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Your Easy Business – 100% Scam! [Proof Review]

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By Anis

May 24, 2018

The Your Easy Business scam says you can earn $500 a day with a weird trick.

Looking for a BRUTALLY HONEST review?

You're in the right place.

I'm going to explain why this is a scam & give you SOLID PROOF!

Keep reading if you want to find out LEGIT opportunities to earn along the way!

your easy business scam- sales page

Your Easy Business - Quick Overview

While I was reading an article online, an ad spiked my attention, it was titled something like this "Complete Newbie banks $1000 per day"

That title drew all my attention to it so I couldn't help but click the ad.

After clicking the ad the Your Easy Business page came up.

I had a look at it, I watched the video.

I did not understand how this program is going to teach me how to earn.

All I hear is. Your will earn $1000 per day, your website is ready.

What the hell?

My website is ready to make me money? I didn't even lift a finger!

This must be some magic trick that makes everyone rich!

In fact they call it a weird trick that makes regular people like you and me make thousands per day.

I have been working online full-time and reviewing scams like this literally every day.

This scam is exactly like the following scams I recently reviewed!

If you want solid proof on why I have called Your Easy Business a scam, just keep reading...

Or you can watch the video if you're in a hurry.

  • Name: Your Easy Business (YeB)
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 + upsells
  • Owner: Paula Shaffer
  • Recommended? Nope
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    What is Your Easy Business?

    Your Easy Business is your ultimate get rich quick scheme

    This product was created by a person called Paula Shaffer.

    There is no evidence or any information of this person, in fact you won't even find a picture of her!

    Looks like the creator of this product prefers to stay anonymous.

    That's not a good sign!

    Because when the author is hidden it's usually because the product is no good.

    I review lots of scams on this website and if the creator of a certain product is hidden it's usually because of the following reasons:

    • The product is a total scam (that's the case with Your Easy Business)
    • The owner does not want to get notorious because of his products

    On the other hand, when the owner or the CEO of a company is visible and stands behind his/her products, you will easily assume they are legit!

    Your Easy Business is supposed to be a program that will give you a money making website.

    This website is ready to make you $500 per day as soon as today.

    But that is just complete BS

    Your Easy Business have a specific plan

    They are going to use this plan to scam as many internet newbies as possible.

    Scams like Your Easy Business take advantage of newbies that want to earn money online.

    Usually people are desperate about earing online or they have just lost their jobs and they head to the internet to find a good opportunity.

    Unfortunately, they only find these scams on their way, they believe them and that's how they get their hard earned cash taken away.

    But today you're in luck!

     Because below I'm going to explain to you how they are planning to steal your hard earned cash!

    Keep reading if you want to stay cleer of scams forever!

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    How Your Easy Business Wants to Scam You

    If you read what I am going to explain below I promise you will NEVER FALL FOR SCAMS EVER.

    Because Your Easy Business plan's to scam you is EXACTLY what 99% of scammers do to rip off newbies like you and me financially all the time.

    That's why it's very important for you to keep reading...

    Everything Starts with Your Email Address

    Your email address is VERY IMPORTANT for Your Easy Business.

    Underneath the video presentation there is an optin form.

    You will need to enter your email address in order to go to the checkout page.

    They could just send you to the checkout page directly without requesting your email.

    your easy business wants your email address

    They request your email address because if you don't buy their product today they can still send you emails reminding you to buy their program over and over.

    There is nothing wrong with that, that's email marketing and everyone uses it to advertise ther products or affiliate products (me included)

    But some use email marketing ethically while some scams like Your Easy Business are very unethical with their email marketing tactics.

    Your Easy Business - SPAM to Your Inbox!

    Once Your Easy Business gets your email address it's time to start sending you offers.

    That's the main reason why they want your email address is just to make you buy more products.

    You have paid Your Easy Business $37 to get a basic and incomplete training.

    They do that on purpose because if you want more training you will need to pay for it.

    You can expect to receive lots of upsells to your inbox.

    That's how Your Easy Business and most scams out there make money from newbies

    That's how your email inbox will look like with Your Easy Business!

    your easy business will send you spam to your inbox

    the kind of spam I receive on my email inbox from scams like Your Easy Business

    Common Products Recommended by Your Easy Business

    Your Easy Business is going to send you to buy third party products left and right.

    But they will only email you with programs that make them the most money.

    Scam programs like Your Easy Business usually like to sell you systems like:

    Here are examples of scams that promote Mobe:

    These are examples of scams that promote Jeff's 6 Figure Business System:

    And these are the Digital Altitude scams

    As you can see there are tons of scammers out there trying to rob newbies online.

    If you're not careful you can waste a fortune to these scams.

    They know how to scam people and they do it very well!

    Your Easy Business is most likely to promote to you one of the 3 products mentioned above.

    They like to promote those 3 products specifically because they pay very well.

    While they pay very well, you will have to spend tons of money in order for the scammers to cash in those big commissions.

    As I said before fraudsters like Your Easy Business are VERY GOOD AT SCAMMING.

    If you're not careful enough you might end up wasting lots of cash.

    Here's what I am talking about:

    a person complaining about mobe

    Example of a newbie scammed online by a scam that promotes MOBE.

    Your Easy Business Scam - Proof & Red Flags

    Your Easy Business is a definitive scam, I have explained above their plan that they are going to use to rip you off.

    Below I want to share with you more red flags and actual proof that Your Easy Business is nothing but a scam.

    No One Makes Money with Your Easy Business!

    Every website on the internet is obligated to have affiliate disclosures, privacy pages or earning disclaimers.

    These pages are a must otherwise your website might get sued and disappear from the internet!

    the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system


    Since it's a must Your Easy Business has one and there they can't lie, if you go the bottom of website you will read this:

    The Typical Purchaser DOES NOT Make Any Money Using this Product

    So why would you buy a product where the typical purchaser does not make money?

    If this does not prove that this system is a scam I don't what will.

    The Testimonies are NOT Credible Enough

    While watching the Your Easy Business video, I noticed that there are some testimonials.

    Usually scammers buy paid testimonies from a site called

    But Your Easy Business testimonials look like this

    Your Easy Business text testimonials

    There is nothing wrong with text testimonials if they are real.

    But when it comes to Your Easy Business I'm having a hard time believing that the above testimonial is real.

    Anyone can put together some text and add a random name to it.

    Who Would Sell a $1000/Website for $37?

    Think about it for a second.

    If you had a website that is making you $1000 every single day

    Would you sell it for $37?

    $1000 per day websites scam

    I know you would not, because you have to be really crazy and stupid to do something like that.

    I'm sure even the owner of Your Easy Business would never do it if they really had websites that make them $1000 per day.

    These are just flat lies and hype.

    Your Easy Business is not going to make anyone money expect the people that have created it because some newbies will trust them and buy their stuff.

    Your Easy Business is a Rehashed Scam!

    Your Easy Business as soon as it gets exposed and everyone knows they are a scam, they will disappear.

    Then they will build a new scam under a different name.

    Your Easy Business used to be Instant Income at Home (click to see the similarity)

    It's also VERY SIMILAR to other scams like Copy My Websites & Clone My Sites.

    Have a look below at other scams that have the same headline of Your Easy Business!

    one click payday similar scam to your easy business
    clone my sites similar to your easy business scam

    Here's How You Can Get a Refund 

    Your Easy Business is processed by an affiliate network called ClickBetter.

    The latter is known to host scammer vendors.

    But Since Your Easy Business is processed by ClickBetter you have 60 days to get a refund.

    The good news is if you have been scammed by Your Easy Business you can actually get a refund.

    Here's how, click on this link which will take to the Clickbetter refund page.

    Contact Clickbetter and you should be refunded with no questions asked!

    How to Start a REAL Online Business

    Your Easy Business WON'T & CAN'T teach you how to start an online business because:

    • They have no training
    • Lots of costs 
    • You're introduced to tons of new products to buy

    If you want to start a successful online business you need:

    • Solid & Step by Step Training for Complete Newbies
    • Support (people that are ready to help you when stuck)
    • Websites & the right Online Business tools

    That's why I encourage you to check out my #1 Recommended Training

    I Highly recommend you to check it out if

    • You want an affordable training that you can try for free.
    • You want to learn how to start an online business from your passion
    • You want a community full of support and helpful members
    • Live webinars & step by step training
    • Websites & tools!

    If you want to finally build a Full time income I highly recommend you to check my training it's free to try! (No Credit Card) & you have nothing to lose!

    I hope this honest Your Easy Business has been useful.

    It wasn't easy to put it together to be honest so I really hope you have found value in it.

    If you appreciate the hard work we put in for you PLEASE help us spread the word by sharing this review using the below social icons.


    Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any experiences with Your Easy Business you want to share.

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  • I totally agreed with you. Your Easy Business will empty your pocket before you can even smell the $500 income per day.

    The weird trick tactic used (as claimed by YEB) is only to trick you deep into their upsell channel.

    Once again, thank you Anis for uncovered another scam. Keep up the good job.

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