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Is Copy My Websites a Scam? Honest Review!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 17, 2018

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Is Copy My Websites a Scam? I’m really curious to learn about this free weird trick, are you? Read this Copy my websites review before you buy!

Did you stumble upon Copy my Websites sales page and decided to Google it just to make sure it’s legit?

That’s awesome! That’s what you should always do before you buy any product online, well done!

Copy My Websites sounds too good to be true right?

Well, my friend it is, it’s a scam and you have just saved $37!

Wondering why it’s a scam?

Just read this Copy My Websites review I am going to show you some interesting red flags.

That will definitely help you avoid scams in the future.

Without wasting too much time let’s dig in

 What is Copy My Websites?

I don’t know if you have ever heard of Copy My commissions before but it’s the same scam.

The owner of Copy My Websites seems to own different scams like The Easy Internet Plan and Direct Online Income

On each scam product, he tells a different story and how he can change people’s lives.

One thing though he never shows his real face.

Nobody is talking about him and his success.

How would you trust a person that can’t show up?

Honestly, do you trust someone telling you unbelievable claims like this?

He barely explains how you will make money

 How Does it Work & What are You Actually Buying?

I did not buy this product but I was able to see what you exactly get after you spend $37

After doing intense research here’s what I have found.

After you buy Copy My Websites you will be taken to a page where you should get started

You will be told to select a landing page or a squeeze page of your choice

Here’s how it looks.


After you select your favorite landing page you will be redirected to another page.

Now they will get you to sign up for Get Response which is an email marketing software to collect email addresses.


They get you to get an account with Get Response using their affiliate link.

Well the problem is not the affiliate link ( it’s fine as long they are referring you to the right program)

But in this case, it just proves they just want to make money off you.

In the sales video, he was talking about some millionaire website now he showing you how to build a squeeze page?

The last step is to sign up for ClickBank the place where you find products to promote.


Once you’re done he says you need to send him all the info and details to their email address

Then he will set up for you some automated system that will make money for you automatically.

It sounds good to have someone set up everything for you so all you have to do is enjoy your time and see money rolling in

Unfortunately, these are all lies, to make money you really need to work hard nobody is going to make you rich overnight.

To prove this web site is just another scam (like the scams I reviewed before

and many other)

Here are the big red flags of Copy My Websites.

1) The Disclaimer

On their sales page, just scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see this.


Honestly, would you bother reading this disclaimer?

Of course not, all your attention will be on his unbelievable claims.

In the disclaimer, you can see they are referring to The Easy Internet Plan which is another bogus product.

And why would you buy a product where the typical purchaser does not make any money?

2) The 60 Days Refund Guarantee


They have a money back guarantee on their site, however, many people did not get any refund.

But since they are partnered with Clickbetter (That follows the law of several states) you can get a refund by contacting Clickbetter NOT Copy My Websites.

If you were scammed and still trying to get a refund drop a comment below and I will provide you the info to contact Clickbetter and get your money back.

3) The Downsells

You need to pay $37 to get Copy My Websites.

However, if you refresh their checkout page you will unlock a discount and if you refresh again you will get another discount.

Just do that a couple of times and you will be able to buy the product for only $17!

This only proves that they are there only to collect money from people.


 4) Fake Scarcity

This is probably so picky of me

But they are using a fake counter on their site to create a sense of urgency.

Also in the video, they say there are limited spots.

But those are lies.

They just want to collect as many victims as they can.


 Copy My Websites Final Review

Making money online with websites is possible but you can’t make money copying someone else website.

You have your own writing style your unique voice you don’t need to copy someone else to be successful.

Copy My Website is a scam, a very obvious scam I’d say.

If you are still looking for an honest and realistic way to make money.

You need to check out Affiliate marketing

If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start there is a great place to learn step by step and build an online business from scratch.

If you are wondering how all this works and how you are going to make money

Here’s My #1 Recommended Training for Rookies

I would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to add your comments below.

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Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

About Anis

Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

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  • Why isn’t these fake scamming websites, reported too the Fed’s for prosecution, do they get a special pass to scam ppl. out of their money the government allows these ppl. to rip ppl off and do nothing is ? informing the Fed’s is better than informing ppl. looking for on online opportunities, they need to be shut dwn and arrested and prosecuted period!!!!!

    • Hi Derrick, I agree with you, it’s so sad that there is no one to police these scammers, people need to be aware and never believe scammers that make insane income claims.

  • Thanks for this review, Anis. I haven’t heard of this scam before but when I saw the fake clock, the $1000 per day false claim and the fact that he says “you’ve been selected out of thousands of people…”, the word “scam” already came to my mind. These scammers always use similar tactics to get people into their craps.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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