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How to Make Income As a Stay At Home Mom

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December 27, 2016

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How to make income as a stay at home mom? You ask, well in this post I’m going to share with you the BEST ways to make extra income as a stay at home mom or dad.

The internet has made practically everything easier for us to do, one of the best things is the ability to earn money online.

It is awesome to make a regular income from home; You can make money while pregnant too.

In this post I am going to share with you the best ways to make a regular income from home as a stay at home dad or mom.


Start Your Own Website


Starting a website nowadays is an easy thing, everyone can make a living with their websites, of course, it requires a lot of hard work, but you can make a living with it, there are endless ways to make money with a website.

The best part is you can start your website from your passion, which makes everything exciting, there are a lot of things to learn like SEO, affiliate marketing and more.

If you want to start a website that is designed to succeed, I recommend you to check Wealthy Affiliate.

There you will be able to connect with other stay-at-home moms and dads that are already making money with their websites, you will be able to learn everything step by step with lessons and video tutorials.

I am also a member there, it’s a great place to learn, connect with people and help each other and it’s free to get started.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is one of the best and most profitable ways to make a living on the internet. You don’t have to have your own product to make a regular income on the internet; you can sell other people’s stuff and earn a living.

While it’s great to have a website to make the most income from affiliate marketing since with a website you can target a lot of people that search the web all the time.

You can also promote your affiliate products on social media and pretty much everywhere.

There are lots of affiliate programs that give you high commissions so the money you earn is unlimited and it depends on how many sales you make, with affiliate marketing you can whether earn no money or thousand and thousand of sales, it all depends on you and how creative you are selling other people’s products.

Want to get started with Affiliate marketing?

If you are new to the affiliate marketing world, I recommend you to have a look at these posts:


Start a Small Business Selling Custom T-shirts


Teespring is an awesome site that allows you start your online business selling custom t-shirts, you have the tools to design your own t-shirts when someone buys them the site will take care of the producing and shipping.

All you have to do is to design the t-shirts and promote them; Teespring also has a training center that will teach you the art of making t-shirts and how to succeed in your business.

A lot of people are looking for t-shirts like basketball, soccer teams and people that want to start parties.

Teespring is free to join with no risks involved, they have just launched the Facebook ads campaign which is still in beta version, it teaches you how to make a living with the help of Facebook ads.

If you are not familiar with Facebook ads, it’s a great way to boost sales as they connect you with laser targeted customers that just want to buy, of course, it’s a learning curve, to learn the basics have a look at Facebook advertising tips

Write Articles for Other People


If you are a good writer, you can make a living writing for other people; many sites pay you for each article you write.

How much can you make per article? It all depends on you, and how good you write, usually beginners earn less than 7$ per article while expert writers earn up to $100 some even earn $250 per article!

Something you should bear in mind, if you want to learn how to write content that people will pay big bucks for, you need to learn and get your own writing style the best way to do that is to have your own website, some people will even ask if you own a website to make sure you have experience with writing.

Some of the best sites that pay you to write are Hirewriters and constant content

Offer Services on Fiverr for $5


Fiverr is an awesome place where you can sell any service for $5, people make a living doing anything, you will be probably surprised that some people get paid to do silly things.

Have a look at Fiverr and see how it is, it’s like another world.

One thing I don’t like about it, though, you will find lots of people that would do testimonial videos for any product, and they wouldn’t mind doing fake testimonials for scams.

Another thing is some people offer excellent services while other offer low and spam services, sometimes it’s like buying an iPhone only to find out it’s just a box full of sand.

But it’s a great and popular site where people are earning a full-time income.

Teach People a Language Online


If you feel you can help people learn a language, Italki is a great place to earn a regular income teaching other people to learn languages.

You can set your own hours and price and work from home whenever you want, what I like about Italki it’s like a social network you can contact friends and add them as friends.

I know a lot of friends there, we do language exchanges, it’s really awesome 🙂

You can earn 10$ for every person you refer as well 🙂


Get Paid $10/hour being a friend


Did you know you can make a living just being a friend? There is a site that makes this possible, people are making a living with it, and it’s available worldwide now.

This site is called Rent a Friend I have written a review about it if you want to learn more on how it works.

How to Really Make a Regular Income Online


As I have mentioned earlier in this post, the internet is full of sites that pay you, but the problem of most people is they just keep jumping from one offer to another that’s why they never make a dime on the internet.

If you are a serious person that really wants to make a living from the internet, you need to focus on only one of the sites I have mentioned and keep working hard on it.

Join one site that suits you and make it become your daily focus until you succeed on it, that’s how people make money on the internet, focus on one thing, work hard, be motivated, you will make mistakes then you will learn from them until you become a master, every master was a disaster.


If you have any questions please drop a comment below, I would love it if you share this post if you liked it 🙂

If you know a site that should be on this list don’t be afraid to share it by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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  • Thank you for sharing this very informative post. I’ve seen most of these, but I had not seen the Rent a Friend site. These are all very excellent and legitimate sources for making extra money.

  • Hi Anis, thanks for this helpful article, I like the idea of writing articles for other people. That could really help me out financially whenever I’m in a pinch with my website whenever it’s not getting traffic or whatever the case.

  • Hi, Avis!
    Your site is great and very informative! I already have a site of my own about tennis and I am trying to learn and learn new things all the time! It was great to know that there is also the opportunity to start a business selling my own designs of custom t-shirts! I ‘ ll check it out as soon as possible! Thank you very much!
    Best wishes,

  • This webpage is lit! I enjoyed seeing how you reached out to the mothers in the community. Maybe using an actual mother for this will make it more genuine. Other than that you are on the way to awesomeness.

  • You know these are some really great ideas and I had not heard of some. I have often considered being a tutor and I could teach German. Great post, sparked some ideas for me. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this. There are some great ideas here that I have not heard of. I will definitely give them a try.
    I am into affiliate marketing as well as trying to get freelancing up and running. Thanks for the new advice.

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