obtain your personal information which is online.

They can also be found in emails where people are always advised to delete them. 

The scammers may use contacts details which they have provided to the message that they have sent to you. 

They always have an intention of tricking you to open the sites where they can easily hack into your account.

 8) Avoid Installing Unknown Software

One should understand the software they install on their phones and computers. 

People should download the software’s from secured links. 

This is to avoid the scammers from getting into one computer and phone. 

thieve coming out a laptop

One may download software’s which have viruses which only the scammers know about them. 

The scammers are the only ones who know about the viruses they have put in place and have their solutions.

 People should download their software’s from the right web addresses to protect their personal information.

9) Avoid Work from Home Jobs that Promise Overnight Success

Scammers tend to give fake testimonials on how their product or work have led them making a lot of money in a short period of time.

 Most of the times, this is meant to make innocent individuals invest in them and they end up losing their money. 

If the testimony sounds too good to be true, then probably it is.

fraud alert

one should cut the urge to get rich quickly and without working hard for their success.

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Final Words

In conclusion, people are advised to research before offering any credentials to people they may not know. 

One is advised to delete messages from unknown sources which may lead to scams. 

Taking due diligence can save one from becoming the next scam victim. 

The online scam is a real threat to everybody, even the experienced people may find themselves falling victims. 

Following the above tips will help one not to become the next victim of losing money to the scammers.

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  • I appreciate your suggestions on how to avoid scams online as they are certainly useful and serve as a reminder for us to not let our guard down.

    Personally, I make it a practice to never open emails unless I know who the sender is.

    I also get calls fairly regularly from people who I am sure are trying to scam me.

    One trick I heard of is they will try to get you to say the word “yes” and then they edit it to make it look like you agreed to a purchase.

    Sometimes if you do a search online for the phone number that called, you can see sites of other people complaining about disturbing calls from that number.

    Thanks again for a very important post.

  • The sad thing is that in this day and time that we live we should be very careful because there are so many people that are out there trying to get our hard earn money and they will do whatever it takes.

    What you have written is pretty amazing and will help persons in knowing what to look out for when it comes to scammers.

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