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Is Globallee A Pyramid Scheme? (Find Out The Truth Here!) (2020)

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By Anis Chity

September 7, 2020

Hello! Welcome to my “Is Globallee A Pyramid Scheme?” review!

Have you just recently discovered Globallee and you are wondering if its claims and promises are actually true? Well, I got your back, my friend because I will reveal everything you need to know about this company.

So before you make your move, you better make sure that you will not be walking into a trap and let yourself be scammed. Is Globallee a pyramid scheme and a scam? Or is it a legit opportunity to earn money from home?

Here are the answers.

Globallee Review Quick Summary

Name: Globallee


Founders: Mark McKnight, Lamia Bettaieb and Nauder Khazan

Type: Health and Wellness Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $49 for subscription and $100 monthly

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!

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What is Globallee?

Globallee is a Health and Wellness Multi-Level Marketing company that was created by Mark Mcknight, Lamia Bettaieb, and Nauder Khazan in 2019. The company focuses on providing products that can help improve one’s lifestyle and health. Globallee is one of the newest MLMs that have joined the industry.

Apart from providing these products, Globallee also has a business opportunity for you, which you probably know already. But is it actually worth it? How does it work? Continue reading to find out.

Globallee Products

Before discussing the business opportunity, let’s go over Globallee’s products since it is important to learn about them, whether you are only interested in purchasing the products or you want to make money with the company.

Globallee has two main products:

  • Eternity – This is a progesterone cream which costs $79.95 for a 60 ml. container. Eternity can help you improve your health through making your skin a lot healthier and better.
  • Eterno – This product is available in two forms: capsule and cream. It costs $156.25 and is created with natural ingredients that can improve your immune system and cell regeneration.

These products may sound great. However, there are health and wellness MLM companies that offer similar products. Some of them are:

But what makes Globallee unique compared to these other companies is its flagship product, Taka. It costs $75 that comes in 2 boxes, with 15 packets each. This is an antioxidant product with superfood ingredients such as fucoidan, turmeric, blueberries, aloe, and Rhodiola. With this product, you will be improving your overall health and even boosts your energy.

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Can you make money with Globallee?

Of course you can make money with Globallee. However, will your income be a decent one? Take note that Globallee is an MLM company, which means that your income potential is very low.

Studies even found out that between 72.5% and 99.99% of MLM representatives lose money. So before you join Globallee, you better make sure that you trust your selling and recruiting skills.

How can you make money with Globallee?

Since Globallee is an MLM company, there are two main ways for you to earn money with them. Here they are:

  • You sell Globallee products and earn commissions from your sales
  • Recruit people to join the Globallee MLM program and earn from their sales

To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, you should know that MLMs, including Globallee, will not compensate you just for recruiting people since that is illegal and is called a pyramid scheme.

You can only earn commissions from the sales that your recruits make.

How to join Globallee?

To join Globallee, you must pay for the subscription fee which costs $49. And then you will be required to choose between two business starter kits which cost $299 and $499. The kits contain different products for you to use personally or sell.

However, those are not the only things that you have to pay for.

Globallee Monthly Costs

To be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses through the Globallee MLM program, you must stay “active”. To do that, you must meet the 100 PV monthly requirement.

This means that every month, you need to purchase Globallee products worth at least $100 every month. You can use these products or sell them. With these, your minimum expenses for your first year at Globallee include:

  • $49 for the subscription fee
  • $299 or $499 for the business starter kit
  • $100 for 12 months

Total minimum costs for the first year: $1,548 – $1,748. Also, this does not include other costs for your training, marketing materials, etc.

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Globallee Compensation Plan

Globallee’s compensation plan is frankly very difficult to comprehend. In fact, most MLMs make their compensation plans complications to “trick” people into believing that they have a lot of ways to earn money. When in truth, you can only do this by either selling products or recruiting people.

Anyways, let me simplify the Globallee compensation plan. There are 3 kinds of compensation:

  • Retail Commissions – Every product you sell to your customers, you will earn a 20% commission
  • Recruitment Commissions – In the compensation plan, there are ranks. The higher rank you are, the higher commissions you can get. You can receive 5% to 20% of recruitment commissions every time you recruit someone. This depends also on your rank.
  • Residual Commissions – Earn 3% to 5% of residual commissions from the total sales that your “team” or recruits make in a month.

Is Globallee a scam?

You probably heard that Globallee and MLMs are scams. But the truth is, they are not scams. Globallee is a legit company that offers legit products and services. However, people tend to mark them as “scams” when they will notice that they are losing money in the long run.

This is because, MLMs to be honest, require active work. You really have to work hard in selling and recruiting to have a decent income.

Is Globallee a pyramid scheme?

Like I said earlier, a pyramid scheme is a business model which does not involve products and selling. It really focuses on recruiting people. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to earn money in pyramid schemes, which is why it is illegal. Only the owners get to benefit from this.

So, is Globallee a pyramid scheme? Technically, it is not since it has products to offer, right? Moreover, you can get paid by just selling products. However, there is a chance that it can be a pyramid scheme in disguise because of some practices.

You will find out in the next section.

Globallee Pros

#1 It is still new in the market

MLMs are very “strong” during the early stages because people are interested in them. Globallee is still new since it was launched in 2019. MLM representatives have an easier time in selling Globallee products.

#2 Globallee products received positive reviews.

Some people actually like the Globallee products and even left good and positive reviews online. MLM representatives can use this to their advantage when selling Globallee products.

Customers like it when they are presented with proof that the products actually work and are good.

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Globallee Cons

#1 Lack of transparency

When I was making my research about Globallee, I did not find any income disclosure statements. It is important to know about it so that you will have an idea how much representatives actually earn.

Since Globallee does not have one, you should be really careful.

#2 Products are expensive

Even though the products are good, they are still very expensive compared to similar products. This is one of the practices that pyramid schemes in disguise do. When their products are expensive, representatives will have a more difficult time selling them. In the end, to have a decent income, they will resort to recruiting people.

#3 There are hidden expenses

The 100 monthly PV requirement is completely hidden and you will not be able to know about it when you are being recruited! You will only be notified once you are already a part of the program.

$100 monthly is actually a big deal. If you spend that amount of money every month, you have to make sure that you will be earning more than that amount to cover that expense.

This is also another practice that pyramid schemes in disguise follow to make their representatives recruit more people.

#4 There is a chance that Globallee is a pyramid scheme in disguise

In its compensation plan, there is a recruitment commission that compensates for whenever you recruit someone. Doesn’t that ring a bell? That’s right. It sounds like a pyramid scheme.

Furthermore, the hidden expenses and expensive products are indications of being a pyramid scheme in disguise!

Final Verdict

Overall, Globallee is a legit MLM and it does offer good products. Moreover, the company actually keeps its promises of compensating you for recruiting and selling. However, there are red flags that should concern you.

First, the lack of transparency and information does not guarantee you that you can earn enough money. And then, you have the pyramid scheme in disguise problem. If that is actually true, then you will be in a huge trouble!

So if you ask for my final verdict, I do not recommend you to rely on Globallee as a source of income. Knowing that it is an MLM is already a good reason to stay away from it. I am not a hater of MLMs. But I am just not a fan of the business model.

There are a lot better ways to earn money from home with better pay. You can check out my best recommendation below.

Thank you so much for reading my “Is Globallee A Pyramid Scheme?” review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.!

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