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Copy My Cashflow Review: HUGE Scam!

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By Anis

August 10, 2017

Is CopymyCashflowascam

Copy my Cashflow a scam money making method that has been recently released

If you want to learn more about this scam, I recommend you to read this review in its entirety as I am going to expose this scam and show you a legitimate opportunity that ACTUALLY works!

What is Copy my Cashflow?

Copy My Cashflow is one of the online businesses created by Steven Johnson.

According to Steven’s the only requirement expected of you is opening an account with them.

The people called vendors do the rest of the work firm. This money making system does not provide any training, but they claim that once you open an account, you will get free $135 inside.

This system is one of the websites listed on ClickBank as an affiliate site for selling affiliate products.

Unlike other systems, Copy My Cashflow lacks a transparent user interface and does not explain how one makes the alleged $1000 in the comfort of their homes.

Here are some of the similar scams I have reviewed!

How Does Copy my Cashflow Works?

Copy My Cashflow operates in a rather opaque way.

Their advertisement dwells on the $135 you get when you open an account with them, rather than showing how this money is made.

According to their advertisement, your vendor sends you $125 at the end of every business day. Like other online money-making systems, this company earns money by selling products on their affiliate websites.

They generate traffic for the sites with poor traffic ratings.

They also sell their products to people signing to work with them. Account owners earn a small commission on every sale hey manage to influence.

However, the worst problem is the lie of only opening an account and letting them mint millions for you. No legit system claims the same.

How Much Does it Cost?

Joining this hustle is not free because you have to pay a front end price of $37.

You also have to buy their products which you resell for a commission.

The products range from the initial front end cost to thousands of US dollars.

You spend more money as you progress from one product to another.

In the end, you end up spending lots of money on products that seem worthless. Dare not ask for a refund because the guys are known for frustrating people who try to call for a refund.

Copy My Cash Flow Scam signs

The first scam sign is the assurance that you can earn $1000 just by registering.

Any meaningful and legit online business requires a lot of work.

You must select a particular product from which you will make money for the rest f your life.

Another sign of a scam is the $135 they promise to give you once you open your account.

Anything with free money should sound an alarm.

Nobody ever gives out money for free.

They don’t keep their promises and even don’t refund your money.

If you ask for a refund, they ask you to provide proof.

It becomes a cat and mouse chase, and you lose millions of shillings.

Another sign of scamming is the fake testimonials given on this site. Many of those claiming to have made millions are paid to lie

Many of those claiming to have made millions are paid to lie

You can actually find those fake testimonials on a website called in the buy video testimonial & spokespersons section

Is Copy My Cash Flow a Scam?

Having read the user reviews and studied the system, it’s obvious that it’s a big scam.

Even though there is some little proof of earning if you work hard, the much you get does not correspond with the money indicated in their advertisements.

The idea of making free money also doesn’t add up.

A legit business will train you how to earn money first.

They will help you start off and provide sufficient customer care throughout.

Users of Copy my Cashflow claim that they have an inadequate customer care services.

However, for those who persevere and bear the hustle, you can earn a few dollars.

That doesn’t neutralize the many glaring signs of a big scam in online money making the industry.

Legit opportunity to Start Making Money Online?

I have reviewed hundreds and hundreds of scam and legit online business training programs

I can confidently tell you there are more scams than legit opportunities online

With that said I think Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best legit opportunities I have ever seen!

Wealthy Affiliate is a newbie friendly online business opportunity where you can learn how to start an online business selling other people products.

It’s free to try if you want to learn more I invite to read my full Wealthy Affiliate review

Did you try Copy My Cashflow? Do you have anything you want to share us below?

Please drop your comments in the comments section!

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  • I am emailing you all today 7/2/18,legitflexjobs. com and mycashflowsecretit. com is from the same person a scam the new website has been changed to ashflowsecret. com Trevor Harris the scammer changed it,because we used to look up worksheets for unclaimed balances and he had us look up with 2 links. One link was Bank of Canada and the other was Naupa. I was wondering why my Bank of Canada link was missing at the end of April this year he said, it has been a confusion with bank of Canada and I told him to send me the link. It was no confusion Trevor Harris was caught in his trap. And Bank of Canada said, they don’t work with other companies. This is from Bank of Canada the message they left when you log in. It saids,Important notice
    The Bank of Canada is aware of organizations, seemingly based in the United States, claiming to offer work opportunities to settle unclaimed balances on behalf of the Bank of Canada.
    Please be advised that the Bank of Canada does not have any connection to these organizations, nor do we encourage or regulate third party businesses in matters of unclaimed balances.
    You should not send any money to the Bank of Canada or organizations claiming to be affiliated to the Bank of Canada; the unclaimed balances registry is available free of charge on our website.
    The information displayed in the search results reflects the balance information exactly as it was received from the originating financial institution.
    Some information may appear without accents.
    Website availability is monitored Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET
    Search For An Unclaimed Balance

    Type a full or partial name:
    John John* John Brown John OR Brown

    Search Help
    all names containing “John” only —
    John Brown Marian John
    all names containing or beginning with “John” —
    John Brown Helen Johnson Johnny Smith
    John AND Brown
    all names containing only “John” AND only “Brown” —
    John Brown John E. Brown
    John OR Brown:
    all names containing “John” OR “Brown” —
    John Brown Ed John Harry Brown
    Copyright © 1995 – 2017, Bank of Canada. Terms of Use. That was the whole Bank of Canada page. He had Bank of Canada Link inside of our account and Trevor Harris new he was caught so he took it, from our account. He has not paid me either and I started 1/4/18. Also all of you that have been scam you can File a Complaint with FTC-Federal Trade Commission the number is 1-877-382-4357 you can do it online or over the phone also at and make sure you get your reference no# and keep for your claim and you can also send copies of worksheets, emails and anything else you may have and have it attached to your claim the Address is Attn:CRC-Consumer Response Center Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W Washington DC,20580. And it will be national nationwide and they will get with attorney and investors they will send you a letter they are for Internet Scams you can get a lawsuit against them. And to make Trevor Harris pay for the Attorney and Investor fees for his wrong during, scamming people. It is time for everyone to stand up for the scammers,because as long as they think they can get away with it they will keep on doing it.

  • I paid for the system almost a week ago and still have not been able to join as clickbank refuses to let me in and i have sent several emails asking for assistance and have not received a response and i have been searching for ways to get my money returned. Do you have any suggestions.

  • Thanks for your insightful review.
    I never heard of COPY MY CASH FLOW.
    Thanks to your article I feel as though I know more than I want to know – lol, This company seems like a iffy at best kind of way to make money online. It is good to know all the details – Thanks, Tom

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