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How To Increase Activity On Your Instagram And Make Money From It

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By Anis Chity

December 16, 2020

How To Increase Activity On Your Instagram And Make Money From It

When the world saw a new application called Instagram, they couldn't even imagine how popular it would become in the future.

People use it as a suitable platform to watch their friends and celebs, search for clothes and required contacts, not to mention their desire to share life moments and just show off.

It is like a TV series that never goes to a commercial because the letter is its integral part.

So, whatever services you would like to get, whether it is a psychologist consultation, workout with a coach, or you want to find a specialist to pay for essay papers, the chances are high that you will succeed.

Nowadays, there is a huge number of specialists who use Instagram as their calling card and pretend to be bloggers to increase the demand for their services.

Well, Instagram represents a highly competitive environment in which everyone wants to enhance activity on their profiles and make money. So, how can you increase the target audience, user engagement, and build loyalty?

1. High-quality content

If you are not ready to devote time to your Instagram page and its content, then this social network is not your cup of tea. It is all about visual components, so you cannot turn a blind eye to it.

Users pay attention to pictures in the first place and only then proceed to read the text description.

Your account should be catchy from different sides, so people cannot resist the temptation to visit it again and again. Thus, make sure your pics are of top-quality, and good lighting is crucial here.

It is worth choosing a single design style and adhere to it in everything, especially when it comes to photos.

Besides, don't overdo with filters since one or two should be enough. People subscribe to accounts that inspire them, so you should become their source of inspiration and motivation.

2. Post at the right time

Despite the innovations with algorithmic feed, it is still crucial when you post. Thus, when you post something at the peak of your subscribers' activity, you can increase the number of views.

This little thing will lead to the fact that the social network will promote your content more actively.

It is worth using a business account to watch your page statistics and when your subscribers are most often online.

3. Create a content plan

Even if you do your best to create perfect and visually attractive content, you will hardly achieve the desired result if you do not post regularly.

Accounts that are more commented on and liked get a priority in the news feed. For example, Lily constantly makes five posts a week and about seven stories daily.

Her content is not professional, but it is quite worthy of attention. Rebecca is her main rival.

She ordered a professional photo session, but she makes two posts a week and turns a blind eye to stories.

As a result, Lily gets more likes and comments from her audience, often appears in the news feed, and, as a result, has a greater user engagement. You can use such applications as Plan and Concept Office to design your content plan.

4. Create content that triggers a reaction

To appear more often in the news feed, you should create posts on up-to-date and diverse topics.

According to statistics, you should take selfies and post pics with yourself since they get more likes.

One of the most profitable things is photos under the heading "before and after." You can use statistical data to determine what content gets the most likes and comments and focus on it.

Comments also affect activity statistics on your Instagram page and the ranking in the news feed.

Suppose you do not communicate with your subscribers. In that case, the Instagram algorithm can significantly cut the feed's ranking, so it is important to trigger as many comments as possible and respond to them within the first hour.

Video content is gaining more comments. On average, videos are commented twice as often as photos. And content with a lot of comments will rank higher.

5. Don't ignore stories

Stories have tremendous potential to increase your audience involvement, so if you don't overlook this aspect, you can drastically increase your Instagram activity.

You should post about 1-5 stories per day. You can neglect the style here and publish whatever your heart desires since all the records will still disappear in 24 hours.

6. Support users' content

Supporting user-generated content usually resonates well with the audience. The Buffer marketer was able to increase the number of subscribers to the company's account by 500% in just six months using this method.

Research confirms the effectiveness of the method, so you can give it a try. According to statistics, bloggers who support user-generated content are 35% better remembered and 50% more trusted.

The latter is especially important when it comes to advertising some products.

7. Communicate in Direct

Instagram's algorithms consider everything, even who writes to whom and how often. To provoke communication in your Direct, you can create polls and ask for advice in stories since it is the easiest way to write a private message.

You might have noticed that popular bloggers often ask questions, the answers to which they could google in a minute. They do it just to increase activity on their pages.

How Can You Make Money on It?

If you have worked on your content and managed to increase the number of subscribers and users' activity on your Instagram, it is time to think about your efforts' monetization.

Sponsored posts

It is perhaps the easiest and most common way to make money on Instagram. The only critical condition is to have enough subscribers to earn from advertising posts.

Usually, a "check-point" is considered 10 thousand subscribers; however, you can advertise something even with a smaller audience. Nowadays, nano influencers have also become pretty popular.

Just make sure that your audience is real, and people would follow your recommendations. Thus, it is worth studying your target audience and promoting things they would be interested in.

Sell your experience

If you have some knowledge and skills and want to share them, you can create a digital product. And if you're going to promote your expertise, you should gather an audience that will trust you and be ready to buy your services.

For example, you are an experienced copywriter and want to share your experience with rookies in this field.

Or you are a fitness coach who leads online marathons for losing weight. When you decide on a niche, you should focus completely on it.

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