Ubertesters Review – A Scam or Extra Cash Testing Apps?

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In this post, I am going to review Ubertesters which is a site that allows you to earn money testing apps. 

You're probably wondering if it's a scam, I'm going to tell you right away it's not.

But in order to earn money, there are many things you need to know like the requirements & the pay rate.

If you want to learn everything that you need to learn about this site just stick to this review!

Ubertesters Summary Review

Name: Ubertesters

Website: Ubertesters.com

Is it a scam? No

this is ubertesters logo

Summary: Ubertesters is a VERY good app to earn some extra bucks testing apps and games but it's only for people that are qualified and have experience in testing apps.

Jump to this section to see if you can join Ubertesters or not!

Rating: 4/5

Recommended? Yes, if you meet their requirements.

What Is UberTesters?

Ubertesters is a process management tool for mobile application beta testing, it allows app developers to get their apps tested by qualified testers for cheap and affordable prices.

Basically Ubertesters hires testers that are QA (software Quality Assurance) qualified which means they are going to offer you tests that are going to make your apps bugs-free and VERY reliable.

If you're an app developer you're going to love this website and I highly recommend you to try it out.

If you're someone that wants to earn money testing apps and you want to learn how Ubertesters works and if it's worth it I recommend you to keep reading this review.

This review focuses more on those that want to earn money as testers.

How Does UberTesters Work?

So here's how Ubertesters works:

Ubertesters basically is a middle man between app developers and app testers.

There are many app developers that want to make sure their apps are glitch free before releasing them to the market so they will need testers to make sure their apps function properly.

That's where Ubertesters comes in.

Ubertesters trains and give tools to app testers to make sure they offer high-quality testing services to the app developers.

If you want to make money testings android & IOS apps below you will find all the info you will need! 😉

How To Join UberTesters

To get started and become a tester, you need to visit their "become a tester" page.

Here's what you will need to do:

this is how ubertesters work

1) Sign up

You need to fill up a short form where you have to provide some info about your technical skills.

2) Pass the Certification Test

After you sign up a Ubertesters manager will contact you and give you a certification test that you need to pass, if you don't you're NOT going to get accepted.

3) Test Apps & Earn Money

When you pass the test you will become a certified tester but that does not mean that you will be flooded with app testing opportunities because first you have to build up your credibility within the site and as you do it you will increase the app testing opportunities.

Here are some tips to succeed with Ubertesters.

Quick Note!

In order to get started with Ubertesters, you need to download their app which allows you to report bugs right from your smartphone.

Here's a video that shows you how to install their app and get started making money testing apps & reporting bugs.

Not Everyone is Accepted! The Requirements

Ubertesters is NOT your average money making app where you get paid to complete some BS surveys 🙂

You need to meet some requirements in order to get paid and NOT everyone will be accepted by Ubertesters.

As I have said earlier you need to complete a certification test which is going to test you to see if you meet the Ubertesters requirements or not.

The test is divided into two parts:

  1. The theoretical test: 30 questions usually about QA & software testing.
  2. The Practical test: Report as many bugs as possible in a short period of time.

The certification process is free and if you fail to complete it you can try your luck again after 2-3 months.

Remember that if you if want to get accepted and to find many testing opportunities you need to have some experience in at least:

  • Security test
  • Usability testing
  • UX (user experience) test.
  • functional test.
  • Experience in mobile apps testing.
  • QA (Quality Assurance) classes or QA work experience.
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A Quick Note!

Ubertesters is based on the crowdsourcing model which means the testers are in groups so they give better results.

This is done because each tester has different devices in their disposal and Ubertesters gathers a group of testers and orders them to test a specific app so it can go through different devices.

With different devices I mean:

  • Smartphones
  • tablets
  • Smart TV & so on.

This guarantees that the app works very well in all devices.

The point I want to make here is the more devices you possess the more projects you will receive which means more money 😉

Your Job as a Tester

After you sign up to Ubertesters and complete all the required steps you should wait for until you receive your first project.

Once you receive your first job, you need to test the apps and try to find bugs and glitches on the apps or games you test.

Once you detect a bug you can report it on your smartphone (by using the Ubertesters app)

Here's a video that shows you how to report a bug right from your smartphone.

UberTesters Tools

Ubertesters cares about their clients and testers and they want to offer them the best experience possible.

Ubertesters offers some great tools that will make your life a lot easier!

Bug Reporting Tool

The bug reporting tool is a feature within the Ubertesters app that allows you click a button and be able to report a bug, once you report a bug the app devoloper will be notified instantly so they can start fixing the issue.

Mobile Screenshot Editing

Ubertesters mobile screenshot editing

Sometimes there are some types of glitches and apps that you just can't explain in words and you have to take a screenshot in order to be able to explain the issue properly.

Ubertesters knows that and within the app, they offer you the ability to take screenshots and edit them like you want so you can explain the issue in a clear way.

Video Recording Feature

Taking screenshots is cool how about taking videos about the bugs and show them to the app developer to watch? That's a lot better.

How Does UberTesters pay you?

At the moment Ubertesters offers two payment methods to the testers:

  • Paypal
  • Amazon gift cards

How Much Can You Make? The Ubertesters Pay rate.

How much you make depends on you, depends on how much experience you have and how severe the bugs you report.

There are different types of bugs:

  • the functional bugs
  • the technical bugs
  • GUI bugs
  • logical errors
  • missing commands
  • run time errors
  • calculation issues

But according to many testers the technical bugs pay the most money because they are the most severe bugs you can detect.

Technical bugs are those type of bugs that make the software behave in a unexpected way or fail to run, these types of bugs are the worse because they make the whole software not usable.

All the other bugs cause a pecific functiunality of an app or software not work which is not as severe as a technical bug.

So if you want to have a good pay rate you need to find technical bugs as much as possible.

Another thing I'd like to tell you is after you pass the certification test your manager is going to set up your hourly rate for you and it's up to you to confirm the hourly rate with your manager.

But what you want to focus on is to increase your ratings and offer detailed bugs reports to the app developers this will make you a tester that gets lots of projects and at the same time will increase your hourly rate.

There are some other tips I'd like to share with you to make the most out of Ubertesters.

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Quick Tips to Succeed with Ubertesters

Dont Have High Expectations: You should NOT see this as a full-time income opportunity because it's not, you can earn some decent money from time to time but it's just not reliable. You should see Ubertesters as an opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side.

You have to be patient!: Within Ubertesters there is a TON of competition so you have to be patience and work your way until you start receiving more projects, you need to build your reputation and give your best in every project.

Make sure you have Time: While you can do this at your own terms, you don't want to be at work when there are projects available, because as the projects pop up you need to apply if you don't the competition will beat you and they are going to get more ratings.

Ubertesters Reviews- What People Are Saying

I have researched all the internet to find some reviews about Ubertesters but I could not find a lot.

The good news is that most reviews I came across were postive which is a good sign.

There were some negative reviews but only about some missing features that other competitors have.

This is the only negative review I could find 🙂

this is a ubertesters complaint

But he is suggesting a competitor site called "Utest" which makes his complaint not so reliable.

If you're a tester with experience Ubertesters is a good site to join.

But if you want to hear some bad things about Ubertesters just keep reading below.

What I Like About UberTesters 

#1 You Can Work at Your Own Terms

You can set your own hours and work whenever you want, you have the freedom to choose which apps to test and accept or decline any project.

Another good thing about this is you get a sense of satisfaction when you're finding bugs and helping people succeed.

#2 You're offered Training & Tools to do your Job

Ubertesters offers some training and step by step guides on how to become a better tester and also gives you some time saving tools to make your testing easier and more efficient.

#3 You Can make friends from around the world

By joining the Ubertesters community you're going to meet and team up with testers from around the world.

This will allow you to make a lot of great friends that share the same passion with you and you will learn a lot of things from them.

What I Don't Like 

#1 Sometimes it's NOT worth it at all

Sometimes you may spend hours testing an app and you won't even find a bug, when this happens you're NOT going to get paid which makes Ubertesters frustrating.

Or sometimes you could spend a long time with an app but you only find one or two bugs which won't make you much money and it's just not worth the time.

#2 Sometimes You Won't get Paid for the bugs you find

Sometimes you will find some type of bugs and you won't even get paid for them because there are some bugs that don't affect the software or the app that is being tested that's why sometimes Ubertesters may not pay you for some bugs.

#3 Ubertesters is NOT a reliable source of income.

If you have joined Ubertesters with the intention to earn a reliable source of income I'm sorry to disappoint you and tell you that's not the case.

The competition is crazy, there are many apps that have just a few bugs and the highest paying type of bugs are RARE to find. 

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Ubertesters Alternatives

If you're looking for alternatives to Ubertesters below I have gathered for you a few sites that will pay you to test apps.

  • UTest
  • Xamarin test cloud
  • Hockey app
  • Perfecto Mobile

But if you are tired of these advanced testing apps and you want some testing jobs that have no requirements you want to watch this video!

Who is Ubertesters for?

Ubertesters is for people that have some good experience or education on testing apps, this website is NOT for everyone.

If you don't meet these requirements you should NOT apply.

If you have some basic knowledge about testing apps or you want to fine tune your testing skills and start a new career I recommend you to check out this: Software Testing Fundametals & How to Pass the Entry Tests! 

This is an amazing course by Udemy for people that want to become amazing testers that make big bucks!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to pass all the app testing tests
  • how to report bugs
  • How to become a better tester
  • & a lot more!

Is Ubertesters A Scam?

Ubertesters is not a scam, it's a great app to make money testing apps but they just don't accept everyone, you need to have some good education or work experience on testing apps and you need to pass a test.

If you don't meet their requirements you're out.

If you do I highly recommend you to check them out just remember they are NOT going to make you rich and the income potential is not high and reliable.

If you're looking for a legit alternatve that does NOT require any experience just read what I have to say below.

A More Reliable Way to Work from Home

Testing apps is a good way to earn extra cash, but unfortunately, Ubertesters is NOT for everyone.

But don't worry there is a better & more reliable way to earn online without experience.

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Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by selling other people products, you need to start a website and start promoting affiliate products.

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    This is wonderful venture in promoting app tech, but it  seems to be for professionals app developers alone . Is there a room for novice or newbies to participate? Ubertester will encourage developers to work hard because once your app is tested and confirmed, its rating will be high among users. Thanks for the insight. I will continue to improve on my skills,maybe one day I will qualify. 

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      If you don’t have experience and the requirements they request you can’t join, but I have mentioned many good alternatives

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