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ViralPay.co review – 6 reasons why It’s a Scam!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 3, 2019

viral pay reviewed

Everyone is talking about Viralpay.co these days and their referral links are all over social media!

In this Viralpay.co review, I'll show you how this site works and I'll give you 6 reasons why this site is no good!

So is Viralpay.co a scam? Can you make money with it?

You will find the answers in this review, and without further ado let's get into it!

P.s: Keep reading till the end, I have a surprise for you πŸ˜‰

What is ViralPay.co?

Viral Pay is a newly launched website who pretends to be helping people to make money with social media.

They claim that they will turn anyone with any amount of followers into a successful influencer.

They also claim that you are going to make $500 today and they will give you a $25 sign up bonus.

Sounds great right?

But unfortunately, none of these claims are real!

These guys are just targeting newbies to use them for their own good, and I will be talking more about this below.

Keep reading to know the truth behind ViralPay.co πŸ˜‰

How Does Viralpay.co Work?

Viralpay.co doesn't work!

They just want you to sign up and share their links everywhere to bring them traffic.

They are going to make tons of money if you invite people to join ViralPay, and you are absolutely wrong if you think that they will share their earnings with you.

 I've reviewed a lot of similar sites, and I can tell that Viral Pay is no better than the following:

The sites listed above, look exactly like ViralPay.co, they all have the same fake $25 sign up bonus, the same claims, and the same BS!

The truth is that Viral Pay is just an old scam with a different name!

What these scammers do is they change the name of their site whenever they get exposed by reviewers!

And to give you proof of what I'm talking about, I will show you 6 reasons why this site is no good πŸ˜‰

6 Reasons Why ViralPay.co Is a Scam!

ViralPay.co Is a Rebranded Scam!

As I mentioned above this website is just a rebranded scam,

 they are going to scam as many people as possible and once they get exposed they will shut this site and open another one.

If you go to the youtube submission you will read Kids Earn Cash and Kids Get Money and other names of ViralPay.co (Click on the pic to zoom)

viral pay old names

watch the video below about Kids Earn Cash and see how similar is to Viralpay.co πŸ˜‰

ViralPay.co Testimonials Are Fake!

You probably clicked on the "proof" button and watched the videos where the testimonials claim that they made a lot of money with ViralPay.co.

The harsh truth is those guys are just paid actors from a website called fiverr.com 

Have a look at the screenshots below (click on the pics to zoom):

fake testimonials from fiverr
viral pay fake members
viral pay fake testimonials

Just go to fiverr.com and type "testimonials" you will find a lot of people who are ready to say whatever you want them to say and for only 5 bucks!

ViralPay.co is Only 25 Days Old!

Viral Pay claims to be founded in 2015 but according to Scamadviser, this site is only 25 days old.

scam adviser analysis of viral pay

The funny thing is those paid actors who claim that they've been members for 2 years and 3 years while Viral Pay is only 25 days old.

It's really crazy what some people can do for money.

Who is The Owner of ViralPay.co?

Personally, I can't trust a website with a hidden owner because I believe that there is no reason to hide your identity unless you are trying to scam people!

analysis of viral pay

As you can see in the screenshot above, the owner of Viral Pay is using an anonymous service to stay safe! 

ViralPay.co Connects You With Fraud Sites!

ViralPay.co is making money from you in different ways,

And one of these ways is by connecting you with the fraud sites listed on the "$30 tasks wall"

These sites are not trustworthy so please do not give out your number or email to any of them otherwise they will spam your inbox!

You will Not Make Money With ViralPay.co

This is when you'll realize you've been scammed!

The other versions of this scam have minimum payouts and when you reach the minimum payout they will block your account and you won't be able to cash out.

But in Viral Pay's case instead of kicking you out of their site, they will keep telling you "you are cheating, you can't cashout until you complete the tasks"

Put This In Your Mind....

Your favorite Instagrammers make money as influencers not because they signed up in such a useless site like Viral Pay.

They worked hard to get all those engaged Instagram followers.

And when companies spot somebody with a lot of engaged followers they will pay them to promote their products.

This is how things work in this world if you don't work hard on something you are not going to achieve anything πŸ˜‰

If you trust them you will get this sentence forever because these scammers are just using you to bring them traffic so they can scam you and your referrals!

And if you find any positive reviews about Viral Pay or any of their versions you better believe they are paid or they are victims of the YouTube submission offer. 

Is ViralPay.co a Scam?

ViralPay.co is 200% scam and they are just using you to help them scam people.

There is no way you will make money with them because the only one who is making money with Viral Pay are the owners and they are not planning to share any of their earnings with you.

The money you are making with them is only showing up in your screen and there is no way you will cash out.

Even if you reach $1M you will read "you are cheating, you can't cashout until you complete the tasks" because ViralPay is a S-C-A-M!

ViralPay.co Legit Alternatives!

If you are looking for legitimate sites to earn some bucks then check out these reputable sites where you can earn extra cash doing different things:

Of course you are not going to make you rich or something but they are perfect for extra cash because they are free and easy to use.

  • MobileXpressions - India (Androids Only): Download this App and get a 300 rupees Jabong gift card after keeping the app installed for 2 weeks.
  • Treasure Trooper: ($1 sign up bonus) Available worldwide!
  • GreenPanthera: ($5 Sign up bonus) Philippines, India, Nigeria, Kenya and many other countries
  • Swagbucks: ($5 Sign up bonus) Australia, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Ireland.
  • Survey Rewardz: US, Canada, UK, Australia.

How I Make Money Online

GPT and survey sites are great for extra cash but they won't make you rich or something, 

So if you want to start your own business online and learn how I make over $3000 per month online doing affiliate marketing, then check out my free step by step making money online guide for newbies.

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  • i made 779 yesterday and cashed out it went for review and i thought they would tell me i cheated (i didn’t) it was on pending for review… but as of today im confirmed lets see if the day before its supposed to pay, they cancel it. ill let you guys know by 5/12/2019 if i actually get money ill let you know!

  • So I guess I’m a victim of viral pay, what would you suggest I do with emails that they send to me? How do I get them off my account? Thank you

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