31 FREE Sites to Get Paid to Test Electronics (Updated 2020)

Get paid to test electronics

Do you want to get paid to test electronics? You will LOVE these sites that pay you to test electronics like Ipads, cameras, and video games.

I have gathered for you a list of 31 reputable and legit sites that will pay you to test electronics, you will surely find at least one or two of your likings!

Some of these companies will pay you to test the products and keep them for free, while others will just send you free electronics to test with the right to resell and keep %100 of profits if you wish.

Quick Note!

Some sites also pay you to test other products not only electronics.

Let's get rolling without wasting time 🙂

get paid to test electronics

This is another great site where you can get free gaming consoles, iPhones, Ipads, Cameras, Smart TVs, practically every electronic product you can think about.

You don't get paid but you get them if you refer your friends and complete offers, every friend you refer or offer you complete will earn you one credit.

The iPhone 7, for instance, costs 48 credits right now if you have a facebook page or website you can make great deals with Xpango.

If you refer 48 friends, you get a free iPhone 7 that costs 48 credits, there are many products you can choose.

Sign up, complete an offer, start inviting people and win amazing products!

This is an amazing site, you really want to check it out!

Update 06/01/2017 more clarity on Product Testing

Product Testing is available in the UK, Australia, and the USA, with this site you can get expensive stuff in exchange for your reviews.

What kind of stuff can you get?

Apple Watches, PS4 and Xbox Consoles, FiretTV stick, GoPro, smartphones, speakers and other electronics.

You can keep all the items you review, only the popular reviews get a $25 gift card, once you visit the site you will see a lot of products, you need to pick your favorite, sign up then read the requirements.

If you want to read more information and to check out other ways to earn this site, just watch their video, get ready for some British accent.

Before putting the product on the market, some companies would give you products to test for your valuable opinion and feedback

American Consumer Opinion pays anything from $50 to $200 to test a product.

You need to fill out different surveys to be eligible to receive free products and electronics to test, usually, it would take a month to receive the first product.

But once you pass the surveys and be eligible to test products you will be bombarded with products to test.

Sometimes you can get paid and even keep the product for free.

Unfortunately, not everyone would be eligible to get to test products as the company cannot afford to give out more than 100 for free.

With ACO you can also earn money doing surveys, testing ads (they give you ads, and you need to say which one caught your attention) and referring people ($1 per person)

pinecone research

pinecone research website

This site is similar ACO, you can make money referring your friends and taking surveys ($3 per survey) it's a legit and paying site.

But the problem is not everyone can register as sometimes they open member registrations and sometimes they close them that's based on the availability of surveys and products.

If you get approved to take their surveys, you don't have to even check their site, as they will be mailing you stuff to review at your home and you may keep it.

Just make sure you add a correct home address.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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yougov website

This is another site that allows you to test products, and do a bunch of stuff like referring your friends, taking surveys and more.

You can test Apple products like iPods and small gadgets.

People earn YouGov an extra $100-200 every month, it's available worldwide.

But US and Canada's residents are the ones that earn the most from this site as advertisers focus more on those countries.

The site has a points payment system; you can redeem your points for physical gift cards that take 2-3 business days to arrive.

6) Snagshout

Snagshout allows you to get free products like cameras, phone cases, tablets to test all you have to do is write honest reviews about them that will be placed on Amazon.

To learn more you can read my full Snagshout review

Listia is a site where you can sell your old stuff and earn credits that can be redeemed for free stuff like iPhones, laptops and more.

There are also other ways to get points for free, you get started with 1,000 points, you can also refer your friends to earn more points that can be redeemed into lots of stuff.

get paid to test electronics with vipon

Vipon is similar to Snagshout, you get free stuff from Amazon that you need to review, you can keep it and sell it if you wish.

There are a lot of gadgets and electronics, but this is not the right place to find expensive stuff.

Microsoft Testers is a place where you get to test unreleased videos games; it doesn't matter if you have never played a video game in your life, you can still sign up as a tester.

You don't get paid, but you get free software from the big Microsoft.

Another site that is similar to Snagshout and Vipon, you get to review products from Amazon and keep them with the right to resell them.

There are many products in every category, not just electronics.

reedem swagbucks for $3 gift card

Swagbucks is an awesome site where you get paid to do a lot of stuff, you can also get paid to test products on different categories.

Sometimes you can keep the products while getting paid.

Don't Forget That...

Remember that you won't get many products with Swagbucks, SW is not available worldwide, though, Canada, Australia, USA, England, and Ireland are the countries that can benefit from this program.

Another site that allows you to earn taking surveys and scanning your purchases, the longer you are a member of this site the more points you can earn.

You can also get paid to test products, but it takes time to get accepted as you need to stay as a member for a long time until you become eligible for product testing.

This is a really good site that I highly recommend you to try!

As the name suggests it's a survey site but you can make up to $100 testing products, there are not a lot of electronic products.

You can find other products too like makeup and household items, you can get paid through Paypal or gift cards.

With Opinion Outpost, you can also make money with surveys which is a plus!

Another site that deals with Amazon, you get to try products and keep them for free in exchange for your honest feedback.

There are many categories you can get products from.

Two bad things, though, only available to US residents and you can't choose what product to test.

Mindspay allows you to earn in many ways, taking surveys, driving your car, testing different products and more.

This is only available for US residents at the moment.

Tomoson is another site that allows you to test products and get paid after you leave an honest review, payments are made via Paypal.

Most of the products are small gadgets and phone cases.

17) Usertesting

UserTesting is a platform that pays its tester via PayPal and you can earn up to $10 per every 20 minutes test which is good but it depends on the number of the opportunities you will receive.

When you sign up you need to do a 5 minutes test and once you get verified you are in! 

The payment is 7 days after the test and most of the reviewers say that you can make up to or more than $200 per month.

18) ZTE Electronics

ZTE Electronics is also looking for product testers to test their electronics.

You can get paid to test electronics like Smartphones and earn gift cards.

You need to fill out your profile with your interests to make sure you receive electronics that you actually want to test 

19) Testingtime

TestingTime is simiiar to Usertesting they also pay you via Paypal or Direct deposit.

But most of the tests take 30-90 minutes and pay $25-$65, but you will only receive a few tests per week.

The only problem is during the test your face and voice will be recorded and if you don't mind then all you need is a computer and internet access of course, headset, skype account, and webcam.

20) Testbirds

Again, TestBird will pay you to give your opinion, most of the tests pay around $8 and $50, the more difficult the test the more you'll earn.

The requirements are a device and internet access, they pay you via Paypal and the payment depends on the number of opportunities you will receive.

21) Ubertesters

this is how ubertesters work

Ubertesters will pay you to test apps and all you need to do is to sign up for free and fill out a short survey where you tell about yourself and your skills.

Once you get approved you can start testing their apps and get paid very well for it.

You can earn up to $140/hour but only people who are qualified can join.

You can read more about UberTesters by reading my review.​

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wealthyaffiliate review commissions

We all know Amazon but have you ever heard about Amazon Vine? 

Amazon vine is the reviews platform at Amazon it allows the member to post their feedback and reviews about the product they have bought.

To join Amazon vine you need to be invited as they only invite only persons who write the most helpful and recent reviews on the Amazon platform

If you want to get invited all you have to do is regularly submit VERY helpful reviews.

Once you are invited you get the opportunity to test products for Amazon and keep them for free.

Philips gives you the opportunity to test products and keep them.

However, you are not going to get paid to test electronics with philips.

But fortunately you get the chance to test and keep high-end electronics, I'm talking about nice Smart TVs, Speakers, Laptops... Basically, anything that Philips produces.

Here's how Philips product testing work:

  • Sign up and apply to become a tester
  • Receive the product and test it 
  • Write a detailed review
  • Keep the product for free

24) Samsung Product Tester

Samsung allows you to test and keep their latest smartphone, the Galaxy S9.

To apply as a Samsung Product Tester you need to apply through ProducttestingUSA.com

In order to get accepted you need to complete a survey which will ask you questions about your interests and lifestyle.

If you get selected you'll be contacted via email.

When you receive the Samsung S9 you need to test it and write a detailed review of at least 500 words with photos and videos.

25) In-home Product Testing

In-home Product testing is a bit different than the other sites because instead of writing reviews about the products you are only required to take a survey where you are asked specific questions about the products you have tested.

With In-home Product  Testing you get free electronics and other products delivered to your house.

26) Apple Product Testing

If you are an Apple fan you will definitely love to get some free iPhones, Ipads or some nice apple watches.

Most of us spend tons of money on the apple products so why not get some of them for free?

The bad news is you can't be a hardware iPhone Product Tester but you can get free iPhones by becoming a Software Tester.

In order to get accepted you need to receive what they call a seed invitation.

If you want to get started you can read this amazing post by Satrap where he shows you how to sign up as an Apple Product Tester.

27) Tryitsampling

Try it sampling is a community where there are over 6,000 companies they are willing to send free products, all you have to do is offer them real and honest reviews.

You can receive to get all kind of products to test and there are else many electronics to test.

To join all you need to do is sign up, set up your profile and give real honest reviews about the product you receive.

Anis chity

With this free to Join Program I'm able to work from home full-time and earn over $3,000 a month.

I can now afford to buy any electronic I want thanks to my top recommended program!

28) Gen.video

Gen.Video allows to get paid or else get free electronics and get them.

However, when testing the products you need to film yourself on video.

Another thing you need to keep in your mind is that most products you get to test are just electronics, Toothbrushes and some grooming stuff.

29) Smiley360

Smiley360 is a community with over 1 million members.

It's another website that gives you free products to test and keep.

Most products you can get are samples of small gadgets,

If you want to learn more about how this works and how to sign up you can read this post by thebalanceeveryday.com.

30) Microsoft

Microsoftallows you to participate in their research studies, here's how it works:

You need to set up your Microsoft account and set up your profile with your interests and info.

Once your Microsoft account is set up, Microsoft is going to contact you with invitations to join research studies about technology and electronics that require your opinion.

31) Roku

Roku is an online streaming service where you watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

With Roku, you can apply to become a beta tester and get paid to test the Roku products and beta test their channels and software.


You can get free electronics from big manufacturers like Alibaba, while you don't get paid to test electronics you do get paid some cool free samples.

Please note that you're not allowed to sell them.

Here are examples of free electronics you can get from Alibaba.

Get Paid to Test Electronics - Conclusion 

As you can see there are many sites where you get paid to test electronics of course not all of them will give you free Macs, but it's always good to get free stuff and get paid.

But if getting free electronics is not enough for you and you want to make real money online I have something better for you.

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Anis Chity

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cathee - last year

Hi Anis,

I came across your site and looking it over. I haven’t tried any of the sites you mentioned yet but I will check it out for sure.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions of making money from home online like marketing sites i guess you can call it. A legit site where you order there package and make money. I really need a second income without working for someone else, I’m sooo sick of working for other people who doesnt appreciate me.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much

    Anis Chity - last year

    Hi Cathee, thanks for stopping by

    If you’re looking for a legit way to earn money I recommend to start your own blog about your passion, this is the best way ever to get rid of working for other people and be your own boss

Nasso - last year

Hi Anis, I am looking for work from home in India any option for me?

    Anis Chity - last year

    I’m sorry but I don’t know any work from home jobs in India, I recommend you to start a blog, it’s the best way to earn from your country I think.

David - last year

I want to the Product Testing website and there was no option for Canada. It was only for USA, UK and Australia. Unless I missed the link for Canadians to sign up, you may want to update that post at least.

    Anis Chity - last year

    Hi, David, I’m sorry, I have mistaken Australia for Canada, I have updated the post, thanks for pointing it out!

Ma Fatima Santos - a couple of years ago

Im.from Philipines.can you give me a site that i can join

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    I’m sorry Fatima but these kind of offers are not available in your country

nasso - a couple of years ago

Hi Anis how can I test products in India? I tried so many sites but all are for USZ, UK, Canada and other countries.
Please refer me some site from where I can join and get free products to test at home, thanks.

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    unfortunately there aren’t many opportunities in India.

Quanetta Cooper - a couple of years ago

I am very interested. Sign me up

Private Information Deleted

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Hi,Quanetta, you can sign up by using the link of the program you’re interested into, I had to delete your phone number and home address, this is a post that a lot of people visit, it’s not a good idea to have your phone number and private info here.
    Thank you

Efi Azulay - a couple of years ago

Hi Anis,
What a great info you have here.
I was looking to do extra money online and I’m so happy that I landed here.
Love your site.

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Glad to hear the you liked my site thanks for dropping by and have a great day 🙂

Roxen - a couple of years ago

very nice 😀 i am curious about these sites now, i already heard of them but i usually don’t trust them, but I think i could try, we all like free stuff no matter what it is, so great article, thanks for sharing

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Glad to hear that the post was of your liking thanks for dropping by and have a great day 🙂

Jason - a couple of years ago

There are a lot of ways to get paid to test electronics that I never ever thought of. I think it’s pretty cool to be able to test technology while getting paid. Thanks for the info!

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    You are welcome, thanks for visiting!

Grant - a couple of years ago

hi anis
great looking website you got many options on there and also didn’t realise how many tester jobs where out there until i came across your site very well done and good luck in the future..


    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    As you can see there are many the one should only take action 🙂 there are other ways to earn cash like in my post Best Ways on How to earn Money Online from Home

rebecca kosmidou - a couple of years ago

Wow, Avis! There are more that I thought! To tell you the truth I was only aware of Opinion Outpost! You see I am trying to find various ways of income and paid surveys is one of them! What really strikes me on your post is the info about Snagshout and Vipon; so I wanna ask you if they send only electronic products and gadgets or other stuff like tennis shoes or rackets, etc?
Best wishes,

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Glad you have found this post useful Rebecca, yes you will find tennis gear on Snagshout and Vipon as the deal with Amazon 🙂


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