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4 Quick Ways to Earn Easy Money Online

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December 7, 2016

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I have gathered for you in this post 4 AMAZING sites to help you earn easy money online; I have personally tried all these sites and actually worked like a charm for me.

Just keep in mind that these sites won’t make you rich overnight, they are just a good way to make a couple of dollars every week.

If you want to make a living online, you should work hard for months, if you are interested and have no idea from where to start, just have a look at my recommendation.

Without losing any time, let’s have a look at the sites I have personally tried to earn some extra cash online.

1- HireWriters


Hire writers is a website where you get paid for writing articles; this is very different from the other paid to write websites.

It’s free to join, all you need to do is sign up and get your account set up, then you will find lots of article requests in the marketplace.

Just pick up one job and work on it, the clients usually give details on how the article should be written and the minimum word count, so make sure you respect that.

If the client likes your work, they should give you a rating based on stars, the more positive ratings you get from the clients you work with, the more money you can ask 🙂

I have used Hire writers in the past and made some cash writing for other people.

Payment proof Hirewriters

Now I only use Hire writers to buy articles when I urgently need them for my website, the following article( Affiliate Marketing how it works? Is the one that I have purchased from a Hirewriters member for $14,23, I had to do a few editings to make it fit my website’s look.

But I don’t think it took the writer lots of time to write it. 🙂

I have written a review about Hirewriters if you want to learn more information about it.

If you want to work on Hirewriters, I highly recommend you to install a browser extension called Grammarly it’s a life saver; it corrects all your typos, grammar mistakes, and punctuation as you write on any online platform and it’s free.

2- Usertesting


Usertesting is an excellent website that allows you to make money testing out and giving honest feedback about the user experience of the client’s websites. User Testing earn $10 per test

All you have to do is download a screener from their site to test out your voice quality.

You have to visit the client’s website and talk about what you like about it and what you don’t like for at least 20 minutes.

You should use the screener to record your desktop and your voice.

You get $10 for every test you complete.

However the tests are limited, and you should pay attention to the notifications of new test requests as people would rush to grab them before you.

I have mentioned usertesting and shed more light about it on my previous post called 5 Exciting ways to make money fast online

3- Qmee


Qmee is a website where you can make money doing something you already do like searching the web.

You have to download a browser extension that will add relevant ads in the search results of your browser when you are looking for something on Google or Yahoo.


Whenever you search for something on your favorite search engine, you will start seeing ads which you might click on as they will be very relevant to what you search for.

The earnings are low, but that’s a nice way to earn easy money online doing something you do every day for free 🙂

4- Start Your Online Business 


The 3 sites I have shared with you in this post, are good ways to earn money online without paying anything but are not good enough to make a passive income.

If you want to make a living online you need to create your own website based on your passion.

I call this an easy and hard way to make money online because it’s easy to work on your website but it’s hard if you do it every day.

It’s even harder to create a website by yourself especially if you are a beginner.

Thanks to wealthy affiliate everything is made easier and clear with their training, step by step tutorials and much more that makes it the best community in the world.




I hope you have enjoyed this post, please if you liked it don’t forget to share it with your friends, if you have any question don’t forget to drop a comment below! 🙂

I am very curious to know what program you will pick up from this list.

Did you try any program that worked for you?

Please share with us your thoughts

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  • Hi Anis, really like your suggestions here, I will definitely consider hirewriters as I have my own website but have yet to go through the process of monetizing it.
    Also very curious, how long do tests take to complete on that Usertesting app? Thanks for the post Anis, good and helpful information here!

    • Hi Jacob it takes no more than 20 minutes per test, Hire writers is a service for making money writing articles or getting content for your website, thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 🙂

  • That UserTesting looks really interesting! What kind of sites do they ask you to look at? Do you get any choice in which types you review? For example, I’d be useless in reviewing any type of electronic gadget type site LOL. Thanks!

    • The tests are limited, but most of the sites that I have reviewed where shopping sites about books or clothes, not electronic gadget lol, but you are reviewing the site not the content 😀
      Thanks for stopping by Marlaine

  • This is an awesome resource for anyone, but especially for new affiliate marketers who want to bring in a little bit of cash to help them starting out! You put together such lovely resources and posts! Awesome work! – Joy

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