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DoWork-Zone.com Review – (Warning) It’s a NEW Scam!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 9, 2019

work zone reviewed

Did you come across Do Work Zone and you are wondering if you can really make hundreds of dollars with it?

In this DoWork-Zone.com review I'm going to give you 3 good reasons why you should avoid it at all costs!

So Is DoWork-Zone.com a Scam? You'll find the answer below. 😉

Quick DoWork-Zone.com Summary Review

Name:  Do Work Zone 

Website: dowork-zone.com

Founder: Hidden

Price: free


work zone reviewed

What Is DoWork-Zone.com?

DoWork-zone-com (Do Work Zone) is a website who claims to be the biggest online office in the world.

They claim that they'll give you a $5 as a sign up bonus and $10 per every friend you refer and you can make up to or more than $100 per day if you complete the tasks.

Sounds great right? But unfortunately, this website is just a joke!

I've reviewed a lot of copies of this site and if you want to see what I'm talking about then click on one of the links below:

The sites listed above are similar to Do Work Zone, and none of them paid their members, and Do Work Zone is not planning to pay you either!

How Does DoWork-Zone.com Work?

DoWork-Zone.com is a copy of old fraud sites that is going to make money from you in different ways.

The first thing they want you to do is to sign up of course and give out your personal info!

The weird thing is that when I signed up with Do Work Zone I used an invalid email (thisisabigscam@gmail.com) and they accepted it as you can see below:

do work zone invalid email
work zone is a fraud site

This is a big red flag because legitimate sites always ask for email verification and they won't accept an invalid email!

After signing up, they want you to refer your friends so they can collect as much personal info as possible and sell them to third party sites!

And not only that, they also want you to complete some offers so they can earn more money.

The jobs are just a CPA (cost per acquisitions) offer.

The owners of Do Work Zone will earn a couple of dollars per every offer you complete.

Another thing I want to mention is that those tasks are not trustworthy so don't give them your information otherwise they will spam your inbox.

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DoWork-Zone.com Scam Signs!

To give you more proof that Do Work Zone is no good, below I'll show you 3 red flags that will make you avoid this fraud site at all costs!

DoWork-Zone.com Founder & Team are Fake!

The first scam sign is that the team is fake these guys have nothing to do with Do Work Zone as you can see below:

the founder of do work zone pic is everywhere

As you can see this is the picture of the "founder"  Loretta Henry that ended up being just a stock photo!

And not only that, they even used some models from an online store.

Have a look at the screenshots below:

do work zone team is fake
do work zone fake team members

The real owner of Do Work Zone is using an anonymous service to scam people.

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DoWork-Zone.com Was Founded in 2011? Really?

Another huge scam sign is that Do Work Zone claims to be around since 2011 while it's only 13 days old!

According to WHOIS, Do Work Zone domain name is registered on 2019-03-25

whois analysis of do work zone

Will You Make $ With DoWork-Zone.com? Nope!

If you think that this site is going to make you money then you're absolutely wrong.

Do Work Zone is just going to make you help them to bring traffic and collect emails and when you reach $300 they'll kick you out of their site.

Is DoWork-Zone.com a Scam?

Do Work Zone is a huge scam that you should avoid at all costs!

The owner of do work Zone has a lot of copies of this scam.

They basically create a site and once it gets exposed and people realize it's a scam they shut it down and they open a new scam to fool more people!

I hope that you didn't join Do Work Zone and I hope that you learned a lesson which is, always do your research before joining any questionable site like dowork-zone.com.

How To Actually Make Money Online!

I hope this do dowork-zone.com review was helpful, and if it was don't forget to share it with your friends to spread the awarness 🙂

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