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Million Dollar Replicator Review – Your First Million Dollar or Scam?

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By Anis

November 26, 2018

million dollar replicator reviewed

Million Dollar Replicator Reviewed!

Are you about to hit the purchase button at the Million Dollar Replicator website? Or you will only after making sure if it's a scam or not?

Either way, welcome to my Million Dollar Replicator review. Enough lies & BS, in this review you're going to read the reality of things!

I'm also going to share with you 3 big red flags about this system!

So keep reading to stay safe and make money without being scammed!

Million Dollar Replicator Overview

  • Name: Million Dollar Replicator
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 + hidden costs
  • Owner: Michael Sachs
  • Launch Date: November 2018
  • Recommended? No
million dollar replicator reviewed

Looking for a Legit Alternative?

What is Million Dollar Replicator?

Million dollar Replicator is a system that has been created by a person called Michael Sachs.

Michael Sachs (whom you will learn more about and especially his identity later) gives quite a lot of promises in the video.

The video really does not talk about specifically how you will use Million Dollar Replicator to make money.

All you're told is you're going to flip small amounts of time and turn it into autopilot paydays.

Michael also claims that Million Dollar Replicator does all the heavy lifting for you as you will make money almost effortlessly.

Well, I have to say that these are just some unrealistic claims that I hear all the time from scammers whose goal is to get you to swipe that credit card for them!

Below you will learn exactly how Million Dollar Replicator works so keep reading!

How Does Million Dollar Replicator Work?

One thing that you have to remember is whenever you hear these words in a sales page or video presentation like the Million Dollar Replicator video you need to activate your scam alarms immediately.

I'm talking about words and promises like:

You know something I have learned after falling for several scams like Million Dollar Replicator is that everyone who bombards you such ridiculous income claims is a scam.

The truth about making money online is hard work and you need a legitimate training that actually teaches you the basics of making money online which is not what Million Dollar Replicator does.

I review scams all the time and another piece of advice I can give you is to stay away any program that sounds too good to be true.

There are many newbies online looking for work from home opportunities.

Unfortunately, newbies think that making money online is easy and if you find a secret system you will start making tons of money effortlessly.

When newbies come across scams like Million Dollar Replicator, they hear exactly what they want to hear "million dollars easy and fast".

This is where the scammers take advantage of the excitement of newbies by selling them useless programs left and right.

At the end of the day, the newbie will not learn anything but with thousands of dollars spent. This is exactly how scammers work and you need to be very careful.

One thing I'd like to say is that I don't know who you are and how old are you but one thing I know is that you're a smart individual.

You know many people will just blindly buy Million Dollar Replicator and learn their lesson the hard way.

But why learn it the hard way when you can simply read a review like this and save yourself from tons of trouble?

That's why it's always a good idea to read reviews before buying anything online!

The rest of this review is going to be about 3 reasons why you need to stay away from Million Dollar Replicator for good to don't miss this part because it's the most important one!

But first read below to learn about a legit way to earn online!

In order to make money, you need a step by step guide that is designed for newbies.

If you're a newbie and you're looking for a real guide for making money just click... [read more]

3 Reasons Million Dollar Replicator is a Scam!

1) Million Dollar Replicator is HELL Expensive!

As I said before, programs like Million Dollar Replicator are there just for your money.

They overhype their program so they get you to swipe out your credit card and purchase their stuff.

The problem is they offer no value or any real training, they are just going to sell you useless PDF files left and right.

People are fooled into believing that Million Dollar Replicator costs only $37 but that's not true.

They let you in for a small fee, but immediately you will have to go through a series of upsells that will cost you $750+.

That's just the beginning because more upsells will come your way and as you believe whatever they say they won't stop milking your money out of your pocket!

Million Dollar Replicator has an affiliate program, here are some details about their affiliate offer.

million dollar replicator - welcome affiliates - earn over $450 per sale


That means if I promote Million Dollar Replicator I will earn $450+ per sale which also means anyone that buys Million Dollar Replicator under my link will have to spend $750+.

So anyone that buys this program will have to spend more than $750, don't forget there are a lot more expenses and hidden costs for you to discover!

This is not honest, a Legitimate Training Like the one I Recommend does not have any upsells or hidden costs, everything is transparent!

2) The Creator & the Testimonials are NOT Real!

Products like Million Dollar Replicator only last a few months and then they are gone forever.

This happens when people start to realize they are being scammed and more reviews like this pop up online.

Scammers know this and to protect themselves they usually use a fake alias as the creator of their program.

For example, Michael Sachs is NOT a real person but just an alias.

His picture was taken from a stock photography site!

Below you can see the proof of that.

meet the creator of million dollar replicator - micheal sachs

micheal sachs the creator of million dollar replicator is fake

Another thing that is fake about Million Dollar Replicator is the testimonials.

The testimonials that you have watched in the video saying sweet words about this program are 100% fake.

They are paid actors that anyone can hire from a website called

There are many scams that hire them.

I have published many reviews about such scams like:

These scams I linked to above also use paid actors!

By the way here is the proof that the Million Dollar Replicator testimonies are just paid actors!

million dollar replicator fake actor
fiverr paid actor
another fake testimonial
fake million dollar replicator paid actress

3) Fake Scarcity & Endorsing!

Million Dollar Replicator uses all type of psychological and other shady techniques.

For example, they say there are only limited spots available, and that countdown widget is all fake.

This is done to pressure you into not thinking twice and to buy the program quickly.

million dollar replicator - limited spots

The other thing that is fake is those logos of big brands, these are used to make the product look more legit and popular.

But I review scams all the time and I know how it's easy to cut and paste those logos there.

Plus those big brands have never talked about Million Dollar Replicator!

million dollar replicator fake endorsing

Tired of Scams Like Million Dollar Replicator?

Stop falling for scams! Million Dollar Replicator is not legit.

  • The owner is fake
  • the testimonials are fake
  • It's very expensive!

If you're a newbie you need a legit step by step program.

The one I recommend is free to try (no credit card!) you will get:

  • 10 free lessons
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This is the training that allowed me to earn nice commissions regularly!

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