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Gift Hunter Club Review (2022) Here is the Simple Truth

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September 6, 2022

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gift hunter club reviewed

Welcome to my Gift Hunter Club review! (Updated 2022)

So, is Gift Hunter Club a scam or a legitimate reward site where you can make money earning with surveys?

Well, I'd like to congratulate you for taking the time to read a review about a seemingly legit opportunity!

Plus, that's how you avoid online scams and find a legit work from home opportunity!

So, that's why I recommend you to read this Gift Hunter Club review to learn all the truth about this reward site!

Gift Hunter Club Review: Quick Summary

Name:  Gift Hunter Club


Price: Free

Best for: Survey lovers

Recommended? No

Gift Hunter Club

What is Gift Hunter Club?

Gift Hunter Club is a GPT (Get paid to) website that rewards you for watching videos, taking offers, listening to the radio, sharing and for referring your friends.

Gift Hunter Club has been online for a couple of years. Furthermore, it's similar to Swagbucks which pays you to do practically the same tasks you would do in Gift Hunter Club.

So, if you're wondering what kind of tasks you can do to earn money with Gift Hunter Club then you have landed on the right review.

In this Gift Hunter Club review, I will share with you what I liked and what I did not like.

Plus, I will also cover how to earn points and redeem them for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Gift Hunter Club Review: How to Earn Points

1- OfferWalls

You can earn up to 40 points completing offers, the offers don't require a long time and could be completed in less than 10 minutes.

What I liked about offer walls is the fact that you can filter offers from the ones that require you to sign up to the ones where you must purchase something to earn points.

Be aware when you complete a trial offer make sure you immediately remove your credit card from their system.

You can do that by removing the credit card from the account settings of the site where you signed up for the trial.

If you don't take off your credit card they will charge you every month automatically; you can also unlink your credit card from all the sites where you registered right from your PayPal account.

2- Daily Surveys

With Gift Hunter Club you can earn more than 60 points for every survey you complete; you have 4 to 6 surveys every day.

The surveys are easy to complete and don't take much time.

In the surveys section, you will see details about the surveys like how many people completed them, the estimated time to complete and more.

3- Watch Videos

When you watch a video on Youtube, most of the time you have to wait a few seconds for the video ad to finish.

With Gift Hunter Club you earn one point for every video ad you watch.

When you watch the whole video ad, you earn one point, when it finishes you will see a button called ''next'' you have to click on it to watch another one.

Most of the videos are short and less then 3 minutes long.

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4- Tasks 

You have to do some jobs like rating a website; you usually can earn 4 to 7 points doing these simple tasks.

If you earn 1000 points doing tasks in a week, you will get an extra 100 points as a bonus.

5- Listen to the Radio 

You can earn points for just listening to your favorite radio stations.

For every 30 minutes of listening, a captcha code box will pop up, and you need to fill it out to earn 0.2 points.

Whenever I write an article, I like to listen to music (with low volume) since discovering Gift Hunter Club; I use their radio instead of Youtube.

The songs they play on the radio stations are exactly the ones of my liking; the payments are very low but at least good music 😀

6- Share and Earn

You can earn a quick 10 points by liking the Gift Hunter Club Facebook fan page and following them on Twitter.

You also earn 5 points if you share their site on Twitter and Facebook.

7- Mobile App 

You can also earn from their mobile app that is available only in the Google Play Store.

In their mobile app, you will find surveys and tasks that are not available in the web version.

If you own an Android smartphone that's an extra way to earn points.

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8- Invite Friends

You can earn more points if you refer your friends, you will earn 10% of the points they earn.

The person you refer to Gift Hunter Club gets started with a free 20 points.

They also have some banners that you can promote on your website.

9- Contests

A-Referral Contest

Every month Gift Hunter Club rewards the members that invited the most people to their site.

The first place winner wins 3500 points which are $35, the winners placed in the first ten spots earn at least 100 points.

B- Task Contest

The users that complete the most tasks every week will be awarded more points.

Usually 1000 points for the first place winners and 500 points for the second and third place winners,

The points will slightly countdown for the other winners.

10- Testimonials

When you redeem your points for cash or gift cards, you can earn 5 points by just saying how good Gift hunter club was.

11- Weekly and Daily Bonuses

Gift Hunter Club allows you to earn an extra 10 points if you earn at least 1 point in a day for a week.

You can also earn 20 points if you collect 200 points in a day, you can earn the 20 points bonus every day.

Who Can Join Gift Hunter Club?

Gift Hunter Club is available worldwide, so you can live in any country in the world and be able to create an account with this reward site.

However there is an age requirement, you need to be at least 14 years old in order to sign up for Gift Hunter Club.

But keep in mind that...

Even though Gift Hunter Club is available worldwide it does not mean that you can earn the same money from any country.

Countries like the US, Canada, and all English speaking countries will be countries where people earn more money.

How Much Money Can You Make?

You know Gift Hunter Club is just another reward site which is going to reward you for doing some activities.

As a result, you're NOT going to earn much since all you're doing is doing tasks like listening to the radio or watching a Youtube ad.

These things won't make you enough money.

You should consider yourself VERY lucky if you manage to earn $20 in one month with Gift Hunter Club.

And that's not Gift Hunter Club's fault, this is the nature of paid surveys and reward sites, they are simply low paying.

For example, Swagbucks is considered the best reward site but songs wil be sung about you if you manage to earn any reliable money from it in a month.

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How Does Gift Hunter Club Pay You?

You can redeem points for PayPal Cash:

  • 250 points = $2
  • 530 points = $5
  • 1000 points =$ 10

You can also redeem your points for gift cards like Amazon and Steam gift cards.

It usually takes 1 to 2 business days to receive your gift cards via email.

You can only request for a payout when you have accumulated $5 However, there is a fee of 30 cents for withdrawing a $5 dollar payout. But, if you save that $5 until you accumulate $10 then there will be no add-on fee for withdrawing. This is a strange method but it incentivizes patient people.

gift hunter club available payment methods

A Quick Note!

Gift Hunter Club payment methods will differ from country to country.

For example, where I live I can only withdraw via Paypal & Amazon gift cards, it could be different in your country.

Gift Hunter Club Review: Mobile Support

Gift Hunter Club can be used on mobile to complete surveys and other tasks! You can log in into the website by using your mobile browser. You can also download their app to your mobile device; however, this is only available for android users.

Furthermore, there are also tasks that are only available for mobile users. So, if you own an android device then this is definitely a useful thing for you.

Gift Hunter Club Review: How is the Customer Support?

It's important to get help and support when you have a question, Gift Hunter Club has an active Facebook page and Twitter page where you can get help and answers for your questions.

They also have a FAQ page and a "submit a request" tab where you can ask for help.

The Gift Hunter Club Review & Complaints

I read some reviews about Gift Hunter Club and I'm not happy to say that the majority of the reviews are negative.

I found some Gift Hunter Club reviews posted on sites like Google Play store and Reddit, most members complain about the low earnings.

The Gift Hunter Club Review: Pros and Cons


  • Free to sign up.
  • Tons of ways to earn from surveys to trial offers.
  • Low Minimum cash out requirement.


  • Low-income potential.
  • Requires you to enter a lot of your info to other websites and services.

Is Gift Hunter Club a Scam?

Gift Hunter Club is a legit and paying site. However, the most money you can make from it is no more than $80 per month if you work hard on it.

It looks very bad compared to My#1 Recommendation that allows you to make a living online with the same hard work and it's free to get started!

Thanks to my recommendation I can earn good affiliate commissions like these.

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I hope my Gift Hunter Club review was useful!

Have you ever tried Gift Hunter Club? 

Share with us your experience here! 🙂

If you have any questions don't forget to drop a comment below!

If you liked this post please share it with your friends, I will appreciate it so much! 

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  • I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to very clearly lay out and delineate the structure and the ins and outs of the Gift Hunter Club.  It can be overwhelming at times to know what is legitimate on the internet in regards to investment of time and the rewards that may or may not be reaped from that investment. 

    Your post clearly demonstrates what someone can expect should they endeavour upon diving into this site.  I was really interested to learn about Wealthy Affiliate and am excited to share this knowledge! 

     I appreciate the post and wish you all the very best!  

    Many thanks!!


  •  I think Gift Hunter Club requires far too much effort for what people can make, but at least it’s free. If someone wants to make serious, full-time income or even part-time income, then they need their own site. Sites like Gift Hunter Club are good for those who just want a little extra cash (literally a little extra). 

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  • Very well written review on this site. I think it looks like a lot of work but not sure if worth the effort long term. You covered everything about this website very well. I like your website here,lots of good information!

    • Glad to hear that you liked my website! 🙂 Gift Hunter Club is a good site for earning some extra cash not for making a living like you would with Affiliate Marketing for example

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