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Protypers is a SCAM! [2019 Updated Review!]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 15, 2019

Protypers review 2017

protypers reviewed

Is Protypers a Scam? How much money can you make? Is it worth your time and efforts? You MUST read this review before you sign up!

So after trying Kolotibablo, MegaTypers, Captcha Club, and 2Captcha here we go again with another captcha site called ProTypers.

You know what you’re awesome!

I have lost count of how many people got scammed simply because they did not do any research before trying a hyped-up make money online program.

So today we look into ProTypers which is another site where you get paid to solve captchas.

Does Protypers really pay? Is it worth it?

Without further ado let’s get rolling with this Protypers review.

Protypers Summary Review

Name: ProTypers

Website: protypers.com

Price: Free

Founder: Hidden

protypers reviewed

Summary: In 2019 Protypers is a scam! In this review, I show you the proof to back up what I am talking about.

If you’re in a hurry and you want to see my final opinion just click here!

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!

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What is ProTypers Exactly?

ProTypers is simply a website that pays you to solve captcha puzzles.

Protypers is exactly the same as Megatypers, so this review will serve for both.

They have different names but they are the same in the sense that you get paid to solve captchas on both sites.

Don’t ask me why they have two websites because this similarity does not make sense to me too.

With that being said Protypers aka Megatypers are legitimate and they actually pay.

This is an 2019 update!

Protypers is NOT legit in 2019!

Jump to the conclusion of the review to learn why!

However, there are two BIG problems (or even more) why you shouldn’t bother with this site.

I am going to explain everything as we go forward with this review.

Let’s find out and see how it works

How Does ProTypers Work?

It’s free to sign up and they don’t require any special skills beside being fast at solving captchas.

They don’t want you to be just fast, but super fast like a ninja.

This is an example of captchas you will have to solve within Protypers and Megatypers.

As you can see in the picture there is a little timer.

You have 15 seconds to solve the captcha.

If you fail to solve it within 15 seconds you will get this message.


You will get banned if you keep failing to solve them.

The captchas are so hard to read, there will be always letters hard to read and I don’t think it’s so easy to solve such captchas in 15 seconds.

I wanted to take a screenshot of the captcha (the one above) and the timer was so fast, I had to try multiple times to get the perfect screenshot.

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Does Protypers Cost Money?

No Protypers is 100% free, you can sign up and start working without paying anything.

There are some more features that Protypers offers you to boost your income.

Let’s check them out below.

Earn Faster with Boostpacks

ProTypers earn faster

Protypers offers you a service which is supposed to speed up the captchas so you are able to solve a lot more in a shorter period of time.

Basically, Protypers is flooded by members and lots of people are solving captchas.

Since there are tons of members you will have a little amount of captchas to solve.

That’s why if you buy the Protypers boostpack you will guarantee the captchas to come your way instead of your competitors.

A boostpack costs 0.0259 typer credits and lasts for 15 minutes.

To pay for a boostpack you need to use your Protypers balance.

A Quick Note about Boost Packs!

There are only limited amounts of boostpacks because most members buy them to get more captchas done.

If you want to benefit from Boostpacks you need to order them as soon as they are available!

Does Protypers have a Mobile App?

No, Protypers does not have a mobile app.

I have tried accessing their website from my IPhone, it’s mobile friendly but it’s so slow and hard to browse.

Here’s how Protypers looks on my IPhone.

It’s more convenient to use Protypers on desktop versus mobile.

this is the mobile version on protypers

The Protypers “Typer Solver” Software

Typer solver is a software that you can install on your Windows device PC to start doing Captchas more efficiently.

Protypers recommends you to install this Windows app because it’s a lot better than the web version and they even give you bonuses for that.

ProTypers- don't download this

Since I have updated this review and found out that Protypers is a scam I don’t recommend you to download their software.

Since they are offering you a bonus to download it there must be a catch so to stay safe & don’t install this app on your Windows computer!

Win Prizes with TyperDraw

Protypers runs a contest that they call Typerdraw which rewards the most accurate typers with 4x typerpoints when they solve a specific consecutive number of captchas without doing mistakes.

You will find a list of the winners in their typerdraw (lottery) page.

protypers stats

You can also participate in the Protypers contest by buying tickets which you can pay by using your account balance.

These tickets are like sweeptakes which you can use to increase your chances of winning.

The winner of the Typerdraw lottery contest is picked by using a tool called Random Picker.

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Does ProTypers Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, Protypers does have an affiliate program which you can get access to in the left side of your dashboard.

Just click on the affiliates button and you will be able to find your affiliate code which you can send to your friends & family to earn 10% of whatever they earn.

protypers affiliate program

Does Protypers Really Pay? When & How?

Protypers does pay, I don’t work on Protypers (and I’ll never will) but I have seen many payment proofs during my research.

Quick 2019 Update!

In 2019 tons of people are complaining about Protypers stealing their money and running away.

When I wrote this review back in 2016 the complaints were little and the site looked legitimate.

But today I have decided to update this review for you.

Here’s what members are saying about Protypers in 2019!

To get paid you need to be a ninja, on this website it’s so hard to even keep your account.

As I said before you have 15 seconds to solve a captcha, if you fail several times then you will be kicked out and lose all your earnings.

Regarding payment methods, they have different options.

  • Paypal
  • WebMoney
  • PerfectMoney
  • Payza
  • Western Union
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Checks

You get paid every 2 weeks, the minimum payout requirement is from 50 cents to $3.

It depends on the payment method you use to cash out.

For example, you won’t be able to request $3 through the Western Union option.

Each payment method has details that you will find in Protypers payments page.

Every 2 weeks payments will be automatically sent to your chosen payment method when it reaches its respective threshold.

A Quick Note about the Protypers Payments!

Protypers has their own digital currencies called Typercredits & Typerpoints.

To get paid you need to accumulate at least 50 typerpoints.

  • 1 Typerpoint = 1 cent

ProTypers Concerns & Complaints

These are some complaints, problems, and concerns that made me hate Protypers.

1) Easy Job, Easy Money, Seriously?

This is their slogan they also advertise that you can earn $200 per month.

But writing captchas is the most boring and lowest-paying job ever.

You will NEVER reach the advertised $200 per month because it’s impossible with this site even if you spend the whole month glued to your laptop.

I don’t think this is an easy job, easy money website!

Let us know in the comments section what do you think!


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2) Your Account Can be Suspended Anytime.

Working in Protypers is like working for a boss that keeps screaming all the time.

You have 15 seconds if you do mistakes you are fired and you are not going to get paid.


Protypers is expecting you to become a ninja and complete all the captchas fast without making mistakes like a robot.

And the worst part they don’t even pay!

That’s why you should avoid Protypers for good!

3) You’re Helping  Hackers & Scammers

I’m not going to be surprised if one day all these captcha sites disappear.

By solving captchas you are technically helping spammers and hackers get into other people’s accounts and do other illegal stuff.

That’s how Protypers, Megatypers, Fast typers, and most captcha sites make money.

They target people from the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh mainly.

NY Times has an article about all this captcha solving and illegal stuff.

Give it a read to see how dangerous this site is!

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4) Protypers is a COPY of Megatypers!

If you don’t know it yet, Protypers is LITERALLY a copy of Megatypers they are the same in all terms.

Just have a look at how they look!

ProTyperseasymoneyeasyjobmegatypers homepage

These websites surely belong to the same owner since they are the same!

5) It’s so HARD to read the Captchas!

captcha code

While there are many simple captchas, sometimes I see some really hard and impossible to read captchas!

I don’t know why they make them so hard to read!

That’s one of the reasons why I will never work as a captcha typer.

6) The Legal Pages are Missing!

This is a solid proof that Protypers is a scam!

The site has absolutely 0 legal pages like a privacy page or an income disclosure.

It simply means you’re risking your information to be sold to third party websites and your data and payments details are NOT safe!

If this does not convince you to avoid Protypers I don’t know what will.

Quick Heads up!

There are so many Android apps, software, and all that junk from third-party sites that are supposed to make you solve captcha faster and earn more money.

Please never download that stuff.

It will only compromise your computer and cause lots of damage!

Is Protypers a Scam?

2019 Protypers Update!

Protypers is a scam in 2019! Many people have reported that Protypers is stealing their money or not paying them.

On top of that many people report that most captchas jobs are about helping hackers and scammers do illegal stuff!

With that said you want to completely avoid Protypers & also Megatypers because they are the same site!

Here’s some of the complaints that Protypers have received recently.

another protypers complaint

Source: sitejabber.com

Click on the picture to zoom it

Earn Quick Money With Surveys?

Protypers will pay you if you are fast at writing captchas without mistakes.

But you are working for hackers and spammers and that’s a scam thing.

You have to spend the whole day to earn any decent income.

With that said I think Protypers a great way to waste your time.

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Now It’s Your Turn!

Do you have experiences with ProTypers or any other captcha site?

Don’t forget to comment below and let us hear your experiences and what you think about this Protypers review!

Don’t forget to share this review with your friends you don’t want them to work for spammers right?

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In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

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  • Thanks for the honest review. I was almost starting with protypers 2 weeks ago, I would have wasted my time. I love the way you break everything down, and also the screenshots, it shows you did a well and proper research about it. I just joined wealthy affiliate and I’ve loved every bit of it. Thanks

  • Protypers is completely Scam & cheaters!!
    let me tell you my own experience a month ago i registered on Protyepers and in the first week i earned around $3.4 type credits but they paid only $1 to me, and banned my account without any reason my accuracy was 98.2% at that point in time i thought it would’t be an issue next time in the second week again i typed i earned around $4.645 and accuracy was 98.4% but the day before the payment again they banned my account and interface permanently without any reason and this time they did not pay me even 1 cent i wasted my entire week by typing these useless captchas so my sincere appeal to all those who wants to work on protypers plz don’t register on protypers they are a big big scammers and they don’t pay you

  • Protyper looks like a better option rather than previous CAPTCHA systems that you have reviewed in the past, though. I mean they do pay out with PayPal which is a big pro in my book. However, one thing that is a red flag for me is they have two different sites. Possibly there is some dirt on their name, and they are trying to rebrand themselves. I have seen this time and time again over they years.

    However, what are some realistic numbers you can expect to get with Protypers if you spend 20 hours a week on it?

    • Hi Garen, I have seen many people spending the whole day just to earn something like $7-$10.

      It’s definitely not worth it, of course it’s better than other captcha site, but its not worth it at all and I don’t recommend it.

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • Hi Anis!

    I actually have an account on Megatypers. All you said is true. You get paid extremely low for a high amount of hours. I remember reading on a forum that a guy spend almost 8-10 hours on a day and got paid only 8$ or similar. Therefore, working there without having referrals is a completely lose of your precious time. Great review and thank you for your article. Now I’ll stay away from Protypers too!

  • This was a good read and informative. Thanks for letting us know we would be helping the wrong crowd. Don’t wanna do that.

    At times I do think I am a Ninja. So, I am going to have to find a new way to use my ninja skills.

    Do you have a good recommendation?

  • I think I definitely pass protypers. When I see the pic of captchas which I need to type in 7 seconds. That is seriously impossible for me and other things also show that it is not worth my time.

  • Great review! I didn’t know much about Protypers. It seems like a good way to earn some quick money if you have the skill, but it definitely doesn’t seem like you can make a living out of it. Thank you for your honest review and opinion, they were very helpful!

  • Thanks for the heads up, Anis. This is great information about ProTypers and you have saved me a lot of time and effort. Keep up the great work!

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