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Hiresine Review. A Colossal Waste of Time Scam? (Updated 2022)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 15, 2022

hiresine reviewed

Welcome to my HireSine review(Updated for 2022)

So, you're probably looking for an online job and you came across Hiresine and you're wondering whether HireSine is legit or a scam to avoid?


Well, this website might look legit at first glance, but unfortunately, not everything that shines is gold.

In this Hiresine review, I will show you how this website works and why you should avoid it. I will even reveal some freelance platforms where you can actually make some cash!

So is Hiresine a scam? Can you make money with it or it's a huge waste of time? You'll find the answers below. 😉

HireSine Summary Review

Name:  HireSine

Website: Hiresine.com

Founder: Hidden


hiresine reviewed

What is HireSine?

HireSine is a website that pretends to be a freelance platform that offers legit work from home opportunities.

Hiresine.com is full of ads and is very misleading, and it took me more than 5 minutes to find the sign up form.

The weird thing is that whenever you click on a button that is supposed to take you to another page. It would just take you back to the same page over and over again.

They are clearly making money with these ads especially if you click on them. Another weird thing that I noticed is that these ads contain the same jobs and opportunities that hiresine.com offers.

Legit websites don't put ads that contain the same offers they give because this will result in them losing traffic. They make these ads look like they are part of their website but when you click on them they would take you to other freelance platforms.

How To Make Money With HireSine?

To get started you need to register, it's free to join but it takes forever to find the sign up form.

They claim that they offer both part-time and full-time work from home jobs. They also claim that they provide a training and anybody in the world can join and get a job with them.

As I mentioned earlier, it took me more than 5 minutes to find the sign up form and when I registered (using an email that I don't care about of course), I found no jobs, just more ads.

Looks like this website just wants to waste your time to stay as much as possible so the make money with the ads.    

How HireSine Actually Works!

Unfortunately, Hiresine doesn't work at all! It is just a website that will make you waste your time so they make more money with the ad revenue from the huge amount of ads.

These ads have nothing to do with Hiresine. Some of these ads leads to some legit sites, but others unfortunately lead to scam sites!

Long story short, this website is just a waste for time and has no jobs for you, none of their claims are real. They just want to get traffic to make some cents with the ads.

Below, I will show you some scam signs and reasons why this site is no good and why you should avoid it.

Reasons Why HireSine is A Scam!

To give you proof that Hiresine is a scam site that you should avoid here, are some reasons:

#1 Very Misleading And Full Of Ads!

Legitimate "make money online" sites don't put ads that contain the same opportunities they offer because this will make them lose traffic and ruin their business.

Hiresine is a useless site with a bunch of ads and they are just hoping that someone clicks on them so they can earn some cents.

#2 Hiresine Has a Lot Of Complaints!

There are tons of complaints about this website and there is no proof that someone got a job or got paid at Hiresine.

You can read the negative reviews from the link below:

#3 Hidden Owner!

Hiresine's owner is hidden, that's a huge red flag and it's enough for me to believe that Hiresine is a scam that should be avoided!

Personally, I believe that there is no reason to hide your identity unless you are trying to scam people.

So if you see any website with a hidden owner then just run away!

How to work as a freelancer

There are absolutely a lot of legitimate freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork where you can make money online. Personally I'm not a fan of this kind of work at home jobs. I prefer affiliate marketing because it's more profitable and gives you more freedom.

However, if you are interested in making money as a freelancer then watch this informative video below that will show you how:

Is HireSine a Scam?

Yes hiresine.com seems like a HUGE scam that is not only going to waste your time but will also sell your personal info so please avoid it!

Hiresine has no jobs, They just want to earn some quick bucks with the ads and that's it. Unfortunately, there are tons of similar scams out there so make sure that you do your research whenever you join a suspicious site like Hiresine!

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  • I'm really in great hardship. I can start with only a tree program. which I don't find on the wealthy affiliate site No doubt I will subscribe for a paid membership as soon as I start earning. Please do help me

    • Hi there, WA is not an online job, its a training that teaches you how to start an online business, you should learn and build your business and expect no earnings initially.

  • Anis, good to know information and your feedback about the Hirsine. I have spent almost half an hour to sign up on their website. Thank you bro to let people know that it is a scam. However, I am looking for a genuine home based job opportunity as I have lost my job due to Covid-19. Please share with me if you have any such companies which offer home based jobs. Thank you once again!!

  • Seems like we have the same sentiments here. I registered in Hiresine.com and follow all the instructions for the application process.I completed them all. However, after a week I attempted to log in but I can't it always says that "there is no username like that found". like, holy shit! definitely, a scam site.

  • Very useful information. I was supposed to apply for a job at Hiresine as I saw their Ad. However, their website is too confusing I do not know where to pass my application or resume. I kept coming back to same page over again. I got tired of it. Seems like they don’t want to hire anyone. I tried to search if they are legit then I saw your review about them. Hiresine is totally a SCAM. Thank you so much for this information you shared.

  • Bro, I am looking for some legit online/offline typing jobs. Can u please suggest some legit sites. Thank you.

  • hello yo ma men,
    i am from the philippines and i found your page so very interesting.
    i would like to start to take a work from home job’s but unfortunately, i don’t have any experience yet and i don’t know how to start.
    can you please help me how to take the first step.
    and can you please give me some legit site for this kind of work.
    break it down

  • Bro I am looking for some legit online/offline typing jobs. Can u please suggest some legit sites. Thanking you.

      • You said you don’t reccomend online/offline jobs. Please could you give me some suggestions as to some easy ways to earn money even if it’s just 5 dollars a day. I’ve been trying to find legit jobs online but unfortunately I haven’t found any easy or legit ones.

        • I recommend you to start your own website or online business, trying to make $5 a day online is harder than starting an online business that makes you a fulltime income, it takes time but it’s worth it. If you want to start you can do it here.

  • I was in the process of signing up at Hiresine, when something told me things were not right – just instinct, mind you. I googled to see if anybody had done a review of the site and came across your review. Thanks for the heads-up. I haven’t finished reading your post, but get it that Hiresine is a scam. Thanks for the warning! I write for Constant Content and Greatcontent (UK) but am looking out for other legitimate sites. I will check out the links you’ve provided so far. Best of Luck!

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