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How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Online [Newbies Guide!]

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By Anis

March 17, 2018

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If you're a newbie and want to learn affiliate marketing

You're in the right place!

This post will teach you how to learn affiliate marketing in the most effective way!

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Online [Video Version]

Some folks like reading articles

While some people prefer watching a Youtube video

That's why I have dicided to make a video version of this article

Below you will find the video version:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, affiliate marketing is advertising products online

You will receive a commission each time a sale is done through your recommendation.

Despite all the uncertainty about affiliate marketing

It has been discovered that anyone can do it

the process is not that quite expensive, and it does not involve ripping people off in the way.

There are several websites that provide an outline of the process of affiliate marketing.

Below are tips and references to give you the idea on how to get started on affiliate marketing.

#1 Choose a Topic

First, choose a topic of your interest that has a lot of market potential. 

Think of something fascinating

 and deliberate whether or not there would be various merchandise related to it or much of an audience.

It is important to discover which topics, or "niches," are in demand. 

This will allow you to establish a niche-explicit website

 with solid products that will be simple to advertise for commissions. 

Anyone can get a topic or “niche” with a minimum research. 

You can also take affiliate marketing lessons to guide you through this procedure.

#2 Find Products to Promote

Once a niche has been picked out, find some products that can be promoted. 

There are websites full of these known as affiliate programs or affilliate networks

Browse, and get advice on how to select the best ones. 

Once a couple of right products have been chosen

You can get an affiliate link for them.

Make sure the products you want to promote are related to your niche.

#3 Build Your Affiliate Website

After that, it is essential to build a website. 

It is often thought that this process would be extremely difficult and confusing 

but it really is not.

 WordPress and comparable sites render it very simple for everyone to create an excellent website.

For example My #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training

Has a great site builder that can build your affiliate website in a few seconds

Don't believe me?

Just watch how fast and easy you can build a website.

Here's a post on how to build a successful affiliate website step by step

#4 Fill Your Site with Great Content

new post

Fill the website with the content that will be valuable to the audience who are fascinated in the niche

and position the affiliate links in the most important places.

This way when anyone appealed with the content clicks on the link

 they are directed to a sales page for an item that they may also be captivated in

and if they purchase you will make a commission

This is exactly how I make money on my site

I make a living selling other people products!

#5 Promote Your Website

After establishing this, all that is left to do is advertise the website so as to draw more individuals to the content,

as well as more possibility for commissions from designated sales.

There are numerous diverse marketing schemes everywhere,

 from marketing to social media, nonetheless, there should be no worries about this segment yet.

The most vital thing is to get on board.


SEO is the most profitable & Reliable Way to Drive Traffic to Your site.

Market the website: social media, advertising, SEO

There are a couple of things one may do to advertise their website in the hopes of magnetizing more website traffic.

 Make sure that when adding a content, ensure to do a little basic (SEO) search engine optimization

It is a sophisticated way of revealing to search engines that the website is full of important material

thus they will present it in the search results when someone types in specific subjects.

There is an entire segment of free training about this matter and affiliate marketing from the Wealthy Affiliate Training 

Other than SEO, one can explore how email marketing could work for them or advertise content on social media.

#6 Outsourcing

learn affiliate marketing online

As one grows into a more prosperous affiliate

 they will discover that it takes a lot of work to uphold their sites as well as establish new ones.

However, they can manage this through outsourcing

finding other people to do the job that the affiliate does not have the skills or time to do themselves.

Instead of allowing the quantity or quality of the website posts slides, the affiliate has to get skilled individuals to design images, create some content, or do some programming.

Furthermore, it is not that expensive and one can gain knowledge on how to appropriately use this procedure for their own promotion endeavors.


Affiliate marketing is a genuine way of developing a  business online

In addition, a little time and hard work may steer to a stable online revenue.

It is quite easy to be devastated at the start because the entire procedure is not precisely small

Nevertheless, you will never have to do everything immediately.

You should take it one step at a time, and you will discover that it is not so hard to get on board.

If you want to make affiliate marketing a breeze

Then check out the #1 Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Training

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  • Hey there! Thanks for sharing this information with us. I just finished reading your post and thought I would just drop you a quick comment to say thanks. I also have a question that I think you will be able to help me out with.

    I have been doing researching affiliate marketing lately and the information that you provided here just confirms what I have been reading about. I know that creating good content is the way to get more traffic but could you please explain what people mean by “quality content”. I see this phrase all over the place and I’m not sure what it is.

    Also, do you have any tips for promoting your content when you have created it? I want to make sales as quickly as possible so was just wondering what traffic is the best in your opinion?

    • Hi Andrew, first of all quality content does not neccessarly mean content with good grammar or sophisticated writing skills.

      Quality content is that type of content that solves problems, if a visitor is looking for a solution and finds your article, if your article fails to solve the visitor issue then it”s not quality content no matter how well written it is.

      So in a few words, quality content is content that solves problems and answers your visitors questions

      Your content should be well researched and does help people.

      Quality content gets more visitors and more social shares because it’s helpful, therefore more revenue!

      The best traffic sources I recommend are SEO, PPC and social media.

      If you get traffic from those sources and your content is high quality then you can earn a full time income from home.

      I have learned everything about traffic and affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate, which is a great affiliate marketing training, you can Try the First 10 Lessons for Free, I’m sure you will enjoy it like I do Andrew.

  • Great read, I like the tips you give on learning affiliate marketing. One of the hardest tasks about affiliate marketing is learning the details that come along with it which is finding a niche, choosing a topic etc, So thankful for your article and the mentioned of Wealthy affiliate it’s truly is a community that will help anyone get started with affiliate marketing.

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