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EB Formula Review- A Scam Ebay System to Avoid!

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December 31, 2018

eb formula reviewed

EB Formula Reviewed!

Hello there! I'm glad you're reading this review before giving your money to EB Formula!

This is a smart thing to do that many people don't so which results in them wasting their hard earned cash for scammers!

Looks like you're smarter than that! Without wasting time let's dive right into the review!

EB Formula Summary Review

Name:  EB Formula


Founder: hidden

Price: $37 + upsells

Best for: No one!

eb formula reviewed

Summary: In a few words, EB Formula is a waste of time, they are NOT going to make you any money, in this review I will explain how and give you proof why this is a program to avoid!

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!

What is EB Formula?

EB Formula is another sales page with a video presentation website that wants to teach you how to make over $3,000 starting today

The video is 15 minutes long, all of it is all about how much money and how good it will be to make so much money. I just want to learn what I'm going to do to earn money and how your website will help me!

The only way to find out what EB Formula is all about is after you purchase the program for $37. This is not good because a legit system does not hide anything and tells you everything before you buy.

After you pay $37 you will realize it's an Ebay Dropshipping training. So far it's good, Ebay dropshipping is a totally legit business but there is a problem with the EB Formula training.

Ebay dropshipping is good but it does take time to work and some investments. 

It's NOT an overnight success like EB Formula claims. 

This is a big red flag because EB Formula looks like the classic too good to be true scam.

eb formula total bs scam
Anis Chity

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Who is the Owner of EB Formula?

So who is the founder of EB Formula? The spokesperson in the video sales page calls himself Dan Wright but there is no information about his background, no photos of him or anything.

The internet is a place full of scam artists and I think you know this, personally,the last thing I would do is to buy a product where the founder is anonymous.

Many scam artists prefer to stay anonymous to avoid getting sued once their scam gets exposed online. If EB Formula was legitimate I don't think the owner will have any problems showing up.

I understand not everyone likes to post their pictures online, but you know in this online world is hard to believe an anonymous person promising you to be rich today.

This is NOT the first time I review a product from Clickbank with a hidden founder, I have actually reviewed many products like EB Formula. I will link to some of them below:

I don't even know who you are

Can You Trust EB Formula?

EB Formula's promises are fake, Ebay dropshipping as I said before takes a lot of time and patience to make money, there is no way that you can make money easily and quickly doing this or anything really.

I would never trust a product that wants me to pay a small fee of $37 to get a guaranteed system that can earn me big in no time. 

Don't you think it's too good to be true?

Another reason why EB Formula is not trustworthy, it's because of the paid actors that they use as testimonials to convince you to buy EB Formula.

Below you can see the proof that EB Formula testimonies are just some hired actors.

eb formula testimonial


eb formula fake testimonial from fiverr


These testimonials that EB Formula shows you in the video are just paid actors that sell testimonial gigs on this site micro freelancing site called Fiverr.

If you click on the link above it will take you directly to the gig where these supposed testimonials offer their acting services.

For me an automated system that pulls in $1000's+ a day that have paid actors and an anonymous owner is NO way to be trusted.

How Much Does EB Formula Cost?

that's my life savings right there

EB Formula charges you only $37 to get in, but as soon as you pay that tiny price you will be welcomed with several upsells to buy.

Each upsell is presented as an extra opportunity to make even more money, it's like that after you buy the upsell you will add an extra $150k to your account. 

EB Formula will keep sending you email after email with several products to buy and they will NEVER teach you how to make money. I know this because I have personally bought many products from Clickbank.

One of the Clickbank products that I bought is called Kindle Sniper, it has the same structure, design and the initial fee ($37) as EB Formula.

This program promised me to earn lots of money selling books on Amazon, needless to say, that after buying the product I got some half-baked PDF and tons of upsells.

And since then I have been receiving tons of emails from this scam.

Here's a screenshot of the spam I received from them on my inbox.

ultimate paydays scam


EB Formula is also misleading you into buying a different scam that is called eCom Profit Formula.  If you visit the EB Formula disclosure page you will read this (see the screenshot below)

As you can see in the screenshot, in the disclaimer page they refer to and not EB Formula.

This means that EB Formula does not even exist and they are simply funneling you to spend money on a third party website.

Obviously, is NOT a cheap product.

If you buy it they will earn affiliate commissions and they made sure to sell you an expensive product to get a big slice from the cake.

eb formula disclaimer


The program they are funneling you to is NOT legit, I did not write a review about it but my friend Jerry did and you can read it here.

Is EB Formula a Scam? Final Review

this is all a scam none of this is real

EB Formula in my humble opinion is a scam, everything is fake about it, the testimonials, the founder, the income claims, the price, they even mislead you into buying a totally different program which is a scam itself!

Unfortunately, I have nothing nice to say about EB Formula, maybe the only good thing about this system is you can get a refund because it's a Clickbank product, other than that nothing really.

Dropshipping is a good business but making money straight away is a fairy tale if you want to learn E-bay dropshipping the legit way you will need a real Ebay Dropshipping course for Beginners!

If dropshipping is not your thing, then I highly recommend you to try affiliate marketing, this is the same business model that gave me the possibility to earn a decent income from home.

All you have to do is create a website like mine, write articles that help people, bring visitors from Google and Bing, add your affiliate links and make money when people purchase.

Of course, I made this look easier than it is, but trust me it's very simple, to make it work though you will need to learn from a good training, you can't do it yourself.

If you're interested I have created a step by step guide where I explain all of this in details to access it just click the button below to learn more!

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