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Is Optavia a Scam? Another Waste of Money? (Updated 2022)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 13, 2022


Welcome to my Optavia review! (Updated for 2022!) Before we dig into this review, I'd like to think that you're a VERY alert person! People like you "rarely" fall for a scam because you do your research before joining a legit-looking opportunity like Optavia. So can you create wealth & health with this site? IOptavia a scam?

Well, I'm not an Optavia affiliate or something; I'm just here to share with you the low-down about this company in this in-depth review.

Are you ready? Let's tear into it, shall we? 🙂

Optavia Summary Review

  • Name:  Optavia
  • Website: optavia.com
  • Founder: Dr. Wayne S. Anderson & Bradley T. Macdonald
  • Type of Business: Weigh Loss & Meal replacement MLM company.
  • Price: $199 to get started + hundreds of dollar costs per month.
  • Best for: People that want to lose weight with meal replacements & make money along the way.
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended? No
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What is Optavia? 

Optavia is an MLM company that was founded by Dr.Anderson in 2017, there is not a lot of information about Optavia's background because they are a new name in the business.

That's because Optavia is a rebranded company that used to be called Take Shape for Life. Now if you visit the Take shape for Life website, you will be automatically redirected to Optavia.

Optavia is a solid & legitimate MLM company that allows you to lose weight with meal supplements and make money by recruiting more people to the company.

Some people call it a pyramid scheme while some think it's a legit MLM company. In my opinion, Optavia is CRAZY expensive. I'm going to explain everything in details in this full review

#1 Optavia Used to be Part of Medifast

Optavia before the rebranding they were part of Medifast which is an American nutrition & weight loss company.

But since they changed their name, Optavia now is independent from Medifast.

The Optavia Products

Optavia operates in a competitive niche which is the health & wellness niche where they need to fight against big companies like Isagenix and Amway.

To stand out from the competition, Optavia offers some unique products and services which I'm going to talk about below.

#1 The Optimal Weigh 5 & 1 Plan

The first plan is the popular Optavia 5&1 plan. This plan is for anyone serious about losing fat and maintaining lean muscle.

This plan will teach you 2 important habits,

  1. Eat six small meals per day.
  2. 5 Optavia fuelings + how to make a green & lean meal for you and your family.

These habits and meals are good and everything, but the problem is the price.

The Optimal Weigh 5 & 1 Plan

I think you can save TONS of money if you make these meals at home. But if you're a busy person that wants to eat healthy, I can see how these products are going to be useful.

#2 Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan

This Optavia plan is very similar to the 5&1 plan as it also focuses on eating small meals everyday and building healthy eating habits. In fact, the Optimal health 3&3 is designed to follow the 5&1 plan.

#3 Purposeful Hydration

It's very important to stay hydrated throughout the day, and that's the Optavia's purposeful products goal.

The purposeful hydration product will:

  • Cue you when to hydrate & why
  • Make sure you're hydrated throughout the day

There are different fluids and flavors to choose from, and they look a bit expensive. For example, 30 refills of the Purposeful Hydration B active will cost you $40 while the Hydration Purposeful kit 120 refills will cost you $160.

Not cheap for sure but if you compare these drinks with Red Bull & Monster drinks then the Optavia Purposeful hydration drinks are cheaper and even healthier.

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The 4 Optavia Main Services

#1 The Health Coach

When you join Optavia and find a coach, there is something important that you need to keep in mind.

A health coach will offer you guidance and accountability to build healthy habits but what most people don't know about these so-called health coaches is the fact they are NOT certified, coaches.

So Don't forget That...

The Optavia coaches are just ordinary people with no experience or knowledge in the health industry; they are just Optavia's independent distributors.

Anyone can join Optavia as a coach receive their Optavia business kit, and they are ready to start referring people to buy the Optavia products. For example, if I apply as an Optavia distributor (or coach as they call it) and refer you to buy the Optavia products, I'm going to be your OWN health coach.

The problem is I have no special knowledge that is going to benefit you because you and I have the same basic knowledge about health that everyone knows.

So In a Few Words...

The Optavia health coaches are not health experts but just people that know very well how the Optavia products work because they promote them for a living.

#2 The Optavia Community

The Optavia community is where you will find your own health coach and as I said above. Your health coach will also send you text messages and phone calls to keet you on track with your goal.

Another benefit of the Optavia community is the ability to interact and meet people with your same goal create wealth and stay healthy. In this community, you will definitely stay focused and very motivated to reach your goals.

#3 Fuelings aka Meal Replacements

Fuelings is the term that Optavia uses to describe their meal replacements.

You can choose from 60 fuelings to use and implement into your weight loss journey. Optavia claims that their fuelings have been scientifically tested and developed to help you achieve a healthy weight.

Here are some benefits of using the Optavia Fuelings.

  • You don't have to cook since the Optavia Fuelings are basically, food.
  • Rich in protein which is essential to building lean muscle mass.
  • High in fiber & low in sugar and carbohydrates.
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Gluten free
  • No-GMO
  • If you join as a consultant you will save money & sell the Optavia products for a profit.

The Optavia fuelings will cost you an average $350/month which is pretty expensive. If you want to become an Optavia seller and make money you need to expect to spend the $350 monthly just for the Optavia Fuelings.

With My #1 Recommendation I can sell other people products and make a full-time income without spending a single cent!

That's why I prefer affiliate marketing over MLM! Because it's cheaper and easier to make money!

#4 Habits of Health System

Habits of health system is a 12-week program that is designed to change your life and build within you a healthy and happy lifestyle. Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen authored this program.

Habits of Health System is a book and also a 30-day challenge to push you into losing weight and building a healthy body. The Habits of Health System book currently costs $29.95 if you buy it directly from the Optavia site or $31.45 if you purchase it from Amazon.

The Unique Optavia Compensation Plan

Chances are you're reading this Optavia review because you want to learn how you can make money as an Optavia Consultant or coach right?

To apply as an Optavia consultant, you need to visit their "become a coach" page and apply.

Here's how you become an Optavia coach/consultant:

  1. Talk to your Optavia Coach (the person who referred you to the site)
  2. Buy the Optavia Business kit (it costs $199)
  3. Pay the annual $99 admission fee.
  4. $200 to become a certified coach (optional)
  5. Engage in the Optavia community

Can You See the Problem?

As you have read above to become an official Optavia health coach all you need to do is buy the Optavia business kit which will give you training and material to use to sell the Optavia products.

The problem is Optavia does not ask for any special requirements to become a health coach.

So your so called health coach is not an expert health coach.

If you follow these three steps, you will officially become a "health coach"

How Can You Make Money with Optavia?

There are 3 ways to make money selling the Optavia products.

Note that with Optavia you don't get paid when you refer new members like most MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies.

Keep reading below to learn how you can actually make money with the Optavia compensation plan.

#1 Health Coach Income

As a health coach income member, you will earn money when you invite someone and actually purchases any of the Optavia products.

So as I said above, you won't make money when you only invite new members.

When a company relies 100% on referring new members without offering any tangible products it becomes a pyramid scheme.

So if you have been wondering if Optavia is a pyramid scheme, then you know now that it's not because they do offer products and they won't pay you for inviting members.

#2 Business Coach Income

If you manage to grow your downline with a lot of paying members, then you will gain the business coach income. Anyone that refers lots of coaches to the company will become a business coach income member.

When you reach this status, you will be able to mentor other health coaches and help them reach the business coach income level like you.

The Optavia Business coach income level will give you lots of benefits:

  • You will make more money if you build a team of coaches
  • You'll earn more bonuses & higher commission payouts when your downline advances in rank as well.

#3 Business Leader Income

To achieve the Business Leader Income level, you need to achieve the "regional director" level and also your downline need to reach the "Executive Director level".

In order to get into the business leader income, you should have helped your coaches get to the advanced Optavia rankings.

So In a Few Words...

Here is a birds eye view of the Optavia coaches levels that you need to climb to make more money as a coach.

  • Join as a beginner Optavia Coach = Health Coach Income
  • Refer lots of Optavia paying members = Business Coach Income
  • Build a team of coaches that rank high in the Optavia coach levels = Business Leader Income.

As you advance in rankings your bonuses and commissions payouts will increase. For example, at the initial stages, you'll earn 15% on all direct sales and get paid weekly.

But the more you advance, the higher your commissions & bonuses will be. For more details and in-depth info about the Optavia compensation plan, refer to their compensation plan PDF.

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What I liked About Optavia

1# Legit & Solid Background

Optavia is a company that was part of Medifast which is a very solid and legit company that has been in the weight loss industry since 1980.

  • Medifast & Optavia both have a good A+ BBB rating 
  • Medifast is considered one of the oldest MLM companies.
  • Since 1890 Medifast is recommended by over 200k doctors.

2# Optavia Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Health is the most important thing in this world, if you're not healthy, it's hard to get the motivation to do the work. That's why I also like Optavia's goal in promoting a healthy lifestyle to their members.

I also do a lot of physical activity to stay in shape, I do MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) which I really love.

By the way, if you want to know the fastest way to lose weight then you should try MMA.

Anis chity

Me with my MMA teachers & teammates in the Top American Team gym.

3# 30 Days Refund Policy

Another good thing that proves Optavia is a legit company is their refund policy.

Not everyone will like the Optavia products, so if you want to refund you have 30 days to ask for it.

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What I Did Not Like

1# Fake & Not Qualified Health Coaches!

This is my #1 complaint about Optavia.

In my opinion, it's crazy and nonsense to call someone a health coach when they're just a normal distributor that knows as much as you and I know about health.

A lot of newbies that sign up to Optavia will probably take their "health coach" advice seriously and possibly harm their health? Because think about it, would you take health advice from someone that has 0 qualifications?

This is Optavia's fault because anyone that joins Optavia and buys the $199 business kit will become a health coach. Well, Optavia does give some basic training to their distributors but it's only about how to market and sell you the Optavia products.

They Call them "Health Coaches" Instead of Sales Men...

The reason why Optavia labels their distributors as health coaches is pure marketing.

Just think about it for a second...

Who would you trust more and immediately buy a product related health from:

A sales man or a health coach?

The answer is obvious, and as I can you see it's a pure sales technique.

2# EXTREMELY Overpriced Products!

The Optavia products, in my opinion, are so overpriced. For example, their optimal plan for one person costs $392! And it's a 30 days kit.

The Optimal Weigh 5 & 1 Plan

So you have to pay $392 every single month. What if you're a family of four? This will cost you $1,568 a month!

Guess what? They have a lot of plans that cost $500 a month!

And you better believe that your health coach will try to sell you the most expensive plan because that will earn them a higher commission.

Well, if you want to promote the Optavia products and make a living as a distributor you'll have to deal with even more costs:

  • $199 Business Coach kit: You get some basic training on how to promote the Optavia products, but in my opinion, $199 is a bit expensive for such training material.
  • Renew your business fee ($99/year): This is the first time I hear about a fee to renew your business in MLM...
  • Monthly orders: Typical of MLM's, you will need to buy the same plans & membership that your clients buy to earn commissions (lots of money to spend here!)
  • As you can see if you want to promote the Optavia products you need to invest a lot of money upfront! It's also hard to sell the Optavia products because they are so overpriced.

    If you decide to become an Optavia distributor, you should get ready for rejections because their products are so expensive and therefore hard to sell!

    PS: I Earn a 4 Figure Monthly Income Thanks to this Program!

    3# Meal Replacements are NOT a Sustainable solution!

    Meal replacements are very useful but consuming meal replacements all the time is not healthy.

    What you need to stay fit and healthy is:

    • Real natural food
    • High quality 8 hours sleep
    • Exercise at least 2-3 times a week

    Meal replacements are useful but should not be your main source of nutrition.

    For example, my MMA coaches, suggest me to eat real healthy food as much as possible and only seek meal replacements when you I really need more protein in a particular day or week.

    4# The Optavia Income Disclosure Concern

    If you read the Optavia income disclosure, you will realize that the majority of the Optavia coaches (29,79%) did not make any money with Optavia.

    optavia income disclosure

    The average involvement in the Optavia business is 17 months.

    But you need to also keep in mind that the majority of the Optavia distributors probably did not put any hard work which is the reason why people fail.

    But most MLM schemes have a low success rate, unlike affiliate marketing which is really low risk and does not require all those crazy investments like Optavia.

    With this Program I can make money without buying any products, I just promote other people products and earn commissions.

    I don't have to recruit or hard sell.

    This business is a lot more profitable than MLM and a lot cheaper to start!

    Optavia Reviews & Complaints (Updated 2022)

    If you want to read what other people say about the Optavia products, then you're in luck because in this section I'll share with you the latest reviews and complaints about Optavia.

    There are mixed reviews about Optavia, positive and negative. You can find their ratings and reviews when you clink on the links below.

    • USNews Health - 2.6 out of 5, ranked #27 in Best Diets Overall
    • BBB - 1.59 out of 5 based on 104 customer reviews. No Rating by BBB and is still not accredited.
    • ConsumerAffairs - 4 out of 5 based on 276 ratings

    Their reviews on ConsumerAffairs are a bit sketchy since it is not under their official name of Optavia. There is also a lot of 1 and 2 stars customer reviews which seems contradictory to the ratings given on the top of the page.

    Is Optavia An MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

    Optavia is an MLM (Multi-level marketing) scheme but it's not a pyramid scheme.

    I'll explain why...

    An MLM scheme is a business model that does rely to some extent on recruitment of new members.

    So for example, Optavia trains their coaches to recruit more members, but Optavia does NOT rely 100% on recruitment because they offer real products and services.

    A company that relies 100% on recruitment that does not offer any services or products is NOT an MLM scheme but a pyramid scheme which is illegal.

    3D Wealth Machine and Digital Genius Lab are examples of pyramid schemes because they don't own or offer any real products they just rely on recruiting new members.

    Does Optavia Work?

    Yes, Optavia does work, there are many success stories that prove that the Optavia diet works.

    But if will Optavia work for you 100% depends on you.

    You know losing weight or anything that is worth getting requires massive hard work and discipline. If you don't have discipline. and self-control then Optavia will not work for you.

    What you eat is extremely important, in fact, diet is more important than exercise.

    In fact, according to Huffpost.com losing weight is 75% diet and 15% exercise.

    I'm not saying exercise is not important, it's VERY important but it's pretty useless if your diet is not under control.

    So if you follow the Optavia diet it will definitely work for you. 🙂

    Is Optavia Worth it?

    In my opinion, Optavia is not worth it because they are very overpriced.

    I think not everyone will afford to spend $500/month to stay healthy and lose weight. There are endless of alternative ways to lose weight and stay healthy without spending most of your salary.

    If you can afford it then go ahead stick with them because they do give results. But if you can't afford them, then there is no point in spending all that money.

    Can You Really Make Money with Optavia?

    Yes, you can make money with Optavia but there is a problem...

    If you want to start your business and make money with Optavia you need:

    • Pay $199 upfront for the Business kit
    • Pay the $99 business renewal fee
    • $200 in order to become a certified coach (totally optional)
    • Make monthly orders of the Optavia products

    Trying to sell expensive health and wellness products is going to be challenging. Especially since people can look for other products which are more wallet friendly.

    Your customer demographic is mainly between the ages of 18-65, since children and teenagers are not counted with the demographic. 

    You might think of health and wellness products to be more widely demanded but on the contrary the market is not that wide. People who wanted to be fit and healthy are already doing so by working out or eating healthy foods. On the other hand people who wanted to start being fit and healthy is probably going to be put off by the expensive price of the products.

    These limiting factors ultimately reduces your possible customer demographic which is going to make selling your product harder. This is the reason why most people who work for MLM companies make more money in recruiting people than selling their products. 

    Personally, I don't recommend you to get involved with MLM, although it's a legit business it's complicated to make money from.

    Mainly because like Optavia most MLM's sell expensive products which require recruitment.

    Don't forget that...

    The distributors of most MLM companies like Optavia face a lot of rejections.

    If you remember, above I showed you that most Optavia members don't earn anything although they have been members of Optavia of an average of 17 months.

    That's also the case with Mobe and Digital Altitude which are completely shutdown today by the FTC.

    Thanks to Affiliate marketing, I can make a 4 figure monthly income without recruitment or any hard selling!

    Here's the program that I use to make a 4 figure monthly income!

    So is Optavia a Scam?

    Optavia is not a scam, it's a legit company with a strong background, their products work and there are many testimonials that prove that.

    But in my opinion, their products are VERY expensive and not worth the price. When it comes to the business opportunity, MLM, it's not the best business model.

    Although Optavia has a better compensation plan than most MLM companies out there I still don't recommend it. This is because their products are hard to sell and you would most likely be forced to find many new recruits to have a sizeable income.

    There is a better, predictable and more affordable way to start your business online....

     How I Make Money from Home...

    I said it multiple times in this Optavia review that affiliate marketing is a better opportunity to make money online selling other people products without recruiting.

    Affiliate marketing is better than Optavia or any other MLM scheme because:

    • No need to invest lots of money just to get started.
    • You don't have to order expensive products every month.
    • You can promote any products from any company!

    As you can see affiliate marketing is a lot better and more flexible than MLM.

    Thanks to affiliate marketing I have been earning nice commissions everyday.

    I earn affiliate commissions regularly

    My November affiliate commissions thanks to this program!

    0/5 (0 Reviews)
    Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

    About Anis

    Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

    In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

    Quick update: Anis now is 28 earning over $40k a month on average in affiliate commissions! Learn How He exactly did it here.

  • Thank you for this well-written thorough review. I’m considering Optavia for a month or two because working full time from home with and e-learner has its challenges, which meal replacements could help me overcome. However, $400 for food just for me is a lot, I normally spend that for the whole fam, plus whatever my husband spends on our Butcher Box.

    Thanks to your review I am choosing to follow their principles rather than replace my meals (eat every 2.5 hours, focus on protein, avoid sugar/carbs, and a lean & green home cooked meal). Honestly, most people know what they should eat and just don’t do it for a myriad of excuses. If I didn’t have kids I would totally do Optavia because I’d have the cash to spare. I’d never be a coach because it sounds just like selling Cutco knives, MaryKay, Avon, PamperedChef etc. Worth if you’re good at sales, but I’d rather keep my real job.

  • Your stance that $350 per month is very expensive is silly at best. Put a calculator on your pie hole and see how much you spend on food every month…..I actually saved money. Its only $13undefined day. That is one trip for fast food at lunch. And a family of 4? Children under 13 aren't even allowed on program, so your review is a bit out of touch. I am a health coach, and its through 7 months of using the program that I have the knowledge to guide you through and get you to your goal. We do an extensive health assessment to determine your plan. We know what to do, and who to reach if there are any questions. I found this review underwhelming at best, and a poor representation of OptaVia

  • These thieves told me to send the unused product back so I did have proof and they never gave me product or money back. They fell in the 30 day guarantee but I showed proof they have the product as they originally gave me the label and refuse to refund me the product or the money. Don’t bother with them. The food is extreme with vitamins and once you go off of this rabbit food Tomm you gain enormous amounts of weight back. It’s not realistic . Anyone can lose weight at 1k or under for food intake (what they call food) it made me sick as a dog and I followed the guidelines and drank my water but it is an epic fail. People do not waste your money on optavia .. the only ones benefiting from this are the people selling. Best wishes .. optavia you are fraud 100%

  • Thank you for your review. Unfortunately since you only saw Optivia from the outside your perspective was a little skewed. A few things to address:

    “It’s expensive.” Define expensive. Is coffee from Starbucks expensive? Is a $14 turkey leg at a football game expensive? Absolutely but it doesn’t make it a ‘scam’ or ‘a terrible business’. It just means expensive and a person is free to not buy it if they don’t want to.

    It’s roughly $13 per day in replacement meals. I used to spend that in one meal when I was eating myself to death. You as someone who is self disciplined and knows what your body is telling you that it should eat doesn’t blow huge amounts daily on food, but you’re not the clientele of Optavia. I am 🙂 And the structure is invaluable. As is the FREE coach. Who will never claim to be anything other than what they are; a friend in the darkness. A person who talks to you daily and encourages you that you can break free from the chains of the past. They are not nutritionists but are taught to pass on any medical questions and questions about nutrition to trained and qualified medical staff.

    “Meal replacements are not sustainable’. Exactly. This is a short term ‘intervention’ where a person is fed a nutritionally balanced, low calorie regimen for a matter of months while they are taught by the founders (who are MD’s) what proper nutrition is; why we overeat; how to combat it; how we find a renewed purpose and vision in life so that after a person leaves they don’t end up like most other people who gain back all their weight after going on a diet.

    Were you aware that there’s a 600 page deeply comprehensive book by Dr Wayne Scott Andersen that comes with the kit for $400? Plus a 600 page journal that helps a person learn who they are and why they do what they do? Were you aware that there’s a free website for those who want to follow the principles of Optavia but don’t want to buy the meal replacement product? Is it as in-depth and beneficial? Of course not; in life we get what we pay for but if you’re fine with taking a slower journey to wellness then that’s a viable option a person is welcome to choose.

    I am not a coach. If I became one I care little about the compensation and that’s not why I would become one. My coach made about $60 last month to have me as his client. That included an hour long phone call every night for the first week; a group video chat with three other coaches who came alongside and encouraged me forward, a weekly phone call after the first week to see how I was doing, numerous daily texts where he was available for questions, and I don’t know how many responses to posts on the Facebook site for those who are going through this alongside me. $60 for all that time invested in me. Wow, they’re really taking advantage of people, aren’t they? The coaches are more like Encouragers and Counselors than Health Coaches and he made about $5 an hour to do so. What have others here paid a professional counselor that was of no lasting value at the end of the day? What have people paid for a personal trainer for 8 weeks of training in the gym that at the end of it all the only thing they lost was….8 weeks?

    All I know is I’m a fan of Optavia. If others are not that’s fine but you’re uninformed as to what it really is. I’ve tried every diet under the sun out there and spent a fortune on pills, memberships at an MMA gym like yours (not kidding) and I’m experiencing weight loss like I never have before. I was headed to an early grave or the surgeons knife for gastric bypass surgery but not anymore. Not sure what the value is of that but let me tell ya; it’s a whole lot more than $400 a month.

    • Thanks for sharing us your opinion about Optavia, but please note I clearly said it’s overpriced and expensive but I did not say it’s a scam, of course you are free to buy whatever you like and I’m not forcing anyone not to buy Optavia, my opinion was just different like yours.

  • I question your claim that Optavia is 500% more expensive. More expensive than what? I just saw a TV commercial for Jenny Craig’s weight loss program which claims you can lose 14 pounds in a month for less than $25 a day. Optavia cost approximately $13 a day and I lost 11 pounds in the first week that I was on the program.

  • I have a friend who has lost weight with this program. She is now a “coach” also. One day…when I had her trapped in a moving car…I had her answer an important question—“How many calories are you consuming in a day?” She said 1000! No wonder she is losing weight! Why would someone want to put out that much money for a plan that only allows you 1000 calories per day? You can follow a simple diabetic diet and lose weight—no charge! You can find the diet online for free. People just have to start using their brains instead of all the money in their wallets!

  • You wife comes home and tells you she is going to spend $450 per month on meal packages recommended by a co worker and you immediately tell you wife its a scam which results in a marital Blow up. Then when you do research you find out it is a fricking MLM who doesn’t give two poops about anyone, it is all about the money. They need to charge another $450 per month for a marriage counselor. How many marital Blowups have these money hungry people caused? If you hear of them, RUN FAST!!!!!

    • Instead of supporting your wife in her transformation you chose to make quick judgments and started your own marital problems. With Optavia, you actually get a LifeBook that helps you not only lose weight, but transform your mindset. You could have benefited from Stop. Challenge. Chose. when you quickly make a decision to not support your wife.
      Not only could your wife have lost weight and become more confident and secure, she also could have become a coach and started making money solely by helping others transform their lives!
      I lost 45 lbs and I am now making thousands by helping others. It may seem expensive because you also get a coach that helps you THE ENTIRE TIME you are on the product and even beyond! To me, that’s not expensive!

      Thanks just my two cents. I hope you two are doing well though and no counseling was needed. 🙂

  • Hello, Anis. What an exhaustive review on Optavia. I really commend your efforts and time taking for coming up with this wonderful review that is helpful to many people to know the best website to get for, and save them from scams. I must confess Optavia is the one of the most expensive program I ever see online for affiliate marketing. It is very obvious as there are many other platform with better training at minimal amount which is very affordable with greater results bringing ontime. Even with some of these red flags I read about in the article I can’t go for this program and most especially the high membership fee. Affiliate marketing is better than Optavia or any other MLM scheme because,you don’t need to invest $500’s just to get started. That’s why I we always commend this helpful review like this that save people from crappy programs online. Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s not $500 to get started. Everyone’s business kit to set them up as an Independent Optavia Coach is $199. We all paid the same. And there are ZERO additional mandatory purchases to begin making money and to continue making money save for the annual $99 business renewal, which is a bargain since that fee is all we pay yearly to have a website THEY (Optavia) create for us, host, update, and maintain. That fee also goes for customer service, packing, shipping, payment processing, and all the other stuff businesses have to do. I can run my business with a cell phone and internet, which I’d have anyway, so there is ZERO overhead for me. What other business has such an increasingly ROI? Help about 5 people for ONE month and you’ve doubled your investment. It’s almost like a turnkey franchise, and don’t people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for those?

  • I was introduced to Optavia by an acquaintance who is a coach in the company’s MLM program. I was skeptical about this Optavia because he didn’t really want to tell me the prices for everything. And now I do understand why after reading this Optavia review. I actually thought Optavia was a scam but now that I know its not,I understand that their products are too expensive,hence my acquaintance just wanted me to join before releasing all the information.

    Thanks for writing this in depth review,now I know that Optavia is not for me because I am able to enjoy a healthy meal with my family for way less.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to sell the Optavia products when they are this expensive, that’s why the Optavia coaches have to hide the price so they don’t scare their clients.

      • Hide the price? That’s the first time I heard that, in my ten years of coaching! Why would you say that we have to “hide” the price? I’ve never heard of anyone hiding the price.

  • Thanks for writing this review on optavia, although this is my first time of reading about this company and how it work. Base on  all I read in this review, optavia is not a scam. But from my own point of view optavia is more about weight loss and healthy living than a company that is about how to make money. From how the system works the revenue any one can generate from this company is less to nothing due to the fact that not everybody in this world is desperately want to loss weight at an expensive price.

  • Thanks for sharing your review on Optavia.

    I have heard about Optavia being a very good weight loss regimen, in other words, if followed well, you will for sure lose weight.  But when i learned about the cost, it is really very expensive.  

    So, they said if you really like to use the product, try to become a coach so you can have the benefit of getting it to a cheaper price (that is if you were able to sell a lot of products!)

    Anyway, i do appreciate your review. It helps me in making a decision if this product is something i can sell.  But you`re definitely right, there are still other ways to make money.

    All the best!

  • According to the review posted on Optavia, seems it appears to be legit ans as well appear not be like other MLM site that scam people their hard earned money. Unfortunately I have been a victim of MLM scam in the past which I really lost huge sum of money. I have lost interest in MLM products ever. Thanks anyway for sharing this article on Optavia. It’s really informative and eye opener.

    • Hi Brent, I’m sorry to hear that you fell for an MLM scam before, fortunately, Optavia is not a scam but it’s pretty expensive, I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate to newbies that want to make a part-time or full-time income online without investing tons of money.

    • There is a lot of misinformation in this. Beware of that too! There is no way to lose a load of money in this because it does not require you to spend a bunch of money, ever!

  • I was referred to this program by a friend, but since I am so wary of anything offered online these days, I decided to do some research about the “Optavia” program prior to making any kind of move towards getting involved. In my Google search, your website and post came up in the results, so here I am!

    There are so many red flags for me that you point out in your review I could not help but be reminded of other MLMs that I have been introduced to. There are similarities. Paying to promote, the high cost of the products, paying to become a “coach”, again the high cost, and it goes on and on.

    There is no way that I would recommend this program to anyone based on the facts as you have laid them out for us. There are just too many other opportunities that make a lot more sense, cost less and do not expose you to eventual litigation that is likely to come down the road. Thanks for clearing up whether or not to get involved with “Optavia” and the answer for me is an emphatic ‘NO!”

    • Well Forbes Magazine listed Optavia in the top 100 most trusted companies list for two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018, so we must be doing something right so say I, an Optavia coach who has been with the company for 10 years, and I have a Masters Degree in Obesity Prevention and Management, a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, and am a Registered Dietetic Technician also.
      Some of the “facts” were wrong.

  • Thank you very much for this wonderful review. There are so many affiliate sites presently and i think it is a great idea to make a proper research about both the company’s history and thethe products they offer. While some are quite expensive others are readily affordable, however i am glad you took out time to share this truthful review. Thank you so much.

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