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Honest Commission Hero Review. (2022) All You Need to Know.

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

June 22, 2022

Honest Commission Hero Review

Hello! Welcome to my Honest Commission Hero Review! (Updated for 2022)

Earning money online is rapidly gaining popularity among us nowadays. People are looking for ways to look for an online source of income. Although there are a lot of options out there, affiliate marketing stands out.

However, it is not really a quick and simple way. That is the harsh truth about it. You need to invest time and effort. Moreover, a great understanding and knowledge about how it works is very important.

That is why there are several training programs and courses out there. One of them is Commission Hero! In this review, we will be discussing about this program and find out if it is worth it!

Are you ready? Without any further ado, let's get started with this Honest Commission Hero Review!

Honest Commission Hero Review: Quick Summary

Name: Commission Hero

Website: https://www.commissionhero.com/home

Founder: Robby Blanchard

Type: Affiliate marketing training

Price:  $997 or 2 x $597 + Inner Circle Upsell of $297 per month . Does not include all other tools and resources that you need

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? Only for marketers who want to use Clickbank

Honest Commission Hero Review logo

What is Commission Hero?

Honest Commission Hero Review website homepage

Now let's begin this Honest Commission Hero Review by getting to know it. Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing training program that aims to help people make money online through affiliate marketing.

Commission Hero's main goal is to teach people to find products through other affiliate network sites such as Clickbank. Promoting those products and having people buy them through you will let you earn commissions. However, Commission Hero will not pay you instead you payment will come from whichever affiliate network site you worked with.

Commission Hero is not just a program where you get paid by posting ads; on the contrary, you have to make people purchase the product that you are promoting.

It claims to have 3 simple top secret steps that use Facebook ads to promote digital products which can make you earn huge commissions:

  1.  How to find the best offers that highly pays.
  2. How to use your Facebook account to broadcast ads for other people's products on click bank; plus, this is how you make huge commissions.
  3. How to use Blanchard's 3-step system to manipulate people to buy your advertised products.

However, how will you actually earn these kinds of commissions? We will discuss that later on. For now, let me introduce you to the owner of Commission Hero.

Who is the owner?

Honest Commission Hero Review owner

The person behind Commission Hero is Robby Blanchard. He claims to be the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the work. Not familiar with Clickbank?

Well, it is a huge online marketplace where both product creators and affiliate marketers connect to earn money. Whether you are a promoter or creator, the people at the top of the list will always earn a 6 or 7-figure income.

So, is Robby Blanchard actually the #1 Clickbank Affiliate? Well, yes he is, at least during the time wherein he held the top place in the Clickbank leaderboard.

Honest Commission Hero Review owner leaderboard

Another thing that you should know about Robby is that he is the CEO of Blanchard Media. Its clients include Jason Capital International, Paleo Secret, and Fit Body Bootcamp.

Basically, the Blanchard Media offers ad campaign management, private consulting and coaching, speaking engagements and many more.

Robby did not really start on the "make money online" niche. He opened his own gym before and used Facebook ads to promote it.

That's when he wanted to learn more about marketing and started to improve his skills, later becoming the top Clickbank affiliate.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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How does Commission Hero work?

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing program that is designed in a way that it gives you step-by-step instructions to set up a profitable sales funnel and drive traffic to it via Facebook ads.

These sales funnel pages will help collect email addresses from people. You can then use these to promote the affiliate products from Clickbank. Below, you can see the course outline of Commission Hero:

  • Getting Started
  • Choosing the Right Offers
  • Finding your Ad Image
  • Setting Up a Landing Page
  • Setting Up Facebook Pixel
  • Tracking Your Campaign
  • Setting Up Facebook
  • Scaling
  • Ninja Tactics
  • Bonuses

In addition, inside those main topics are a set of sub-topics that discusses it further.

Honest Commission Hero Review Course Outline

How much does Commission Hero cost?

Honest Commission Hero Review price

There are two kinds of payments that you can do to get Commission Hero. There is a one time payment that costs $997. You can choose the two payments of $597 that is billed 30 days apart.

However, these are not the only costs that you will be paying for in order to make money with Commission Hero. In the next section, we will discuss more of your monthly costs.

Other costs

When you want to earn money with Commission Hero, there are additional tools that you need. Some of these are the following:

  • Facebook ads (you can pay for as much as you want but it is recommended that you pay for at least $200 per month worth of ads)
  • Autoresponder, which collects and sends emails(ex. GetResponse which costs $15 per month)
  • Clickfunnels, builds your landing pages ($97 per month)
  • ClickMagic, a tracking tool ($27 per month)
  • Commission Hero also has an upsell called Inner Circle which costs $297 per month to access it! With it, you can get the following:

    • Weekly webinar
    • Active Facebook group
    • Robby will personaly check on your campaigns
    • "Done-for-you" funnels

    Can you earn money with it?

    One of the common questions asked about Commission Hero is whether you can earn money with it or not.

    The short answer is yes. Well, the long answer is that you need to invest time, effort and of course, money for paying all of the expenses needed.

    Furthermore,  the money that you will earn will highly depend on the amount of people buying your advertised products. So, will you be able to recover the money you invested in Commission Hero with this? Again, it depends on the amount of effort you put in it and maybe a little bit of luck.

    Also, you must know that you won't see results immediately.

    How can you make money with it?

    Commission Hero has an affiliate program in which you can earn commissions whenever you promote it and your referrals purchase the system. However, that's not the main way to earn money with Commission Hero.

    When you buy the system and training program, you will be taught how to do affiliate marketing.

    Basically, you will find products through affiliate networks like Clickbank. You will then promote them and you will earn commissions whenever someone purchases them.

    Moreover, a distinctive feature of Commission Hero is the use of paid traffic, more specifically, through Facebook ads.

    With it, you can drive traffic to your landing pages that will promote the products or collect email addresses of your traffic.

    What I like about Commission Hero

    #1 Robby Blanchard is a veteran

    Robby Blanchard is actually the real deal. He has one of the greatest successes in the world of internet marketing.

    Moreover, he is not like other "gurus" who are only after your money! Most of them offer expensive products and only give you basic training in return.

    #2 One time payment option

    Commission Hero has a one time payment option that can give you all of the courses. Not the other tools though.

    #3 Inner Circle Support

    The Inner Circle provides excellent support and assistance for everyone Moreover, it is a community wherein all members can hep out each other!

    #4 Not a self-promoting sales funnel

    Commission Hero gives you the freedom to choose any niche you want and learn how to create campaigns.

    Other systems out there only give you the same system as other members promote.

    Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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    What I don't like about Commission Hero

    #1 Only one marketing technique

    Commission Hero only practice one marketing technique. This is using Facebook ads to lead traffic to your landing pages.

    There are no training on utilizing SEO and other techniques to promote your affiliate products.

    #2 Hidden monthly expenses

    Robby only reveals that you need Facebook ads and Clickbank already. However we are not informed about other monthly expenses that I have shared to you above.

    #3 Paid traffic may lead to losing a lot of money

    Since we are using Facebook ads, you will undoubtedly pay for it. Moreover, one thing you need to know is that there is no guarantee that these ads will give you traffic.

    So it is very possible that you will spend thousands of dollars and you won't get any traffic in return.

    #4 Expensive

    Overall, Commission Hero costs a lot. If you add up all the expenses that I have shared above, you will be paying around $7000 per year!

    There are a lot of affiliate marketing training programs that costs way cheaper than this, such as Wealthy Affiliate!

    #5 Clickbank has a lot of scam products

    Although Clickbank is a marketplace where product creators can sell and promote, it is not a safe place since scam products can may their way into the website.

    You might end up promoting a product that is a scam!

    #6 Commission Hero Refund Policy

    Honest Commission Hero Review guarantee

    One thing I don't understand is how refunds are only possible after 12-months of using the system.

    Usually, programs like this, even offer a free trial. I guess Robby wants to make sure that people actually do their best rather than walking away from it once they see that they are not making any progress.

    #6 Commission Hero BBB Rating

    Blanchard Media has a 2.09 out of 5 rating on BBB based on 11 reviews. Furthermore, it is not accredited by the BBB and it has a BBB rating of F.

    Is Commission Hero A Scam?

    To conclude this Honest Commission Hero Review, it is time for my final verdict - Is it a scam? Or is it legit?

    Commission Hero is not a scam. It is a legit affiliate marketing training program and system that helped some people earn money. Moreover, its owner and founder, Robby Blanchet is a professional and veteran in internet marketing.

    He really knows what he is doing. Now, he is helping people do the same through Commission Hero. However, the system is on the expensive side. Moreover, there are a lot of upsells.

    But if you are determined and you have the budget, then you can try it out! If not, check out the next section after this.

    Thank you so much for reading my Honest Commission Hero Review! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below in the comments section!

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