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What is FreeBitco? Can You Really Earn $200 Every Hour?

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By Anis

November 28, 2016

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What is FreeBitco? Lots of people are asking this question, are you one of them? In this post, I am going to review this website for you so you can determine whether it’s worth your time or not.

These are the topics of today’s post:

  1. Freebitco Product Overview
  2. How Can you Earn Bitcoins with Them?
  3. What Other People Say?
  4. Who is Freebitco for?
  5. My Final Opinion and a Better Alternative.



Name: FreeBitco


Price: FREE

Overall Rank: 4 out of 10

1- Freebitco Product Overview


Freebitco is a website that allows you to earn money in bitcoins currency, here is a post  that explains this currency very well.

This site has been operating for a couple of years, there are many people that are complaining about it ( You will read the complaints later on this review)

They are not an honest program as they pay whenever they like.

Let me show you how you can earn bitcoins with them if you are curious 😉

2- How Can You Earn Bitcoins with Them?


Freebitco is not a site for make money, it’s just a game where you win some bitcoins or parts of it (I am not familiar with bitcoins)

Here are the games that allow you to earn bitcoins

1- Free BTC


Every hour you have the right to earn free bitcoins by filling in the captcha and clicking the roll button.

If you have some spare time and want to have some fun you can kill some time playing this little game, but you can’t really make significant cash with it.

It’s not true that you can earn $200 every hour by the way.

what is freebitco

2- Multiply BTC


This game allows you to multiply the free BTC you have earned in the first game.

what is freebitco


You can choose between the manual bet and the auto bet. what is freebitco

But the reality is you will just keep losing your current BTC and gaining it back.

You won’t earn anything with this site, in fact, it’s just a game, if you earn something decent they won’t give it out to you.

This is what happened to many people.



3- Lottery


Freebitco has a weekly lottery draw they claim that you can earn big prizes, but no one ever won any big prize.

I don’t recommend you to deposit your money, you don’t know what will happen to it.

what is freebitco


4- Referral Program


If you have friends or people you know, you can refer them to this program and earn 50% commission on the free bitcoins won by them.

This might be a good option to earn if you refer a lot of people.

But the problem is you don’t know if freebitco will send your payments.

They also own another site called Freedoge which is very similar to freebitco.

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3- What Other People Say? 


There are a lot of people complaining about this site, of course, some people defend it.

Here are some complaints freebitco received.

what is freebitco

what is freebitco

what is freebitco

what is freebitco



4- Who is Freebitco For?


Freebitco is for people and teens that just want to find something to do on the internet if you want to make money this is not a program that will help with that.

There’s something I recommend you to do if you want to make a lot of money online. Just keep reading 😉

5- My Final Opinion and a Better Alternative


Freebitco is absolutely not a recommended service, don’t worry I have something great for you to make money,

If you want to do what I did, you can start your online home business for free, I will be personally assisting you with everything until you start making money.

The best part it’s FREE.

what is freebitco

If something is not clear don’t be afraid to leave a comment below 😀

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  • you are talking rubbish i earn money on freebitco. good money and they pay everything to my bitcoin account. what the hell are u saying. just misinforming the public

  • Hi Anis, thanks for the honest review, I heard about freebitco from a friend and was wondering if they are worth considering as a source to make some extra cash. I’m glad I stayed out, sometimes you can’t even trust friends…

    • Don’t blame your friend, there are lots of people that would join a scam site and still share their referral links to earn. Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked my post Chris 🙂

  • I always wondered what bitcoins were, now I know! I wouldn’t trust it either, not even as a game as it sounds fishy! If they don’t pay out for wins, they probably never pay out for referrals either. Sad what some people spend their time on 🙁 I’d never want to pay money to play a game!

    • Hey, Emma thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Yes, there are a lot of scams where people fall every day! its so sad for instance Bux Inc is a huge scam and you read the post, many people are complaining! thanks for your visit and have a good day

  • WOW, at last I find very honest review on Freebitco. Thanks a lot for your freebitco review and providing the real truth about company with all details.

  • Hey Anis,
    Thanks for this post! I have actually ran across freebitco a few times and was a little interested, but after reading your review I don’t think I’ll waste my time! Wealthy affiliate sounds amazing!

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