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Is Ariix A Scam? (2022) The Truth Simplified.

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By Anis Chity

June 16, 2022

Is Ariix A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Ariix A Scam?" review! (Updated for 2022)

It is such a wonderful thing that there are several ways for us out there to earn money without leaving our humble abode. We can do it online or just work from home.

Ariix is an MLM company that claims to offer you products and a business opportunity to earn money from home. However, before jumping to conclusions and just join blindly, you need to find out things about it first.

Is it worth it and legit? Or is Ariix a scam? You are about to find out the truth right now in this Ariix Review! Let's get started, shall we?

Is Ariix A Scam : Quick Summary

Name: Ariix

Website: https://ariix.com/

Founders: , Deanna Latson, Riley Timmer, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates and Dr Fred Cooper

Type: Health and Wellness MLM company

Price: $294.95 to $2,098 + upsells (100 PV monthly auto-ship which costs approximately $210 per month and an annual renewal fee of $25

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No

Is Ariix A Scam logo

What is Ariix?

Is Ariix A Scam website homepage

Let's start this Ariix Review by getting to know it. What is it?

Ariix is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company in the Health and Wellness industry. It is currently based in Utah.

What makes it different from the other Health and Wellness MLM companies is its long range of various products it offers. Furthermore, it has different brands of products.

In addition, Ariix also has a business opportunity for people. We shall tackle that later on.

Who are the founders of Ariix?

Ariix was created in 2011 by 9 people. The CEO of the company is Fred Cooper and the president is Mark Wilson.

These 9 people have a wide experience and knowledge in the industry; so, this makes Ariix a safe and trusted company.

However, when it comes to the business opportunity part, well, we shall find out later on.

You can learn more about the company's executives right here.

How does it work?

Since Ariix is an MLM company like Arbonne, Rodan + Fields and Farmasi, it works pretty much the same as them.

Ariix provides products for Health and Wellness. To save money from paying for advertising and marketing, it employs representatives to sell its products. People who make sales are rewarded with commissions. This is the business opportunity part.

However, you have yet to find out the truth behind it. Continue reading.

Is Ariix A Scam : Products

In Ariix, they have what they call "brand", which is basically just a product line or category. Currently, Ariix has 8 brands. Here are they.

  • Limu - Ariix's product line that covers nutritional drinks that contain a natural blend and mixture of amino acids, fruits, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. In addition, this is Ariix's latest product line. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about Limu, you can read this article here.
  • Nutrifii - this brand offers supplements that are intended for helping with calcium therapy, detoxification, heart and brain support, energy at the cellular level and give antioxidants. The average price of the supplements is $65.
  • Slenderiiz - these are weight loss products to help with maintaining metabolic strength, beauty boost, metabolic support, homoeopathic support for quick weight loss and proteins. The average price of products is $50.
  • Jouvé - this is Ariix's skincare brand which includes tightening serum, brightening cream and night cream. The average price of the skincare products is $110.
  • Priime -this line is all about essential oils. Ariix claims that the ingredients are derived from different parts of the world. The average cost of these essential oils is $55.
  • Puritii - Puritii is the product line that offers an air filtration system which they claim, removes 99.99% of air particulates, microbes and hazardous gases. The kit costs $2,464.
  • Reviive - this brand is more on personal care products such as shampoo, body wash and conditioner. Average product price is $32.
  • Nucerity - this is Ariix's latest skincare product line with an average product price of $100.

How to earn money with Ariix?

Ariix is an MLM company; so, there are two ways to earn money with its business opportunity.

  1. You sell their products to earn commissions
  2. Recruit people to join the MLM program and earn a percentage from their commissions

How much does it cost to join Ariix?

It is quite simple to join Ariix. First, all you have to do is to purchase a pack to become one of their representatives or distributors. These are just fancy words for sellers. Currently, there are 9 different packs that you can choose from. Here are they.

  1. Nutrifii Member Pack ($421.36, discounted to $294.95) – 5 products
  2. Slenderiiz Plus Member Pack ($428.50 discounted to $299.95) – 5 products
  3. Nutrifii Business Pack ($749.95) –15 products
  4. Slenderiiz Business Pack ($711.95) – 10 products
  5. Jouvé Business Pack ($749.95) – 25 products
  6. Business Pack 500 ($789.95) – 13 products 
  7. Slenderiiz Elite Pack ($1,388.95) – 21 products 
  8. Elite Pack ($1,414.95) – 43 products 
  9. Ultimate Pack ($2,098) – 63 products

Each pack provides various products that you can sell. Usually, beginners would opt to get the cheapest pack.

However, the representative who is selling to you will most likely encourage you to get the more expensive ones so that you can get the best products and it is easier for you to sell.

However, the truth is that they just want you to choose the expensive packs because that will make them earn more money.

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Additional Costs

After purchasing a pack, there are other costs that you need to pay for! Furthermore, this information may not be disclosed when you are being briefed about the MLM program.

To put it simply, being eligible to earn commissions for your sales require you to accumulate a sales volume every month with at least 100PV. In money terms, you must sell at least $148 worth of products every month. Doing this, you will have the status, "Active", making you eligible for the commissions.

If you can, the one who has to pay for these products is, guess who? You. That's right. So, that is an additional cost for you! To add to that, there is an annual renewal fee that costs $25.

If we do the math, your total expenses for your 1st year with Ariix is...

$294.95 (lowest cost for the pack) + $1,776 ($148 x 12) + 25 = $2,095.95

Take note: If you decide to sell these products, you won't need to pay for the whole $1,776. However, you are likely to be asked to setup an auto-renewal to stay active.

Is Ariix A Scam : Compensation Plan

All, if not, most of the MLMs, have compensation plans that are very difficult to comprehend. Moreover, they use terms that are foreign to most people. With that being said, I will do my best to explain to you Ariix's compensation plan.

Ariix's Activ8 compensation plan

There are 4 ways for you to earn money based on the compensation plan. Here are they.

  • Retail commissions - You purchase products at a wholesale price. Afterwards, you sell them with a much higher cost, which is also called retail price. Then you receive retail commissions.
  • Recruitment commissions - Recruit people and encourage them to buy something to earn recruitment commissions. Moreover, you won't be paid for making a person join. Only when they buy products and managed to sell them.
  • Team lead bonus - This is the bonus you get from your customers and recruited members' sales on their first month. Furthermore, the higher rank you are or the higher their enrollment package is, the higher bonus you get.
  • Additional bonuses - The compensation plan also has other bonuses for you if you do meet certain requirements or conditions.

You can learn more about the compensation plan through the videos below or you can check out the plan itself here.

Is Ariix A Scam : Affiliate Ranks 

There are 16 ranks you can ascend in Ariix, and you can ascend these ranks every time you increase your weekly commissions.

  • Team Lead - $25 weekly commissions
  • Senior Team Lead - $50 weekly commissions
  • Supervisor - $75 weekly commissions
  • Senior Supervisor - $100 weekly commissions
  • Manager - $150 weekly commissions
  • Senior Manager - $200 weekly commissions
  • Director - $250 weekly commissions
  • Senior Director - $375 weekly commissions
  • Vice President - $500 weekly commissions
  • Senior Vice President - $750 weekly commissions
  • Officer - $1000 weekly commissions
  • Senior Officer - $2000 weekly commissions
  • President - $3000 weekly commissions
  • Chief Executive Officer -$4000 weekly commissions
  • Chairperson - $6000 weekly commissions
  • Level 2+ Chairperson - Earn an additional $2000 per level.

Now, that is a lot of ranks to climb.

How much can you earn at Ariix?

It is common knowledge that earning in MLMs can be quite hard. First, you have to sell their products, which can be hard because you have to compete with other companies or your fellow Ariix affiliates. However, you can still earn by recruiting other people. This can also be hard since not everyone is willing to work with MLMs.

Majority of Ariix product sellers (51.5%) only earn $70 a week. Furthermore, the next 25% earns more or less $167 a week and only 13% earn $275. In conclusion, this means that almost 90% of Ariix members earn less than $275 per week.

So, it is safe to say that you can't earn that much with Ariix.

Is Ariix a scam?

This is a common question asked. Is Ariix a scam? Well, the answer is no. It is a legit MLM company with legit products. Moreover, it is founded by 9 people who are knowledgeable in the industry.

In conclusion, you can earn money with its MLM program. However, can you fully rely on it? Well, that's a better question I will answer later on.

Is Ariix a pyramid scheme?

First of all, what is a pyramid scheme? A pyramid scheme is a business model that only "pays" you every time you recruit someone into the program. Unlike MLMs, wherein there are products involved, pyramid schemes do not.

Furthermore, it is illegal and only the people at the top can earn money. You can learn more about it below.

But the question is, Is Ariix a pyramid scheme? Well, again, it is not a pyramid scheme. Furthermore, there are products involved and you can earn money by selling them and also, recruiting people.

Now, let's move onto the pros and cons of Ariix then let's find out if it is worth it or not!

Is Ariix A Scam : Pros

#1 There are a lot of ways to earn money

Even though the compensation plan is kind of confusing, there is still the fact that you can earn money and bonuses in multiple ways.

However, some of them include recruiting people. 

#2  The support and training is nice

Most MLMs out there do not really provide any training for their representatives; however, Ariix does! It has a BOS or Business Orientation System.

This really helps representatives, especially the new ones. There are 9 modules to help you with your business. Check out the video below.

#3 Wide range of products are offered

Having a wide range of products is very advantageous, since it increases the number of customers a company can have.

Furthermore, since Ariix has multiple product lines, this is beneficial for the company and the representatives. It widens the audience and potential customers. However, there is a downside to this. You will find out in a while.

#4 Ariix products are FDA-approved

Products in the health and wellness industry should be FDA-approved. Fortunately, Ariix's products are! They are proven to be safe for usage.

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With this program, you can earn money without having to enroll in any MLM programs.

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Is Ariix A Scam : Cons

#1 Expensive to stay active

To be eligible to earn commissions for your sales, you need to stay "active". However, to do this, you must meet 100PV every month. Currently, the cheapest product to reach that is $154!

And if you do fail to sell these products in a month, you will be paying for it.

Is Ariix A Scam cheapest PV

#2 Only a few people make money

Even Ariix itself provided information that can back this up! Check out its Income Disclosure Statement.

Is Ariix A Scam Income Disclosure Statement

According to that, 50% of the Active Representatives only make a weekly average of $70!

Also, it says that the average annual earnings of all the representatives is $2,025.62. However, remember that we calculated $2,095.95 total costs for your first year?

Majority of the representatives in Ariix lose money. However, you were looking for a way to earn money in the first place, right? Do you get the picture now?

#3 Competition is huge

Sadly, Ariix is not the only MLM company in the Health and Wellness industry. In fact, there are a lot out there. So, this makes the competition huge; therefore, making it more difficult for you to sell the products.

#4 Representatives are encouraged to recruit people

Most of the ways to earn money with Ariix involve recruiting people. Also, the fact that you are required to pay for the products you failed to sell kind of encourages you to recruit people to earn profit. 

Is Ariix A Scam encouraged to recruit

#5 Negative reviews

A lot of people actually gave negative reviews regarding the MLM program. Here are some of them.

Is Ariix A Scam review 1
Is Ariix A Scam review 2
Is Ariix A Scam review 3

Is Ariix A Scam : Final Verdict

Finally, let's conclude this Ariix Review with my final verdict. In conclusion, Ariix is a legit MLM company, with various products. Moreover, it has an MLM program that provides an opportunity to everyone.

However, I highly do not recommend you to rely on it as a source of income. In fact, avoid it if you can! First, it is very expensive and you will just end up losing money rather than earning.

Furthermore, even if it is an MLM, it sounds like a pyramid scheme in disguise due to the fact that most of the ways of earning money involves recruiting! In addition, a lot of people already posted their complaints and negative reviews about Ariix. Let these be your warning.

If you want a better way to earn money, check out the next section!

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Ariix A Scam?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments section!

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