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Is Hedgefinity A Pyramid Scheme? (This Is Actually Shocking!) (2020)

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By Anis Chity

September 27, 2020

Is Hedgefinity A Pyramid Scheme

Welcome to my "Is Hedgefinity A Pyramid Scheme?" review!

So, I guess you just discovered Hedgefinity after being promised a source of income from home with its program. But you want to make sure that you will not be joining a scam. That's why you are in this review.

Well, I want to congratulate you first because that was a smart move you made! Then, I won't disappoint and give you everything you need to know about Hedgefinity. What is it? Is Hedgefinity a pyramid scheme? Or is it legit?

Let's get started.

Hedgefinity Review Quick Summary

Name: Hedgefinity

Founder: Undisclosed

Type: Crypto investment MLM company

Price: $11

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!

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What is Hedgefinity?

Hedgefinity was a website that claims to be a cryptocurrency investment multi-level marketing. It is unknown who were the people behind it. Moreover, there is not enough information about the company. The only thing we know is that the website came online in July 20, 2018 and expired in July 20, 2019.

Hedgefinity had it own business funding platform which raised capital investments for several investors. Moreover, it considered itself as a social enterprise that uses crowdfunding techniques to receive money from fund grants and capital.

However, is it actually legit? Or is Hedgefinity a pyramid scheme? You shall know the shocking truth later!

Hedgefinity products

Hedgefinity did not offer any kinds of products or services, which is really weird for an MLM. What it did offer was an affiliate program or membership, to earn money.

Anyone could join the program. All they had to do was to pay the membership fee. Then, they could recruit people into the program to be part of their "downline". The more people they recruited, the more commissions or money they received.

Apart from this, members could invest money into the system to also earn commissions along with the recruitment. According to Hedgefinity, it was good to invest in its system since it leveraged cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the money that the members used to invest were directed towards cryptocurrencies, which have the tendency to rapidly increase their value.

This model is not really new because there are other MLMs like this one that are also shady. 7k Metals is an example.

Anis Chity

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Can you earn money with Hedgefinity?

Theoretically, yes you can earn money with Hedgefinity. That is, if you can recruit a lot of people. In fact, there were some people who did earn with the company, but their income was not even close to the minimum wage!

Furthermore, Hedgefinity did not release any Income Disclosure Statements. Which means that it lacks transparency about the "opportunity" they claim to offer.

How can you earn money with Hedgefinity?

There was only one way to earn money with Hedgefinity which was to recruit people into the program. This is very unusual for an MLM because it is a business model wherein the two main ways to earn money is to sell products and recruit people.

Obviously, Hedgefinity did not offer any products or services, then it mainly focused on recruitment!

How to get started?

To join the program, you only had to pay for the membership fee which costed $11 only. Moreover, there were no monthly quotas to be maintained unlike most MLMs.

It does sound cheap since you only need to pay $11. However, people had to spend a lot of money on subsequent investments to earn more money.

Hedgefinity Compensation Plan

As for its compensation plan, Hedgefinity followed the 2x8 matrix cylinder. Basically, you will have to 2 recruits/members under you. And each of those recruits, will have 2 members under them, and so on and so forth. Basically, it will form something like below.

Is Hedgefinity A Pyramid Scheme compensation plan

Have you noticed something? Well, it kinda resembles a pyramid, right? I sense something shady and fishy around here. But I shall explain more on this later on.

What happens here is that when you pay $11, you will get the Challenger rank and then you have to recruit 2 members for you to earn $10 each from them. When this happens, you will unlock the second level.

By the time you are on this level, you have to invest $40 and your recruits should recruit 2 members each, which will make you earn $20 each from them.

This process will go on until you can earn $160 per cycle up to the highest level where you can earn $42 million! Or so it claimed. It may sound easy but in order to achieve that, you must have at least 128 downline members which is very difficult to meet.

As you can see, Hedgefinity is just all about RECRUITMENT!

Is Hedgefinity a scam?

Hedgefinity was not really a scam. However, it was not a business that is recommendable for people. It was a bit tempting to invest since you only need $11. Also, it did show a lot of red flags of being a pyramid scheme.

However, this kind of system tends to get complicated as it gets broader, which will leave investors stranded. Obviously it was not successful since the website and the system went down in just one year.

Anis Chity

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Is Hedgefinity a pyramid scheme?

Hedgefinity did exhibit a lot of red flags and signs of being a pyramid scheme. What is a pyramid scheme, anyway? Well, it is an illegal business model, wherein the only way to earn money is to recruit people. There are no products or services involved.

It is very unsustainable and nearly impossible to earn money. The only people who can really benefit are the ones at the top of the pyramid, like the owners.

As you can see above, Hedgefinity had these characteristics! It is no wonder why it did not survive for more than a year. Moreover, it did lack a lot of information, which probably contributed to not having much members.

Hedgefinity Pros and Cons


  • Affordable membership fee
  • No monthly quota


  • Pyramid scheme
  • Lacks a lot of information
  • No products or services
  • The website and system has been shut down

Final Verdict

Although Hedgefinity has already been shut down, if it was still operating, I highly do not recommend you to try it out. Yes, it is affordable. But in the long run, you will realize that you have spent money but only earned less than what you have spent.

It lacked information and the compensation plan was very shady because it resembled a pyramid scheme.

However, it is not too late for you to earn money from home. You can check out my recommendation below. Thank you so much for reading my "Is Hedgefinity A Pyramid Scheme?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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