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Is Income from Home Academy a Scam or Legit?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 27, 2017

Cash from Home is a Scam, Income from Home Review 2017



Is Income from Home Academy a Scam? If you are wondering that make sure you read this Income from Home Academy review before you do anything!

Before we get into this review I want you to answer a question.

Is it possible to make $359 per day with zero experience?

Isn’t that too good to be true?

I know it sounds amazing to earn that amount every day without having any experience.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible.

If you don’t put in hard work and time you will never make money.

That’s the truth.

Income from Home Academy is supposed to be the program that can make anyone make $357 per day.

In this review, I want to share with you some very important points about this scam and also show you an honest and legitimate opportunity to make money online.

Let’s see what this scam is all about and how it works.

What is Income from Home Academy?


It’s crazy really, there are some scammers out there spitting out random names and programs that are supposed to change people’s lives

These are the programs I am talking about have a quick look you will notice that they are the same but with different names.

Is Cash from Home a Scam?

Is Facebook Bonanza Legit?

Is The Direct Online Income a Scam?

My Income Blast Review

These were some of the scams I had the chance to review.

There are also other scams that they launched but I didn’t have the chance to review, the Money Academy, Work from Home University, home income Academy.

So many scams my friend!

These guys are there only to rip off people’s money.

It’s sad to see a lot of people still fighting to get a refund from these programs.


How Much Does it Cost?




For some reason, they raised the price you only had to pay $4.97 to get in before

But now they are charging $19 to get through the door.

But after that you will have to pay $69 every month, well the price is not a problem.

If it’s worth it why not?

But it’s a big scam so no thanks.

There are excellent training platforms out there like Wealthy Affiliate that cost way less and really teach how to start an online business


What Are You Actually Buying?


All the products I have reviewed are the same just like Income from Home Academy.

When you buy any of those programs you are going to get five courses and video tutorials with very basic information that you can easily find on the internet.

All these courses sound interesting however they don’t explain how money is made and how you are going to make $359 per day.

They keep promising and promising and then tell you to post links on Google but they don’t even explain how to do that.

Since I mentioned Posting links, that’s something that doesn’t work anymore in 2017 and it’s considered a spam and a waste of time.

Other than posting links they have other courses about Ebay, Facebook Marketing, and some SEO secrets.

It’s messy I will explain this point further down in this review

Affiliate marketing is what works nowadays and everybody agrees that it’s a successful business model.


Income from Home Academy is a Scam, Here’s why


I was scammed before by programs similar to this one, the funny part I was skeptical but I was forcing myself to agree and trust the scammers.

I hope you don’t make the same mistake.

Here are some valid reasons and red flags why this system or training (whatever they call it) is a scam.


1) Unethical Scarcity Tactics




One thing these scammers do is to put pressure on you when you are landing on their sales page.

They want you to act fast without giving you time to think.

They usually use a fake timer or say there are limited spots available.

2) Seen on BBC, CNN…


Another tactic every scammer use is the seen on TV, they try to add credibility by putting large social media logos on their sales page.

The social media channel have nothing to do with these thieves.

3) The Testimonials are Stock Images


Testimonials are a great way to add credibility to a product, it always great to see that others are using and liking the product you’re about to buy.


To prove that Income from Home Academy is fake they are using stock images because nobody is actually using their system because it’s a scam.

4) Free 1-on-1 Training


After you buy their product you will feel like you are in a desert, nobody to talk to, you can’t ask questions or help.

There is no 1-on-1 training, their goal is to steal your $19, the monthly $69 and go launch new hyped up products to find more victims

5) The Training is a Mess


As I mentioned before their courses cover link posting, eBay marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Marketing along with some other ebook downloads.

The training is just a bunch of information put together that make absolutely no sense.

For example, within the first course you will learn about Facebook Marketing which says you don’t need a website but in course two they teach you Ebay marketing where you must have a website.

Then Google marketing course where you post links on Google by the way Google does not pay people to post links.

It’s a total mess and confusion.

6) The Downsell


This is just a little trick that I discovered with a similar scam when you are on the checkout page and you try to exit the page you will get a discount.




My Final Opinion and Recommendation


I hope my review saved you time and money, Income from Home Academy is not a legit program.

The most ethical and honest company I have dealt With is Wealthy Affiliate.

They really can teach people how to make money.

It’s a legitimate newbie friendly community where you learn how to start an online business, get help and support from the community and more.

The best part is you can try it for free without a credit card.

Watch this video and see what I am talking about, their training is clear organized and had made many newbies into full-time online marketers.

Watch this video and let me know what you think.

HowtoMakeMoneyWithAffiliateMarketingand WealthyAffiliate

You won’t hear about promises here but only how you can actually build a successful and a money making website

Any thoughts or comments are welcome!


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