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March 12, 2017 Review Scam or Legit?, Is a scam?, Is a Scam?, Is a Scam?

Dollargrowing website

Today I came across these sites, and, so I thought I would do a review on them because I think they are some possible scams.

This review is on those three sites if you are involved with any of them you may want to read this whole review because I am going to share with you some serious facts to consider.

Without wasting time let’s get rolling.


Quick Review

Name: Duty Screen, Poke Lazy, Dollar Growing

Websites: – –

Price: Free

Recommended?: No

Recommended Training to Make Money Online: Wealthy Affiliate


UPDATE 1! is redirecting to it’s the same scam they only changed the name!


DutyScreen, Pokelazy & DollarGrowing What are They?

As I said before I have heard of those sites recently but after signing up on each of the three sites I realized that I have seen them before.

A Few months ago I came across Youth to EarnCash for Invite, My Cash Table & these are scams that have caused lots of problems to their members

After looking into DutyScreen, Pokelazy, and DollarGrowing I realized there’s absolutely NO difference between these and the scams mentioned

They all make some bold claims like earning $1000 in your first week by doing some simple tasks

Who wouldn’t want to make $1000 in a week? We all want that right? These sites definitely won’t help with that.

Please don’t be fooled by those sites making big claims they are scams

They just want you to promote them everywhere so they get a lot of victims

Dollar Growing (Now it’s called!), PokeLazy, DutyScreen are owned by the same scammer they are just one website with different templates, domain names and URLs

If you join those sites you are at risk of identity theft needless to say you won’t make a dime

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How PokeLazy, DollarGrowing & Scam People?


Those sites are literally the same as I said before the only difference between them is the templates and names.

You can register on those sites for free, to register you need to enter a username, email address and a password

As soon as you sign up and log in the first thing you are going to see is an affiliate link

Before signing up I thought it was an online job where I had to do some tasks to earn money but all I could find on those sites is an affiliate link

Here’s how it looks like affiliate link

You are told to spread the word everywhere and you are promised to earn $5 -$10 for every single click your link receives

That’s definitely too good to be true

No one will pay you that amount for a click

They have a payment threshold of $300 that is not very hard to reach if you keep promoting their scam.

But you know where’s the catch?

When you have accumulated the so shiny $300 you will be redirected to take some ridiculous surveys where you have to pay

Even after paying you will be taken to another survey where you have to pay again this is how they scam people.

This is how the surveys look like

Duty Screen Surveys scam


DutyScreen, DollarGrowing & Poke Lazy How they Make Money?


These sites goal is to collect as many people as possible that’s why they show you nothing but an affiliate link

There more people they have means more email addressesscammer

These scammers would sell your personal information to other people so they can promote stuff to you in hope to make sales

There are probably other ways for them to make money with their bogus sites

But if you don’t want to waste time and your friends time please stay away from them.

Since you are giving out your personal information chances are you may be at risk of identity theft so please stay away.


Easy Way to Avoid Work from Home Scams


Scams are getting clever every day scammers know what they are doing and they are so good at scamming people

If you want to avoid any future scam you may encounter please watch this short video from BBB.

If you were scammed by,, or any other scam don’t be afraid to report it to Better Business Bureau!


Most Reliable Way to Make Money Online


First of all making money online is not easy you need to focus on a specific program and work hard towards it

There are no easy tasks to earn tons of easy money, that stuff does not exist, unfortunately, everyone that says the opposite is probably a scam.

There are thousands of ways to make money but the most reliable way is Affiliate marketing in my opinion.

Affiliate marketing is when you help companies (Amazon for example) sell products

You are given an affiliate link that you can promote and if people buy through your link you earn commissions

If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start you probably need a solid and newbie friendly training that will teach you how to make money with this profitable online business.

The training that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate because it teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing the right way.

Here’s a simple picture that sums up how Wealthy Affiliate works and what will teach you.


Wealthy Affiliate is free to join (No Credit Card) after you sign up you will get two free websites with hosting and 10 free affiliate marketing lessons.

Read My Wealthy Affiliate review for more info.

Do you have experiences with, or

Please share with us your experiences in the comments sections!

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  • thank you for you stubborness.. you say this dollar zip locke or everything are cheat but you are the cheater as well.. you are not even football player.. you are just musician with no string to play and stage to dance.. woo hooo.. better you eat the giras..

  • Thanks for the information. This Dollar Zip could not be real.. always plan for something.. glad to know this well.. it is good to have a work..

  • Hi, Anis thanks a lot for your wealthy advice . I nearly fell a victim but now I’ve realized is a scam thank you ..

  • if u want to make money contact my in my email. Join x today to make money by using bitcoin is a great opportunity to do business with no links allowed am in it and is helping me grow my business. Is a promise nd I say x is not a scam and if you sign up and join you won’t regret… contact me in my mail and will give you all the details. email address deleted

  • hi, I have been scammed by one so called site named, presently they have changed their name to
    I never new anything about online business because I was new in it. I registered for free and they said share your link with your friends on social media to gain more money to your account… and they said per visit through your referral link is $10. I calculated it I just smiled and that grew my joy to work hard. I shared my link on whats app,fb, and many more with my account that they even told me that my account is among the next payout this month then.end of month I log in only for me to discover that they have changed their name, I tried to log in with my username and password but it keeps telling me incorrect information….

    please I need an online business where I can work and get paid, please who can help me out

  • Hi Anis i was also scammed ny dollarzip. Im in South africa and it would be expencive for me with exchange rate to join the premium at WA what would u suggest.

    • Hi Lize-Mirie sorry to hear you fell for Dollar zip
      You can join Wealthy Affiliate free membership, ask questions take the 10 free lessons and learn from them, WA gives you 2 free websites, set up one and work on it try to Google stuff or ask me I’d be glad to help 🙂

  • hi anis I registered in they literally won’t pay I invited most of my friends. so is their any website from which I can make money if it their please let me know waiting for u r reply

  • Why should I believe that “Wealthy Affiliate” is also not a scam?
    Same way we have to register here as well, might be on each single registeration “Wealthy Affiliate” do same as DollarZip or others sites do.After get registered who knows what gonna happen?

    • Hi Piyush thanks for visiting, you simply cannot compare Wealthy Affiliate to Dollarzip, Dollarzip is just a little rehashed scam, WA has been in the business since 2005, it doesn’t pay to do stupid tasks, it’s an online business training where you learn how to build a successful business that ranks in Google and Yahoo.

  • Hi,can someone responsible tell me about this,I have done every thing they told me to do ,and know I have $375,asking me to withdraw,but it does not work,can it be a scam?

  • is a scam because I shared many invites and I reached to the manimum level of 300ksh but up to now I haven’t gotten any payment.I repeat again its a scam.

  • With wealthy affiliate I want to know how I get paid coz am not around europe or america.
    Could u like email me
    I read about u on your web but there’s somewhere I still need detailed explanation

  • Have u heard of quantumCode is it also a scam.
    What websites do you recommend for online work and make payment well for people like us who stay like in Africa, Uganda

    • Hi, Caleb, Quantum Code is a binary options scam stay away from it, most online jobs are scams and the legit ones don’t pay well, the best way to make money is to start a website that makes money, it takes time and efforts to see profits.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a training that will teach you how to make money online with a website

  • Hi. Is there anyway we can get out of these sites ? After I registered at dollarzip I saw this . And now I’m really really scared . It’s the first time I’ve ever did this . I don’t know what got in to me .

    • Hi Zainub, I don’t think there is any way to delete your profile just don’t use the site, stay away from it probably they are going to send spam to your email address but you should be fine if you stay away from it.

    • Hi Bhanu, unfortunately, a lot of scams out there, most online jobs are either scams or pay less than minimum wage with that being said I recommend you to start a small business online, Wealthy Affiliate is a great training for newbies to learn everything at the right time.

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