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FastProfits.Online – Read this Review to Know the Truth!

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December 12, 2018 review

FastProfits.Online Reviewed!

Welcome to my FastProfits.Online Review!

Do you want to know if FastProfits.Online works like it's advertised or it's a fake scam? It's a good idea to read a review before you buy!

In this review, I will reveal what's being hidden from you, don't swipe your credit card for Fast Profits Online before you carefully read this honest review!

FastProfits.Online Summary Review

  • Name: Fast Profits Online
  • Website:
  • Price: The usual $37 + $600+ upsells
  • Owner: Micheal Carson
  • Recommended? No review

What is FastProfits.Online? is a work at home opportunity that is giving you some big bold income claims like $1700 dollars per day by leveraging a weird trick.

The founder of Fast Profits Online is called Micheal Carson and after watching his video presentation I have some big doubts about him and his legitimacy.

I'm going to give you more details about his identity that may surprise you.

He even says that affiliate marketing is not good while it's one of the most reliable, cheapest and most profitable online business opportunities, especially for newbies.

I had a deep look at Fast Profits Online and I have many negative things to say about it unfortunately and I will break down everything below.

How FastProfits.Online Works?

After watching the Fast Profits Online video, I realized that this is a dropshipping business where you learn how to create your own E-commerce store.

Dropshipping allows you to create your own online store where you sell products without EVEN buying them from the wholesaler.

You basically contact a manufacturer and ask them that you want to promote their products for a profit, instead of buying thousands of dollars of inventory. 

All you have to do is create a store using a platform like Shopify and promote the manufactures products without buying or owning any inventory.

When someones buy a product listed on your store, all you have to do is send the manufacturer a notification along with the address and the contact info of the customer.

The manifacturer will take care of all the shipping and stuff, once the client receives the product you will earn a percentage of the sale.

While dropshipping is a good business, Fast Profits Online makes it look like you're a few clicks away from making big profits and there is no such thing as that!

To make money with dropshipping you will need to invest in a real legit Dropshipping course, the FastProfits.Online $37 course is not even a course but just a fake PDF that summarizes dropshipping in 2000 words.

Fast Profits Online does NOT care at all about you, they are there just to make a quick buck off you, the video and everything is shady and misleading about this program.

This program is listed and is being sold on a digital products marketplace called Clickbank, the latter is legit, however, the products listed on the marketplace are NOT reviewed or approved by Clickbank.

That's why you can find many unethical and garbage products being sold on Clickbank and on this website I have literally reviewed 400's of them. To give you examples I have linked to some Clickbank products below:

Underneath every Clickbank product, you will read a fine print like this that says Clickbank does not approve or review these kinds of websites.

fast profits online fine print

Fast Profits Online is very misleading and lying, first of all, you will need to invest up to $600+ to get started and this is something that they don't tell you in the video.

I was invited to promote and write a positive review about Fast Profits Online with the promise to earn $420 per sale, but I don't promote products I don't use or don't trust.

I think Fast Profits Online is a VERY shady program and below I will give you 3 ugly red flags that should be enough to convince you to run away from this product.

1) The Founder of FastProfits.Online is Fake!

I have been reviewing scams since 2016, it's crazy how most of them use these same scammy tactics.

Basically scammers tend to create different websites with different names to scam as many people as possible.

For example, if Fast Profits Online gets exposed as a scam by tons of reviews like mine they will just create another variation of it with a different name and website!

Another thing that scammers do is they create fake personas with fake pen names and use them as founders of their scam products while they hide their REAL identity so they don't get sued.

Looks like Micheal Carson the supposed creator of Fast Profits Online is fake too, yes, because I was able to find his image on a loyalty free stock photo website.

The Fast Profits Online image was taken from a stock photography website named Shutterstock and below you can see what I am talking about.

fast profits online meet the man with a vision


fast profits online owner micheal carson exposed as fake by my review


2) Fake NBC, Forbes Logos! (Fake Endorsing)

100 % fake CNN, forbes logos

The big companies logos that you can see above have been cut and pasted there not for the sake of it, this is a cheap psychological trick used to make you think this is legit.

It's normal when you see a company being endorsed by a big brand like Forbes or NBC and think it's legitimate, that's exactly what Fast Profits Online want you to believe.

Unfortunately, many newbies fall for this trick and actually believe these logos, but all you have to do is visit these big companies official websites, use their search bar, type in "Fast Profits Online" in the search box.

If any articles or video come up that mention Fast Profits Online it means they have been mentioned and endorsed by these sites, if not it's fake!

I don't have to do this because I am 500% sure that Forbes or any reputable website would NEVER endorse a cheap bogus website like Fast Profits Online.

3) Even the FastProfits.Online Testimonies are Fake!

There is no doubt that testimonials really help sell a product, that's why FastProfits.Online keeps showing you these testimonies and their success stories.

But there is a big problem with these testimonials, the problem is these testimonies did not buy the program, tried it and made money thanks to it's teaching.

These are actors, professional actors that have been paid to film a video of them saying good words about FastProfits.Online. 

There is a popular website called where these actors sell their testimonies and spokeperson videos, scams like Fast Profits Online love to shop fake testimonies from this gigs site!

Below you can see some screenshots of the paid actors and their acting gigs. These same actors appeared as testimonials on a scam I reviewed a couple of weeks ago called Million Dollar Replicator.

fiverr paid actor
million dollar replicator fake actor
fast profits online fake testimonials Peter
fake million dollar replicator paid actress
fast profits online testimonial exposed by my review
another fake testimonial

FastProfits.Online Final Review: Is it a Scam?

I think FastProfits.Online is a scam because I don't think any legit website will leverage fake testimonials, a fake founder and fake endorsements to sell their products.

In this review I backed up everything with proof, Fast Profits Online is NOT going to make you $17,000 a day, that's total hype. I think the only person that is going to profit from this is the hidden founder.

It takes time and patience to make money, and if you're looking for a legitimate opportunity, then I recommend you to find a real training.

Fortunately, there is a way for the average joe to start a profitable simple online business, I know how it's done because I did it already. I explain everthing in my Make Money Online Guide for Newbies!

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