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Freedom with Writing – Total Scam? [Reviewed!]

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By Anis

May 18, 2018

freedom with writing scam - the home page

Does Freedom with Writing Work or a Scam?

Can't tell if Freedom with Writing is a Scam or a legit freelance writing opportunity?

Don't worry because this review is going to shed some light and reveal the real intention of Freedom with Writing.

Before you subscribe to the newletter of this site make sure you read this honest review, it's going to save you a lot of time and some headaches too!

Freedom with Writing Review

Freedom with Writing is a site that I came across a few days ago, I was interested to have a look into it. 

I have also noticed some people are wondering if it's a scam or not

That's why I have decided to share with you my review with my own thoughts and views on this writing website.

During my research I have also noticed another site that has the same design and layout of Freedom with Writing which is called Authors Publish

Here's how it looks like

Freedom with writing scam - authors publish

Authors Publish & Freedom with Writing - Cookie cutter sites?

I have reviewed before some other writing websites like:

I have also written a post about 5 Ways to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Is Freedom with Writing a Scam? Is it a cookie cutter site that is only going to waste your time?

Its time to find out the truth!

  • Name - Freedom with Writing
  • Website -
  • Price - Free
  • Owner - Jacob Jans
  • Recommended? Yes 
freedom with writing scam - the home page

What is Freedom with Writing?

This is a simple website with some basic design whci helps writers find writing job opportunities.

Freedom with Writing is not an employment site or a job board,  it's just a simple site that is going to link you to a bunch of writing sites.

You can choose whatever writing site that appeals to you.

They write reviews every week about some specific sites that pay you to write, then they send you the reviews of their hand picked sites right to your email inbox (if you have subscribed to them)

Here are some writing sites that they have sent me as soon as I subscribed.

freedom with writing- sites that they recommend

Writing sites that Freedom with Writing Recommends

After having a look at the suggested websites that Freedom with Writing wants you to join, I have noticed some of them are very picky, some have closed to new writers applications, some require you to go through an intense test while some of them pay pennies!

There are some good sites for sure but I don't think they would accept the average writer!

Freedom with Writing Contests

This site also has some exciting contests from time to time, and looks like these contests are a great opportunity to earn some big prizes.

However most contests only pick up stories that sound real and touching, you need to write something very unique in order to win in these contests.

freedom with writing reviews - testimonial shares his experience on participating in a freedom with writing contest

a Freedom with Writing member that participated in the chicken soup for the soul contest

Here is an example of a recent contest (screenshot below) that was held by Chicken soup for the soul that pays $200 per story or poem. 

freedom with writing scams review- this site is going to pay you $200 per poem or contest

Freedom with Writing - $200 per story or Poem sounds good? But they are very picky!

I have seen some contests at Freedom with Writing that pay up to $500 for a poem or a story, but you need to be very lucky to win as many people participate and submit their stuff.

Can You Make Money with Freedom with Writing?

You can make money with Freedom with Writing because they link you to legitimate sites that have been making money for writers.

However one problem I see is this site does not train you on how to become a writer that the writer seekers are actually looking for.

Most writing sites want you to:

  • Write content that is easy to read
  • Have some SEO understanding
  • Know how to write on Blogs
  • know how to convince (convert) people online.

If you don't have those skills I think you will have a hard time finding any writing jobs because bloggers and webmasters want to see results from writing not just any content.

Freedom with Writing does not teach you those skills, they just send you to some random writing sites which I'm assuming they paid them for the promotion.

Most writing sites that Freedom with Writing wants you to join have some solid tests that are going to test you if you have the above skills or not.

If you don't have any of the above skills and you're a beginner, don't worry because there is an Amazing Training for Newbies the same that taught me how to build a +$2000/Month online business.

This training will teach you how to start an online busines from your passion, you will have to write content that brings people from Google (exactly like I'm doing on my site) 

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Is Freedom with Writing a Scam?

I'm pretty sure that Freedom with Writing is not a scam, I think it's a good site that makes sure it's going to send you only legitimate offers to get paid to write.

However as a newbie writer that has never written content for other people, I think you will struggle making money with this site.

They offer you no training on how to have the skills that are in demand for freelance writers.

Content requesters don't accept generic content written by random people online thus they have strict guidelines and tests you need to pass in order to be accepted.

If you're a writer with experience I think you will love this site especially the contests they have. But if you're a newbie you will struggle a lot because most sites will reject you.

Pros & Cons


  • Free to Join
  • Legitimate site
  • Only recommends legit sites


  • No training
  • Not recommended for newbies

Final Words on Freedom with Writing

Freedom with Writing is a great opportunity for experienced freelance writers that want to discover other sites where they can get paid to write.

On the other hand, beginner writers will find this site useless in my opinion because there is no information or training on how to pass the tests or how to not get rejeced by the writing gigs they send you to your email inbox.

In any case, this site is not a scam and can make you money.

Training for Newbies - How to Start Your Own Online Business Online!

If you're a newbie that has almost no experience with writing, surely Freedom with Writing is not for you.

Don't worry because there is a better opportunity for you.

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Do you have anything to say about Freedom with Writing? 

Your comments, feedback or experiences are VERY WELCOME!

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    • Hi Erick, lots of people are just there to scam people out of their hard earned cash! Doing research is a must! It would be terrible to lose $8000 for a scam, glad to hear you did not make that fatal mistake!

  • Hi Anis.

    Thank you for this enliigtening review. For me, it’s been helpful.

    This past month has been enlightening, particularly about online money making opportunities. I was quite glad when i saw your site and read the content.

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    Thanks once again, Anis. I had a great read.

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