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What is Musicxray? How Much Money Can You Make?

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By Anis

August 4, 2017

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What is Musicxray? Is it really a website where you can money?  Today you will learn everything you need to know about Musicxray and if it’s worth your time.

Here are the topics of today’s post:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Musicxray?
  3. How does Musicxray Work?
  4. How Much Money Can You Make?
  5. The Good and Bad of Musicxray
  6. Who is Musicxray For?
  7. My Personal Experience with MusicxRay
  8. My Final Opinion Of Musicxray

what is musicxray
Name: Musicxray


Price: Free

Owners: Mike McCready

Overall Rank: 4 out of 10

1- Introduction 

Have you ever thought about making money online listening to music? Musicxray is a website that claims to pay you for doing that, is that possible? and how much money can you make with this website?

what is musicxray

Let’s discover Musicxray and see if it is worth our attention!

2- What is MusicxRay?

Musicxray is a platform that helps new musicians to stand out from the crowd and discover new fans.

Everyone has a dream that they are working hard to reach right? 😀

Every new musician or singer wants to become the next Rihanna or Bruno Mars (My favorite singers) so they are willing to pay to make their songs listened to from as many people as possible.

Musicxray is a company that tries to make this process a little bit easier, so the artists would pay a fee to Musixray to make you listen to their songs.

Not sure how it works? Let’s jump to the next topic 😉

3- How Does Musicxray Work? 

Musicxray’s system is very simple.

The musicians want to promote their music to build a fan base, Musicxray allows them to sign up and set up their own profile.

Once they complete their account setup, they would find a place where they can upload their music, every upload will cost them a certain amount of money (depends on the artists budget)

You as a music fan will have access to the songs uploaded by the artists and you will earn 10 cents for every single song you listen to, you only need to listen to the song for 30 seconds to earn the 10 cents.

what is musicxray

If you want to make money listening to those songs you need to register as a music fan and add all your favorite singers and genres so musicxray can send you songs related to your preferences.

4- How Much Money Can You Make? 

I have bad news for you here, the money you can make with this company is very very limited, I think it’s almost impossible to even earn $40 per month.

what is musicxray

They pay 10 cents for every song you listen to for 30 seconds, that sounds good if you do the math, you can earn like 12$ an hour right?

The problem is there aren’t many artists that use this service, that’s why there is a limited number of songs you can listen to.

5- The Good and Bad of Musicxray 

Let’s have a look at the Good and Bad Of this company

The Good

  • Free to use
  • Easy to use interface
  • Payments via PayPal

The Bad

  • Not many songs available
  • Very hard to reach the minimum cash out ($20)

6- Who is Musicxray for? 

If you love music or you are someone that is looking for new talented musicians this site is for you.

But if you are looking for money, Just ignore this company because they will only waste your time and make you wait for ages for a song to listen to.

Just read my personal experience with this company.

7- My Personal Experience With Musicxray

I have registered on Musicxray a couple of months ago do you want to know how many songs and how much I have earned with them so far?

Have a look at this screenshot!

what is musicxray

Yes, that’s what I earned and I have never received any email about a new song and whenever I check the site I would only see this

what is musicxray

Yes in the near future, maybe when I turn 80 I will be able to cash out that $20 😀

8- My Final Opinion of Musicxray 

Musicxray is definitely not a scam, it’s legit they just don’t have many members maybe in the near future more artists will discover this company and upload more stuff you can listen to.

what is musicxray

I am sorry that Musicxray was not how you expected if you want to really make money what I recommend you is affiliate marketing.

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Have you ever tried Musicxray? Share with us your thoughts on this post!

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  • This is a very interesting concept, great way to put your music out there if you’re a new artist. This must be a new company maybe things will pick up when the company matures a bit I will keep my eye on MusicXray thanks for sharing the info.

  • Hey, I am excited about Musicxray for another reason. My 18-year-old son is a rap artist. He is always looking for new ways to get people to listen to his music. He’s already on SoudCloud and a lot of other sites but I had never heard of Musicxray, so thanks for the valuable information! Very helpful post! Joy

    • He Joy! thanks for stopping by! 😀 I love Rap music it is one of my favorite genres, I would love to listen to your son’s music! I will send you a PM in the WA community! 😀

  • This is an extensive discussion on a platform that has always baffled me. I am planning to do video editing and launch my podcast, and I want to find out all the essentials towards making a great video. Somehow music as background and as a way to highlight certain scenes are still a research away from me. I could use this site not for affiliation but perhaps more for finding some music I can use.

    I am also looking for some strong affiliate sites that I can use, and your recommendation made it a bit easier for me.

  • Hey Anis! Awesome review. I really appreciate it because I never heard of Musicxray and the concept sounds epic. But your review cleared things up when you explained that they have limited songs to listen to so it’s hard to reach the payout.
    Keep it up man!

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