Best Money Making Apps – Ready for Extra Cash?

Are you looking for the best money making apps? In this post, I got for you AWESOME apps to make extra cash doing fun stuff.

In this post, I will show you some of the best IOS and Android apps that will help you earn extra bucks online

Before we get into the good stuff I want you to know that you are not going to make a living with these apps, but you can expect few bucks in your pockets.

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1) Pact


I don’t use Pact to earn money, thanks to this app I make sure to give my best in my sports activities.

It motivates me never to skip a gym session or my morning jog; it would reward me if I regularly exercise.

The app’s idea is very simple, it motivates you to have a healthy lifestyle by paying you with cash, you have to register through the app, set your fitness goals and stick to them if you don’t you will lose money.

The app will ask you for your credit card, If you stick to one of your goals you get 2$ if you don’t, you will lose $5, you also earn if you eat healthy food, so you are practically paid to be fit.

This is an example of a goal that I put on my app ”This week I am going to go jogging three times, and I will eat vegetables every day” if you complete that you will get something like $2 if you don’t 5$ out of your credit card. Apparently, you earn cash from someone that didn’t stick to their goal, this is how the app works.


2) Field Agent


Field Agent is an excellent app that can help you make extra money; this app pays you to do some services,

Once you download and register in the app, you will find tasks you need to complete, look for  ” Job Lists” or ” Map view” in the app, there you should be able to find jobs, Select a job and click on it for more details.

The jobs are not hard to complete for instance the app may ask you to go to a particular store and take a photo of an individual product in which they will ask you few questions like it’s price.


3) Viggle


Viggle allows you to earn points for just watching tv shows, listening to music and answering questions or polls thanks to their new feature Viggle Live.

Once you register in the app you can add your favorite tv shows and music in your profile; you can redeem your points later for gift cards.

5) MooCash


Moocash is another app that allows you to earn cash; you can make $5 a day with Moocash but you need to spend hours and hours checking out offers and inviting friends to play games and stuff like that.

You earn money by turning your phone and swiping left to see the offer or swipe right to unlock your phone.

You can redeem your points for cash and send it to your PayPal account.

6) Inboxdollars


With Inboxdollars you can earn money by taking surveys browsing the net and playing games on their website, you can also use their app to make money doing the same thing you would do on their website.

I have already written a review with the cons and pros of Inboxdollars in my honest reviews section if you want to read it just click here

7) Foap 


Foap this is the best app where you can earn a decent amount of money, with Foap you make money by taking photos.

You can take pictures of anything even your dog if you want, it’s an excellent app I encourage you to try it out you can make decent money.

Best Money Making Apps – Which one Will you Pick up?


Did you already get one app of those? If yes which one did you choose?

Remember you’re not going to make tons of money with these apps, but if you’re looking for extra cash, you will like them since they are fun.

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If you have a question you are always welcome to drop a comment below, I will be more than happy to help you! 🙂

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Anis Chity

Hey there! Anis here! Thanks for reading my blog! I hope this post was useful! Please leave your comments below if you have anything to say or questions to ask I reply fast! If you're looking for a legit way to earn check out my Make Money Online Guide

  • John says:

    I like the idea of Foap. I take a lot of nature and auto pictures. I have several thousand of them, this would be a place that I could market them. Does the app market them for me or do I have to get them out on the social networks to market them.
    I am going to download the app and give it a try with 20 or so pics. Thanks for the information.

    • Anis Chity says:

      You need publish them in the Foap market place and whenever someone purchase you get paid! for instance if you upload one phone you can make 5$ everytime someone buys it!

      With one photo you can make lots of money 😀

  • Abod says:

    Hey, really great article, I was searching for a ways to make money online and most of them are scam and lies, I’m really tired of them, but I think this will really help me and easy way to earn some money at home.
    You made a really great job on searching for these apps, thank you for sharing 😉

  • Edward says:

    Pact seems like an interesting idea! I’ve just downloaded it but some users were complaining about the app not syncing with their workouts and made them lose pacts.

    Have you had similar issues before?

  • Travis Smithers says:

    I must say it does not surprise me with the concept of some of these apps. It reminds me of all the typical survey companies and other sites that have been expanding into different offers to make money and take care of marketing for other businesses products and services.

    Using your phone to do the apps would make it easier and more convenient as your not always around a computer through the run of a day, but you’ll always have your phone.

    It makes sense how you can see about making some money this way.

    Are these money making opportunities also available for you to use a computer on the same account, or are they strictly through an app for phones?

    • Anis Chity says:

      If you go to the sites of these companies, most of them will tell you to download the app. Thanks for stopping by Travis and have a good day 😀

  • Albert says:

    Thanks for writing this post. It was very interesting for me to see the opportunities in the applications world.
    All statistics are showing that app users are increasing and thats why I’m interested to see where its going.
    I especially liked the Viggle app idea. Because for people like me who like to watch tv shows, movies, etc, it can be a fun activity besides the fact that you can also make some money out of it.
    What do you think the potential income of Viggle is?

    • Anis Chity says:

      With viggle you can expect some extra few bucks every month unless you spend time watching many tv shows which might be too much, I personally recommend you Foap it’s way better in terms of making money, but If you want to get paid to watch your favorite shows just go for viggle.

  • Kevin Lim says:

    Hi Anis,

    I didn’t know there is so many money making apps available online. All this while I have been using my mobile devices to communicate or play games. Now there is another reason why I should utilise them and make full use of them to pay for my meals. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Wanda says:

    Hi Anis you have offered many fun things that one could earn a little cash and I like the Idea of taking picture and selling them because I love to take picture and I just might try this one.
    Your post is clear and concise I did get a little confused on one of them and I am wondering if maybe a little more information that you might add could help to clarify some of them. Thanks for all the info though. It looks like you have done your research on apps.
    Good Luck.

    • Anis Chity says:

      Hi Wanda thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the post, which one was confusing to you? would love to add more info about it.

      Thanks for stopping by

  • John Rico says:

    Hi there! I am looking for an extra way to earn at home and I think that online jobs is the answer to my problem. I have tried survey sites like Inbox dollars but I think that the earning that I can get in there is not that much. Do you have any more suggestion on what should I try? I will be waiting for your response. Thanks

  • >