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Is American Online Jobs a Scam? This 2019 Review Exposes it!

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By Anis

March 29, 2019

american online jobs scam

So, American Online Jobs claim that they have great work-at-home opportunities where you can make +$700 per week

Are you wondering if it's a scam or not?

There are reviews online that have called it a scam.

In my opinion that is exaggerated because American Online Jobs is not really a scam but it's so misleading.

I'm not here to sugar coat American Online Jobs. 

I'm here to say the exact truth, if you want to read a BRUTALLY Honest American Online Jobs review, you're in the right place!

Now without further ado let's get into this 2019 updated review 🙂

American Online Jobs - Summary Review

  • Name: American Online Jobs
  • Price: FREE
  • Owner: Brenda F. Rosenberg
  • Recommended?: No, there is better stuff out there.
american online jobs scam

A reader of sent me an email requesting me to review these two websites:

She said that she is interested to join them but she does not trust them, that's why she requested me to review them so you and she are sure this is a site worth trying.

I thought why not and I promised her that I'm going to make a review soon, I started with American Online Jobs, which is today's review.

Soon I'll make a "Apply Today Now review" as the latter looks exactly like American Online Jobs in terms of design and the business model.

 During my research for American Online Jobs I came across some reviews made by other people, I noticed that they are calling it a scam.

But after having a look at the site I realized it's not a scam! It's not great as it won't make you money the way they promise but definitely not a scam.

American Online Jobs promotes legitimate sites for you to earn extra cash and does not ask you for money so I don't see the problem.

There are some red flags to it though, so keep reading this full review to find out the actual truth!

 American Online Jobs 2019 Review Update

Looks like American Online jobs hasn't changed from when I reviewed it back in 2018.

But I decided to update this review to make it more detailed and more informative for you.

Also, American Online Jobs has a lot of negative reviews now, so keep reading to see them 🙂

What is American Online Jobs?

When I read the name of this website for the first time I thought it was like a website where you could find online jobs you can apply to.

American Online Jobs sounds like an employment website where you could find jobs online.

After I had a deep look at it, I realized it's just disguising as an online job site but when in reality they are just going to make you join some websites because they will earn some referral credit off you!

There is nothing wrong with that, it's called referral marketing as they explain in one of their videos but I'm not ok with the way they represent this business, and I will be talking about this later.

American Online Jobs sends you to join some surveys which are totally free to join, when you sign up they will earn commissions.

Then they are going to teach you how to get people to join the same surveys but under your referral link so you earn commissions too.

They have 8 video lessons on this which teach you:

  • How you're going to make money with American Online Jobs
  • The difference between Referral Marketing & MLM
  • list of surveys you can join to earn
  • How to create Facebook Ads on Facebook Groups
  • How to Set up Your American Online Jobs website.

Basically, American Online Jobs is going to teach you to make money the same way they do. 

However, there are many things that I don't like about this site which I am going to shed light on later on this review.

But one of these things is definitely hype, for example, they say you can earn $700 to $1,600 per week doing this, which is total BS in my opinion.

american online scams scam promises you $700-$1600 per week

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How Does American Online Jobs Work?

The idea of American Online Jobs is to make you join the survey panels they recommend you. 

Then they will give you a pre-made website that you can use to make other people join surveys under you.

You will have to market your site on Facebook groups.

To get started with American Online Jobs you will need to complete a few steps first which are:

  • Step #1:Answer the prescreening questions & Then Join Swagbucks
  • Step#2: Join Online Flex Job (Total Scam) + more Surveys.
  • Step #3: Access the Online American Jobs Members Training Area

Step#1 Prescreening Questions + Swagbucks

American Online Jobs sends you over to Swagbucks

Swagbucks: Paid surveys site 

In step one, you have to complete some prescreening questions then you will be sent to a third party website that is called Swagbucks.

This is a survey website where you earn money for completing surveys and many other things. 

it's legitimate and can make you money but remember that a $100-$150/month is the maximum you can earn with this site no matter how hard you work because you're only completing surveys.

Step#2 Join Online Flex Job

American Online Jobs recommends you a scam called Online Flex Job

Do not Join Online Flex Job it's a scam!

In the second step, American Online Jobs encourages you to join a website called Online Flex Job.

I have written a full review on Online Flex Job explaining that they are a total scam!

This scam basically fools you into believing they are a job site, they make you fill up job form claiming to give you jobs.

But in reality, they mislead you into joining their email list where they bombard you with offers to buy.

They even want you to buy an antivirus for $25!

After Online Flex Job, you're recommended to join some other surveys which include.

As you can see, American Online Jobs is recommending you to join questionable websites. 

Which won't make you money but make you earn if you promote them to other people which is something unethical.

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Step#3 Access the American Online Jobs Training

American Online Jobs Member Training Area

American Online Jobs Training

In the third step, you need to go to the American Online Jobs members area where you will find your training.

I must say the training is not bad, you will find 9 videos that will explain very well how you're going to make money, how to build your affiliate website, how to get traffic from Facebook groups and more.

However, under the videos, you will find links to more surveys to join.

If you look at the screenshot on the right you will see a link to Survey Junkie under the lesson.

 Which makes me think that American Online Jobs wants you to join a bunch of sites so they earn the most money off you.

American Online Jobs wants you to join many surveys like Survey Junkie

Referral link to Survey Junkie

Don't Forget That...

If you join a lot of surveys you definitely won't make money.

it's recommended to only work with 3 sites maximum otherwise you will get confused.

How Good is American Online Jobs in 2019?

The American Online Jobs training is supposed to teach you affiliate Marketing and referral marketing but unfortunately, Branda gives a bad representation to this business.

I've watched all the lessons and the only thing I can agree with in these videos is "affiliate marketing requires months of hard work"!

The training focuses on promoting surveys and promoting American Online Jobs as well.

But a lot of surveys have a bad referral program and who wants to promote scams like Opinion City and Survey Voices?

And the worst part is they want you to buy traffic and promote your links via paid Facebook ads which means you even have to spend money from your pocket

We all know how expensive buying traffic can be especially if you don't know what you're doing!

I really don't like anything about this training.

I think that you can get way better lessons to learn how to do Affiliate Marketing and how to build a site that brings organic traffic (without spending money!) at My #1 Recommended training.

I get over 1 thousand visitors per day and I don't spend a single cent on ads or paid traffic!

Can You Earn Money with American Online Jobs?

American Online Jobs 2019 Review Update!

You are not going to make any money with American Online Jobs even if you promote them because they don't have any referral program.

Also, why would someone promote such a misleading & low-quality site?

You may earn some bucks if you join the legit survey sites they promote like MySurvey and InboxDollars and that's it! 

Remember that they throw in some scams which in my opinion makes the site 100% not trustworthy.

$700 or $1600 per week? Just forget about it.

How Much Can You Earn with American Online Jobs?

I think the maximum income you could score with the survey sites is something like $150 per month.

The business is based on surveys, we all know that there is not much money to be made with surveys because they are just an extra cash opportunity.

Driving traffic from Facebook groups or buying them or promoting your links via paid ads it's just not good.

That's why I recommend you to join a better training that brings results, check out the orange link below.

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 American Online Jobs Reviews

I couldn't find any American Online Jobs reviews in Glassdoor and it's not accreted on BBB.

But I found some other in other sources!

Below, you will read some of the reviews I found on the internet:

aoj reviews
aoj complaint

American Online Jobs Biggest Red Flags in 2019!

As I promised you above, here I'm going to show you some red flags that will make you think twice before you join American Online Jobs.

1) Very Misleading Offers!

In a few, words American online Jobs has no jobs or any good opportunities they are just misleading you to join the surveys to earn some referral money.

They are just giving people false claims just to earn commissions off of them.

The funny part is that Brenda (the owner) didn't like my review because I said that AOJ is misleading and it's a low-quality site( you can read her comment in the comments section below).

As I promised her I will update my review if I see any changes because she said that the training is not finished yet, so I did.

But unfortunately, her American Online Jobs hasn't changed there still video lessons where she gave a wrong representation of Affiliate marketing and I will be talking about this more below.

In my opinion, why would someone publish an incomplete training and get angry when someone say it's not good enough when in fact it's not good.

It's been months since Brenda said that the training isn't finished, and I think that it doesn't make any sense to keep accepting new members and making money off of them with an incomplete training!

2) Wrong representation of affiliate & referral marketing!

As I mentioned above, the only thing that I can agree with in the training videos is when Brenda said  that affiliate marketing requires months of hard work to see the results"

Affiliate marketing is something that I've been doing since the end of 2016 so as an affiliate marketer I can confidently say that what AOJ told you about affiliate and referral marketing is BS.

They also want you to promote American Online Jobs which I found funny.

Because they don't even have a referral program so why would someone waste their time promoting something without earning any percentage?

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3) Enter Pinecone Research & win $4.5K, What?

Pinecone research is a good & legit site to make money answering surveys but as you know surveys are only for extra cash.

So if you want to join this survey site you shouldn't expect to earn more than $150 per month after spending a lot of time answering surveys.

Enter and win $4.5k? you can easily tell this is complete BS.

Is American Online Jobs a Scam?

I personally do NOT recommend them because although Online American Jobs is not a scam I label them as a low-quality product that does not deliver the expected and promised results.

For example, you're promised to earn over $1,600 per week with this, but when you see the training and all their stuff you quickly realize there is no way to earn that money.

Don't get me wrong it's possible to earn $1,600 per week online, but American Online Jobs is not the right product to reach that income.

A Better Opportunity than American Online Jobs!

American Online Jobs won't make you much money, therefore it's not worth the hard work.

Their training is ok however it's not enough, the business model has low-income potential because when you promote surveys you will only collect a few dollars which are not worth it!

That's why I encourage you to discover My Favourite Click by Click Training for Beginners

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This great training is going to teach you how to make money off your passion, the idea is to build a website with a topic related to your passion.

Because if you write about a topic you're passionate about it will be easier for you to make money!

My recommended training also teaches you how to promote Amazon products and other affiliate products that make money.

Earn Delicious Affiliate Commissions from Amazon!

For example, people love shopping on Amazon so it will be easier for you to promote and make money with Amazon products rather than some random surveys that make you a few dollars!

With the Amazon affiliate program, you can build a full-time income from home!

If you want to jump into this profitable amazing opportunity I invite you to click and learn more about My Favourite Training for Newbies!

I hope you have found useful my honest American Online Jobs review.

Please don't hesitate to share it around so you can help other people know the truth!

Don't forget to join the conversation by dropping your comments below in the comments section!

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  • I think most people that come across American Online Jobs refers to it as a scam because it does not at all represent what they are upfront. At the end of the day they are intentionally misrepresenting what they are and wasting lots of people’s time in the proccess. I read where this mysterious Brenda was on a thread bragging about their advertising and she seemed proud that they were funneling people actually looking for employment into their garbage. Why not just advertise what you are instead of tricking people into signing up for a bunch of garbage while they are simply looking for employment? I don’t understand how that can even be recognized as a legitimate business. It’s great to have people out there letting others know about these questionable sites.

  • Good afternoon Anis,

    This is a good and very straightforward review of American Online Jobs. You are right pointing out that the title is misleading, I bet a lot of people click thinking they will find a list of available jobs. Anyhow, after reading your explanation of this system I really would not think of joining a thing like that. The whole thing is not very “clean” and at least to me does not inspire confidence. Thank you for the warning.

    Regards, Taetske

  • Amazing review Anis!
    It’s so sad that people think that they can make a bunch of money fast just because they are working on the internet and yeah American Online Jobs it’s not a scam but it’s not a big deal though because it’s a low-quality site.
    and I’m glad you shared your recommended training I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate too and thanks to their training I started my own business online
    Great job Anis and have a nice day! 🙂

  • Hello and thanks for sharing American online jobs scams. Your post is well detailed and has tons of good information that will be a good help to all your readers.
    It is good to see that you have written a post to help those that want to enter the online world of business. I am sure that your post will be a good help too, your viewers.

  • Oops. You stated that my method relies on Facebook groups traffic. Not true. The training isn’t finished. And for that reason I wonder why you didn’t suds that out and leave that part of your review open ended.

    Anyway, carry on!

  • I saw one reviewer who reviewed my site bragging on Wealthy Affiliate about how she gets sales off her affiliate links for the products she calls scam.. she had dozens and dozens of other WAers praising her craftiness. I imagine a lot of Wealthy Affiliate people do this. This practice is disturbing. On the other hand I’m not surprised by the correlation between income and ability to compel the reader—which may explain why said bragging Affiliate isn’t making that much income.

    I haven’t read your your review yet, they’re pretty much all the same. But I’ll assime yours isn’t childish and poorly written..

    • Hi Brenda, there are many wealthy affiliates online that’s true, some are honest and some are less honest, you can do nothing about it.
      If you haven’t read my review then you did not see that I did not call it a scam but a low-quality site and that’s my opinion.

      Because what’s childish is to promise people to make $1700 per week doing surveys let alone the site is disguised as an online job platform…

      My post may be poorly written but remember it’s honest and saying things EXACTLY like they are let alone the fact that English is my fourth language 😉

      Honesty and integrity is what matters not sophisticated grammar skills 🙂


  • Most people need to know these things. A job online will earn you a fortune overnight? A joke! You have to work for what you earn in my opinion. What I noticed about all these online jobs which are not scams is dedication and hard work. If you can’t put in those then you will just stay trying. Thanks for the article.

  • I read a lot of review posts on ways to earn money online. What is common in most reviews is that the writer usually calls a tool or a product scam when he thinks there’s a better product than one he’s reviewing on. So yours is one of those rare reviews where the reviewer calls a system legit and not a scam. However, an earning potential of only $200 – 300 per month does not look too good. With long hours you would be investing in to complete the surveys, the amount earned is too small. I do not think it’s a practical way to earning a full-time income. We cannot be doing only surveys for the rest of our lives, can we? Thanks for your honest review. Looks like American Online Jobs is not for me.

    • Hi Sukumar, I work hard and try to make my reviews as honest as possible, I must admit that sometimes I become a little bit bias but doing my best.

      Happy to hear that my review has helped you learn the truth!

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