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Is 6 Figure Profit Club a Scam? Brutally Honest Review!

Anis Founder of

By Anis

March 11, 2018

6 figure profit club

6 Figure Profit Club promises you to earn $4,000 to $8,000 every month

But is it a scam or a legitimate opportunity?

This is going to be a VERY HONEST REVIEW

This is probably the most honest review you will ever read About the 6 Figure Profit Club

Without wasting time, let's get into it!

6 Figure Profit Club Summary Review

Name: 6 Figure Profit Club


Price: $99 all the way up to $30,000 in upsells

Owner: Sean (Probably a fake name)

Recommended? NO

I don't recommend 6 Figure Profit Club

It's expensive & not honest 

You can make money with them

But there is a better program I recommend

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To learn more about the 6 Figure Profit Club

Just read the full review below

What is 6 Figure Profit Club Exactly?

6 Figure Profit Club is a program that was created by someone called Sean

Sean is probably a fake name

Sean says you can just copy his online business and start banking real money

6 figure profit club

In fact he says that this is the easiest way to earn $8,000 to $4,000 per month

As you can see these are some very big bold claims

Making $8,000 per month easily is something that I consider to be too good to be true.

It's actually too good to be true

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6 Figure Profit Code is Fake

The truth is 6 Figure Profit Code is a fake program

It does not even exist

This program is basically using a made up name to promote another popular system

This popular system is called Mobe

Before I explain to you what that is

Here's proof that 6 Figure Profit Code is a fake name and is only planning to sell you Mobe.

6 figure profit code mobe earning disclaimer


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With that out of the way

What is Mobe?

Mobe aka My Online Business Education, LTD is a platform where you can learn how to create an online business

This system is very popular

However there are a lot of scammers that promote it

Scammers like to promote My Online Business Education because it pays well

Scammers create fake pages with fake names to promote Mobe

When you join and buy using their affiliate links 

They will make money

In a few words, 6 Figure Profit Code was created by an Mobe affiliate trying to earn commissions when you buy this expensive training.

Here are other example fake mobe sites:

As you can see 6 Figure Profit Code is not the only fake Mobe site out there

There are quite a lot 

If you want to learn more about Mobe and how expensive it is

I have made a full Mobe review of it for you to read.

How Does 6 Figure Profit Code Work?

What 6 Figure Profit Code is planning is to fool you into thinking that you can really make thousands of dollars easily

This claim normally will get you very excited

Therefore it will be easier to pull out your wallet and start spending money for 6 Figure Profit Code

You're told that everything is done for you

All you have to do is pay the $99 and start banking money

So when you watch their sales video you're like:

Wow this is amazing I can earn $8,000 per month and all I have to pay is $99

But the truth is this does not cost $99

Hint: lots of expensive upsells are coming!

6 Figure Profit Code is VERY Expensive

Well since the actual product is MOBE

Then Mobe is very very expensive

How Expensive?

At the beginning you're told that this costs only $99

But as you move forward with the Mobe 21 Step Training you will spend a lot more

This program can cost you up to $70,000 if you're not careful

If you keep buying whatever upsells they offer you then you might lose tons of money!

Here are some Mobe members that have learned this the hard way

A person complaining about Mobe

Click to enlarge the screenshot

a member of Mobe complaining

click to enlarge the screenshot

Mobe is very expensive and will cost you up to $70,000

This is insane!

As a newbie you definitely don't want to spend that much for a training program

If that's so expensive for you

Then check out:

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Is 6 Figure Profit Code a Scam?

I personally think 6 Figure Profit Code is an obvious scam for the following reasons:

  • It's not even a real program
  • Full of hype & Lies
  • The owner 'Sean' is fake
  • It uses unethical marketing tactics

With that said, I don't think Mobe is a scam

I know they are unethical somehow because they allow their affiliates to promote the opportunity in a very shady way.

But Mobe does make people money so in my opinion it's not a scam

Can You Make Money with 6 Figure Profit Code?

Yes, you can make money with 6 Figure Profit Code


Because you will be redirected to the Mobe training

Which does make people money

However, you need to know that you won't make easy money

Making $4,000 to $8,000 per month easily is complete BS

Final Review

6 Figure Profit Code is very unethical and I think it's a scam.

However, what they promote is a different program which is legit and can make you money.

either way, I don't recommend you to join this program.

If you want to join 6 Figure Profit Code make sure you ignore all the hype, you can make money with them.

But there will be a lot of hard work and patience required in order to earn

Better Online Business Opportunity

While you can make money with 6 Figure Profit Code

It's not a program that I would recommend to anyone

First of all 

It costs a leg and an arm

It's something risky, you will need to invest quite a lot of money.

There is absolutely no guarantee if you will make money.

In fact most Mobe members don't earn much money from the system

With that said 

There is a better opportunity for you to make money online the honest way.

If you want to build a successful online business around your passion

Here's a Great Training I Recommend for Newbies

This training is free to try and will give you 10 free lessons and more.

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  • Hi, Anis. So with this opportunity at 6 Figure Profit Club the company tells the tale of a motivated member being able to earn between $4,000 anywhere up to $8,000/month through their “proven system”? Geez, where have I heard that one before? Just in going through the first quarter of your article, already I came to realize that this opportunity was nothing but a scam.

    Furthermore, founded by an imaginary individual named “Sean” you also stated that this company “borrows” from the model that is actually a legit program called MOBE, (one that I reviewed in my business). I use the word “borrow” when it should have read “stole”.

    What exactly is 6 Figure Profit Club’s program based on? What is this company’s physical product – other than stealing from a legit site in MOBE?

    In addition to the absurd upsells, which go as high as $30,000 I’m surprised that the U.S. Feds have not moved in on this fraud company and shut them down for good.

    6 Figure Profit Club is a program that without question any rationale thinking person would want to avoid at all costs!


  • So, the 6 figure profit club, promises you the world for just $99 and then we are supposed to believe we can make $4,000 to $8,000 per month. Did they say when you will start earning this? Reading your review, I can come only to one conclusion: this is a scam. Why? Because they are only after your money. Upsells up to $70,000 and more? Really? Furthermore, the real owner does not reveal himself and it is not even a real program! Everybody should stay away from this scam as far as they can!

    • Hey Jerry, as you can see this program is too good to be true, Mobe the program they promote is legitimate, however they overhype it.

      Hopefully newbies will avoid this program.

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