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Financial Freedom Forever Scam! [Review]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 5, 2018

financial freedom forever full review

Want to read a real Financial Freedom Forever review?

Is this new product a scam or the right path to financial freedom?

You must read this honest review to know what you're actually buying!

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Financial Freedom Forever Review - Overview

I give out my email address to a questionable site a few months ago.

Since then I have been receiving spam regularly in my inbox.

Yesterday I received an email with a catchy headline that promises me to make some quick cash in the new hours.

I clicked on the link in the offer and it took me to the Financial Freedom Forever website.

The site looked sketchy to me, but I did not want to judge the book by it's cover.

So I had a look at it.

In this review below, I'll share with you my findings regarding the Financial Freedom Forever website.

You would be surprised when you see what this product is all about.

  • Name: Financial Freedom Forever
  • Price: $47 + hidden costs
  • Owner: Hidden
  • Do I Recommend it? No

What is Financial Freedom Forever?

Financial Freedom Forever is a get rich quick scheme that states to make you $500 per day from home without working hard for months.

This system fools you by promising you unrealistic income claims.

They use psychological techniques to make you believe them.

There are a lot of websites that are as unethical as Financial Freedom Forever.

This is not the first site that I have reviewed, I have published over 400 reviews about scams and legit sites.

However it's crazy how many scams there are online, what's even crazier is how identical they are.

For example below you can see how Financial Freedom Forever website looks exactly like the recent scams I have reviewed which are:

Click to enlarge the screenshots below

financial freedom forever scam

Financial Freedom Forever

financial freedom forever similar scam

Desktop Commission System

financial freedom forever make $2,550 + per week scam

Secret Society of Millionaires

Who is Behind Financial Freedom Forever?

Are we alone on this planet? Do aliens exist? 

But most importantly who created the Financial Freedom Forever?

In their website, you won't even find a picture or the story of the owner of this system.

All we know is the guy voicing the video presentation is friends with some successful entrepreneurs who keep him updated with the latest techniques to make a killing online.

He even states that he has been making money since 10 years ago.

Now he's going to teach you and give you some over the shoulder training so you can start banking real money too.

Just like every scam I have put my hands on this guy is also going to train you to make $2,575 per week by simply paying $47.

Isn't that funny? Think about it.

There is no proof that the owner of Financial Freedom Forever exists.

Let alone the chances he can help you make money.

How Does the Financial Freedom Forever Work?

The person behind the Financial Freedom Forever explains how you're going to make money using his system.

Here's how you're supposed to make money:

You're going to be taught how to build a website exactly like the Financial Freedom Forever (with that headline and video in the middle)

Then you will learn how to find affiliate offers on affiliate networks like Clickbetter & Clickbank.

Then you have to promote your affiliate links to your email list.

Since you're just getting started you will have a list with 0 subscribers.

That's where things get problematic.

Building a Website is easy as you can create one in a few seconds.

Finding offers is even easier.

On top of that, there are many articles on Google that can teach you how to create a website and find affiliate offers 100% for free.

The most difficult thing is building an email list which Financial Freedom Forever won't help you with.

An email list allows you to send regular offers to the people that give you their email address, it's very profitable if done right.

However, it's DIFFICULT to convince people online especially with that dodgy looking site that Financial Freedom Forever gives you.

If you want to succeed online you need to build an ethical affiliate marketing site without lying to people.

That's exactly what My #1 Rated Training for Newbies will teach you!

Can You Make Money with This System?

You will learn how to build a site & how to find offers.

Now you have affiliate links to promote.

If you manage to convince someone to buy using your affiliate links then you can make money.

But Financial Freedom Forever does not teach how to introduce your affiliate products to people that are actually looking for them.

That's what a Good Work from Home Training should teach you.

Traffic is the most important thing along with trust.

I don't think Financial Freedom Forever can make you money because:

  • they have No list building training
  • It encourages you to lie to people and pretend to make millions.

Maybe you can make money if you manage to sell something to a friend.

But definitely, you're not going to earn $2,757 per week.

How Much the Financial Freedom Forever Costs?

I'm sure that a lot of people are going to buy this product thinking it's not expensive.

It's not their fault because Financial Freedom Forever is advertised for $47! $47 unfortunately, is not going to cut it, if you buy this product you will be part of the Financial Freedom Forever email list.

Anyone that is subscribed to their email list is going to receive spam offers to their email inbox.

$47 will buy you the first lessons of their training, but later the upsell train will come towards you.

Everytime you click on something you will be required to swipe your credit card! Basically, every upsell is going to tell you that you will earn more money if you buy it.

At the end of the day, you're the victim and the owner of Financial Freedom Forever is collecting the cash.

If you don't have enough budget to waste on scams and are looking for a legit platform where you will learn how to make a living then have a look below.

Training: Start an Online Business from Your Passion!


  • You will probably earn some money
  • There is a chance you can be refunded.


  • Fake Testimionals

The guys that you have probably seen saying good things about Financial Freedom Forever are paid actors.

Below you can see one of their testimonials.

He turns out to be a Fiverr.com paid actor!

financial freedom forever
financial freedom forever paid actor
  • Lots of upsells
  • $2,757 per week is BS.
  • Fake website

Is Financial Freedom Forever a Scam?

This product is not legitimate.

At first glance, I thought it was a scam and I was right.

No one is going to make $2,757 per week from this website.

The owners are probably going to bank that money weekly from some people that unfortunately are going to get sold.

With that said I don't recommend you to invest in the Financial Freedom Forever, because if you do you will have more headaches per week than dollars.

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Here's how you can make money with Affiliate marketing:

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  • Promote affiliate product to people that are interested in them.
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I love affiliate marketing because it has enabled me to make a full time income from home.

The best part is when I go to sleep at night my website doesn't as it keeps bringing me visitors from Google and convert them into sales.

Maybe you're reading this review and I'm on my bed sleeping.

That's the beauty of affiliate marketing.

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What Do You Think about Financial Freedom Forever? Drop Your Comments below!

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