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September 17, 2018 review Reviewed!

Is a scam or a real guide to make $50,000 in just 30 days?

It's a smart move that you want to read a review before buying Crypto Challenge! There are so many scams online and reading reviews before buying is a must!

In this review I'd like to share with you some ugly truth about Crypto Challenge and about the owner!

So read this full review to learn the truth! Review

  • Name: Crypto Challenge
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 
  • Owner: Michael Swanson
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What is Crypto Challenge?

Crypto Challenge is a newly released product that claims to teach you how to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

While many people are becoming success stories thanks to these cryptocurrencies, there are no doubts that a lot of scams are taking advantage of this trend.

Lots of new scams are popping up every day with the promise of making you rich quickly by investing in these digital currencies.

While the one can become wealthy thanks to crypto's you shouldn't trust anyone that says you're going to be wealthy if you buy their crypto guide.

Crypto Challenge is promising you to earn $50,000 in just 30 days because the owner Michael Swanson is a professional investor and he's willing to sell you his guide that can turn you into a CryptoMillionaire.

And Michael Swanson's Crypto Challenge guide costs only $37.

Can you trust Michael Swanson? Is he really a professional investor that will turn you into a wealthy crypto investor?

Let's find out below! 😉

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto Challenge was launched in September 2018
  • Crypto Challenge is a Crypto Investing guide
  • You're promised to earn $50,000 in 30 days

Who Is Michael Swanson?

Michael Swanson is the creator of the Crypto Challenge, Michael does not show his face when talking in the video presentation.

But at some point in the video he shows a picture where he says it's him and that he is a professional investor.

That's where I got very skeptical.

This is the supposedly photo of Michael Swanson.

Micheal Swanson Crypto Challenge scam

Michael Swanson

I have reviewed a lot of scams and most of them either use fake stock imagery or use celebrities as owners so people trust them more.

If you take a screenshot of Michael's photo and go upload it to Google Image, you should see that photo is fake as it's used by different websites and social networks.

Below you can see that the Crypto Challenge owner photo and the proof that Michael's photo is not real.

cryptochallenge owner pic is a stock photo

Michael Swanson's pic is FAKE!

As you can see the owner of Crypto Challenge is fake, the real owner is hidden and it's quite an alarming sign.

I'm pretty sure the owner of Crypto Challenge is NOT a successful investor.

I personally would never trust someone that is using a fake persona and promising you to earn $50k in 30 days.

Unfortunately, many scams use fake owners  to sell their scams, because if they get exposed they can just use another fake persona!

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Swanson is the owner of Crypto Challenge
  • Micheal photo is not real (it's a stock photo)
  • Micheal is not a professional investor but just a fake persona!

The Crypto Challenge owner is fake!

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$50K A Month Using a $37 Guide?

Just think about it for a second, to me it does not make sense, why would anyone sell a $50k a month making guide to everyone for $37?

There must be a catch right?

Crypto Challenge is NOT a legitimate product and it's a big catch.

The owner is NOT even real and he's only trying to fool newbies with his guide just so you spend money.

After $37 many upsells will follow which you have to buy.

Basically the fake hidden owner of Crypto Challenge he will introduce you to many different products in different niches that you have to buy.

You will basically end up wasting lots of money for some random Clickbank products which are pretty useless to say the least!

Since I mentioned the word Clickbank I would like to tell you that Crypto Challenge is a Clickbank product!

I'm going to explain that below! 😉

Crypto Challenge is full of bad surprises!

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Key Takeaways

  • make $50k in 30 days by spending $37?
  • Crypto Challenge comes with uspells and hidden costs

Sick & Tired of Scams?

Stop falling for BS & start learning from a trustworthy training!

Wait! is A Clickbank Product!

Lately I have been reviewing a lot of products that are from Clickbank.

Clickbank is an affiliate network where vendors sell digital products like Ebooks, there are also a lot of make money online guides and ebooks sold there.

Unfortunately most of the make money online guides and ebooks are totally worthless and sometimes big scams.

They are pretty similar and always come with the $37 price tag exactly like Crypto Challenge.

They all have fake owners and talk about making money fast or some loopholes to become Wealthy fast, needless to say they are total BS and just a waste of time and money.

These Clickbank products are connected to each other, for example if you buy Crypto Challenge you will start receiving on your email inbox other sales pitches of other different products that claim to teach you other ways to earn fast.

Each Clickbank product seems to talk about a specific topic, for example there is this Clickbank scam called Tube Crusher which claims that they will teach you how to make thousands of dollars uploading stupid videos on Youtube.

Another Example is Smart Money Methods which claims they will teach you smart ways to make money fast and easily instead of working hard.

Obviously this is complete BS because there are no shortcuts to success!

As I said these scams are very similar to Crypto Challenge, they always come with those videos in the middle and cheesy headlines.

Below you can see screenshots of these scams websites and notice how similar they are. review

Crypto Challenge

tube crusher reviewed

Tube Crusher

ultimate paydays reviewed

Ultimate Paydays scam reviewed

I have made a video review of Crypto Challenge that you can watch below to see how these Clickbank scams are very similar and why you should avoid them.

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto Challenge is a Clickbank product.
  • Crypto Challenge is a cookie cutter website

Crypto Challenge is another cookie cutter website

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Crypto Challenge Endorsed by Forbes? Fake!

Scammers love to fool newbies with these logos from famous websites like Fast Company and

The truth is Crypto Challenge has NEVER been endorsed by these websites.

crypto challenge fake logos

These logos are fake!

This is a psychological trick to make you believe that Crypto Challenge is trustworthy since they have been endorsed by these popular sites.

But the truth is the owner of Crypto Challenge has literally cut and pasted the popular sites logos under the Crypto Challenge video presentation.

You can visit the Forbes website yourself and use their search bar, type in "Crypto Challenge" and you won't find any articles or videos mentioning this scam.

crypto challenge scam


Key Takeaways

  • The Forbes, Techcrunch and other popular sites logos are fake!
  • Those sites have never talked about Crypto Challenge.

Don't trust the Crypto Challenge logos they are fake!

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So Is Crypto Challenge a Scam or Not?

In my opinion Crypto Challenge is a scam for many reasons:

  • Crypto Challenge is fake and lying
  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Hidden costs & upsells
  • The owner (Michael Swanson) is a fake persona
  • Fake Endorsement.
  • It's another fake Clickbank product.
  • It's NOT going to deliver!

I have proved all the above points in this review and I believe Crypto Challenge should be avoided.

Remember this review is my personal opinion, you're free to believe whoever you want and buy whatever product you want.

In my opinion Crypto Challenge is a scam and if you need help finding a legit opportunity just keep reading below:

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto Challenge is a scam in my opinion.

Crypto Challenge is a scam with a fake owner that is only going to suck your money!

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Use a Real Guide to Earn Money!

Making money is not easy as these scams want you to believe, they just want to sell you their half baked products to suck as much money possible from you.

Fortunately there are many legitimate ways to make money, but if you're a newbie that is new to making money online I recommend you to get trained.

Yeah in order to make money online you need to learn the skills that will allow you to earn money, until you learn the skills to make money you will just keep buying these fake scams that will cost you tons of money.

There is a training that I recommend for complete newbies which is going to teach you how to start a website that will make you money from scratch.

This training is free to join (no credit card required) and you will get 10 free lessons to test it.

This training will teach you:

  • How to start a successful website using your passion
  • How to bring traffic to it
  • How to monetize it & make it profitable!

This is a learning curve and you need to put in a lot of work but it's a legit opportunity that ACTUALLY works!

If you want to get started and learn more about this, you can do so by clicking on the orange button below:

What Do You Think about the Crypto Challenge?

What do you think about Crypto Challenge? Do you think it's a scam or legit?

Let us know in the comments section!

If you have any questions or anything just leave comments below!

Don't forget to share this review to warn others!

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