Is End Financial Stress Now a Scam? Truth Exposing Review!

End financial stress now duplicate daveEnd Financial Stress Now Review

So you received an email from someone promising you that you will start making over $3,000 per day if you buy a program called End Financial Stress Now?

Well, to be honest, this program looks very suspicious, $3,478,55 per day working for 30 minutes as a complete beginner sounds too good to be true.

So is End Financial Stress Now a scam or a great opportunity you shouldn’t miss?

In this review, I’m going to share with you my honest opinion about this product so you want to read this review to know what you are buying or if you can actually make money.

Name: End Financial Stress Now


Price: $30 upfront ($30/month + multiple upsells)

Owner: Dave Sharpe


What is End Financial Stress Now Exactly?

End Financial Stress Now is nothing but a sales page that sends you to another product called Duplicate Dave.

End Financial Stress is not a product, in fact, it doesn’t exist. It’s just a one page with a catchy name created by a Duplicate Dave Affiliate.

So you are buying Duplicate Dave Not End Financial Stress Now.

So What is Duplicate Dave?

Duplicate Dave the legendary marketer

Duplicate Dave is an affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to create high converting offers that make big commissions

As the name suggests (Duplicate Dave) Dave allows you to copy his business and make money using all the great material he will sell you.

I don’t have Duplicate Dave review published on my site so far, but I will link to a third party review that is written by my friend Jacqueline.

But Who is Dave Sharpe?

Dave Sharpe aka the legendary marketer is a 7 figure earner affiliate marketer that has a lot of experience in the affiliate marketing world.

He is definitely a great teacher and the right person to learn affiliate marketing from.

Dave created one of the most famous products called Empower Network, but unfortunately, after he left the company due to health problems it went downhills until it went into bankruptcy.

How Does End Financial Stress Now Work?

First of all, I want to mention that Duplicate Dave is a legit program however the affiliate behind End Financial Stress now is shady.

End Financial Stress Now promises a lot of things that are just impossible.

Like earning $3,000 per day working for 30 minutes per day without experience. Duplicate Dave is legit but the End Financial Stress now affiliate is overhyping it so they make commissions.

The End Financial Stress Now Training

As I said before End Financial Stress Now has lots of material and training that will teach you exactly how to make money online. After you pay $30 obviously you won’t get much as you need to pay more.

But what you get for $30/month is pretty worth it unlike other programs like UDC System, Copy My Cashflow or Internet Wealth Biz

By paying $30 you will get the Legendary Marketers club training which includes:

  • Basic affiliate marketing Training
  • How to use Ads to drive traffic
  • How to create high selling sales pages
  • Ready to use phone sales system and sales funnels

All of this is definitely a steal for $30, but keep in mind that you need to pay $30 every month to keep access to the training but it’s worth it.

How Much Will End Financial Stress Now Cost You?

This program is definitely NOT CHEAP as you need to pay more to earn more, it’s basically an MLM scheme.

You need to know that this program will cost you at least $30,000 to be fully in. As there are many memberships and programs that are being offered to you within the system.

Here are the End Financial Stress now & Duplicate Dave products and how much they cost, the higher your membership is the higher the commissions are.

  • Legendary Marketers Club: $30/Month / $150 if you go annual
  • Traffic Rolodex: $47
  • Total Transformation Experience: $3,000
  • Millions from Marketing: $8,000
  • Dave’s Prelaunch Deal: $5,000

In order to earn big commissions, you must BUY the products mentioned above. You can promote them without buying them but the commissions will be peanuts versus if you buy the resell rights.

How Can You Earn with End Financial Stress Now?

Since End Financial Stress Now is based on affiliate marketing you can use the training to promote any product you want.

But the training focuses more on promoting the same opportunity you bought You will probably end up creating a sales page with a cheesy name to sell people Duplicate Dave.

The important thing is you can make money with this system just remember it will take a lot of work and time, nothing is easy.

Is End Financial Stress Now a Scam?

UPDATE! Similar Products named Mobe & Digital Altitude have been shut down by the FTC.

This program is at risk too!

Well, it will be harsh to call End Financial Stress now a scam as all it does is send you to a product this is legit.

However, there are lots of lies like the unrealistic income claims.

Duplicate Dave is not a scam however it’s not something new either it focuses on selling the same offer you bought to the next person.

It’s an MLM scheme but the owner insists on saying it’s an affiliate program when it’s clearly not.

Overall is a good opportunity but I won’t recommend it because of the very high pricing and some shady things mentioned above.

Is End Financial Stress Now For You?

I would NOT recommend you to join this opportunity if  you have no experience in affiliate marketing.

That’s my opinion.

I always recommend newbies to stay away from any program that costs a lot of money. Nobody can guarantee you to make money and spending tons of money upfront is a huge risk.

If you are a newbie I recommend to check out:

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Final Opinion 

End Financial Stress now (Duplicate Dave) is a good opportunity you can make money using it. But there are lots of bad things about it like the huge upfront costs and the fact you should promote the same opportunity you bought.

The choice is yours.

But if I can give you a suggestion I recommend to stay away if you are inexperienced or have a tight budget.

There are better programs like Wealthy Affiliate Academy that you can try for free and don’t cost a leg and an arm.

Do you have anything to say about this review?

Did I miss something?

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