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Is My Traffic Business a Scam? (2022) Proven Hack or Hero

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By Anis

May 24, 2022

is my traffic business a scam

Welcome to my "Is My Traffic Business a Scam?" Review! (Updated for 2022!)

Are you having a hard time deciding whether you should buy My Traffic Business or not? Does it look like a big scam to you?

Well, if you take a closer look. This system just doesn't look very legitimate, now does it?

But you can't judge the book by its cover, can you?

Can you?

This My Traffic Business review has been updated for 2022 to help you decide. I'm going to share with you the raw ugly truth that they don't want you to know!

Let's hop in, shall we?

Is My Traffic Business a Scam? Quick Summary 

Name:  My Traffic Business

Website: ;

Founder: James Wendell

Price: $37 + upsells

Recommended? No

is my traffic business a scam

What is My Traffic Business?

My Traffic Business is a program where, apparently, you can make $500 per day. They even go so far as to say you can earn $10,000 in a month! However, it sounds too good to be true.

This product is presented by a guy named James Wendell.

James in the video presentation is talking about his story. He was a broke man with a lot of bills to pay. Well I'm assuming you've already watched the video so no need for me to tell you what James said.

But what you probably don't know is the fact that James story is 100% fake. I'm pretty sure that this guy did not go from a broke guy to a millionaire like he explains.

My job is to review online marketing products about making money online, so people looking for legit opportunities like you don't fall for them.

One of the best ways I know about making people buy stuff online is to create an emotional connection.

Furthermore, any expert copywriter when creating a page with the goal of selling something. They would be starting off by sharing with you something emotional you can relate to.

The point is if you see that author has been through YOUR SAME problem and fixed it, then you will trust it more.

When they get your subconscious trust then they will sell you the product to solve your problem.

That's exactly what My Traffic Business is doing here but in an UNETHICAL WAY!

James Wendell Story is not real as it was only created to deceive you into buying his products. However, these products are guaranteed to NOT make you money.

I've seen these type of scams over and over. That's why I'm 100% confident in what I am talking about here.

How Does My Traffic Business Work?

I really want to warn you against products like My Traffic Business, they are very deceptive and dangerous.

All they do is put together a fake website, give it a cheesy name, throw in some numbers, a fake video in the middle and try to bring as many visitors to it as possible to it.

They do this because they know there are lots of lazy people out there that are looking for ways to make money without doing any work.

That's why they try to take advantage of them by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

At the end of the day the people looking for easy ways to make money without work only end up buying a product after product. Therefore, wasting tons of money without earning a cent.

This is not the first scam I write a review about. You can read some of the similar scams I have exposed like Five Minute Profit SitesKindle Sniper, and Money Sucking Website System.

I want you to read the above reviews I linked carefully. Moreover, you can see that they are also trying to fool you with a fake sob story!

Below I'm going to share with you some Surefire red flags about My Traffic Business!

The Testimonials are FAKE!

Yes, you heard that right, remember the testimonials at the beginning of the video?

They have said very sweet words about My Traffic Business. However, that's because they have been paid for it.

Nope, not in the fashion you think. They have been actually paid money to film a fake testimonial video where they pretend to be legit My Traffic Business success stories.

Again, that's another psychological trick to show that other people are actually making money, so you trust the system and invest in it.

You can't imagine how many reviews I published on my site about scams that continually buy fake testimonials to trick people into believing they have success stories.

Just read these reviewed about scams like The Easy Marketers Club, the Easy Cash Code and Desktop Commission System.

Furthermore, you can see proof that My Traffic Business testimonials have been paid out to create fake video testimonies.

my traffic business fake actor
my traffic business fake paid actor

My Traffic Business has bought the paid actors from a popular website called The latter is a website where you can pay people to do anything like making videos, and writing articles.

Lately scammers like My Traffic Business have been spending their money just to buy fake testimonials to put into their websites.

Furthermore, these paid actors can literally do anything you ask them to as long as you're paying them.

It's crazy I know, but this is the truth.

Just watch this video to see what I am talking about!

Hey, I'm Anis!

I've scored over 3k a Month at the age of 24 without any experience!

Lots of Money for Little Work. Seriously?

These scams as I said they are very dangerous; furthermore, My Traffic Business makes you feel like you have already become rich in the sales video.

Just so you can rush to pull out your credit card and spend your hard earned cash. Furthermore, since I mentioned hard earned cash that's pretty much the only way to earn it through hard work.

Anything that is worth getting is very hard to earn and money is no exception.

As I explained earlier there are many looking for ways to make quick cash. There are even people asking Google for ways to make money without doing any work.

If you're continually looking for easy ways to earn, then you will definitely only find scams like My Traffic Business.

Scams that are going to tell you what you want to hear but definitely they are the ones that will make money!

You can Try this Legit Training if you want to actually start working on something that will make you real money!

No Info Available & the Owner is Anonymous!

So what I know about My Traffic Business is that it was created by a person called James Wendell.

You have heard his voice in the sales page, but that's literally all the info you have.

There is no proof that James has made millions like he says and there is zero info about My Traffic Business.

Another point is after watching their video, you still have no idea about how the money they promise is going to be made.

I mean they don't have or give you a real system you can use to make money. However, all you're told is you're going to make $10,000 a month in 30 days by simply working half an hour a day.

That's too good to be true, and you know the old saying says if something is too good to be true then it probably is!

My Traffic Business is misleading, you should not trust it. In addition, the owner is hidden and there is no information about the product. So, what are you buying? Hype & Lies!

Review Update! (2021)

Looks like the owner of this scam has released the second version of this program which is called My Traffic Business v2.0.

 Whether or not you want to risk buying this "new" program in 2021 is completely up to you.

Might Cost You Thousands of Dollars!

That's when things become seriously dangerous. My Traffic Business is using a lot of tricks to make you trust them subconsciously.

One thing I know about fraudsters is they are very good at using scamming tactics.

I mean they have mastered that art; furthermore, they can literally sort of control your mind and make you spend thousands of dollars.

At the end of the day, you will feel stupid and can't believe you actually fell for such a scam!

Trust me I have been there. I have also been a victim of a scam. I did not waste thousands of dollars but I felt very stupid and ashamed of myself.

I'm sure My Traffic Business is going to make you buy the most expensive make money online courses and programs. Just so they can make money off commissions.

The usual products they promote are high ticket programs like Digital Altitude and Mobe. Actually, the latter has been shut down by the FTC because they tricked lots of people out of their money.

a person complaining about mobe

Hey, I'm Anis!

I've scored over 3k a Month without splashing thousands!

Can You Make Money?

Pretty sure you won't make a dime with My Traffic Business, why?

Because usually this kind of schemes are only created for the owners to fool people online and make a quick buck. 

They really don't care if you make money or not.

Scammers don't like to show their faces online because they know reviews like this are going to pop up; therefore, exposing them.

Imagine if they showed their real faces, people will always avoid them!

However, they prefer to stay anonymous so they can create other scams where they can trick even more people and make more money!

In poor words, My Traffic Business is not the right place to make money. You need a real Work from Home Training to actually start earning!

Is My Traffic Business A Scam?

All the signs scream that My Traffic Business is not legit. There is no reason why you should give this system a try.

I have explained how they buy testimonials from sites like Fiverr. They do this to make you think they are legit when they are not.

Furthermore, they will even charge you tons of money because that's the reason they are feeding you hype and lies.

You're promised to be rich by working only 30 minutes a day. That's just a dream and has nothing to do with reality.

As I said before they just want to get you excited and make you feel like you're already rich thanks to their system.

It's foolish to buy a program that has its owner hidden and can't show up. That's a massive red flag which proves that My Traffic Business is not legit.

I definitely do not recommend My Traffic Business for the above reasons!

This is How I Make Money from Home!

There are a lot of things we can learn from My Traffic Business and make them operate in an ethical way.

For example, you can start a legit website where you promote legitimate Amazon products.

You can use psychological techniques ethically to prove to people that the products you promote actually helped you fix your problems.

Furthermore, convince them that if they buy those products it will fix their problems too.

After all, people love and trust Amazon products. Just think about the earning potential!

Now that's a legit way to make money. I am assuming you're a newbie and you want to know more about this profitable online business opportunity.

Don't worry I have been in your shoes. However, I have discovered a legit method that you can put your hands on for free as you get 10 free lessons to try the system and the training.

You're going to learn how to start a real money making website from your passion and learn how to convince people to buy the products you promote!

By the way thanks to this training I can earn affiliate commissions like these!

I earn affiliate commissions regularly

My November affiliate commissions thanks to this company!

What do you think? Is My Traffic Business a scam or legit?

Are you going to buy it after reading this review?

Don't hesitate to leave comments & click on the social buttons below to share this review with other people!

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  • So what are your picks for 2021 (Best Work from Home 2021)
    I'm retired and willing to work hard and I have the
    time to invest just don't want to be scammed!

  • Hey Anis,

    Thank you for EXPOSING James Wendell, and My Traffic Business for the LYING, THIEVING, DESPICABLE, and DISHONORABLE SCAM that it is!! I'm former Army &Marine Corps. SPECOPS vet, and was about to recommend this shitheads program to ALOT of my brothers in arms, who are not doing too well financially, because of the technological air of legitimacy that their web presentation lets on!!!

    As you've shown us all, this so-called "business" is nothing more than STRAIGHT UP THIEVERY!!!

    I'm glad you EXPOSED it, before I recommended it to my brothers in arms. 'Cause in our world…THIEVES GET FRAGGED for stealing HARD EARNED MONEY from Combat vets!!
    That's just PLAIN THIEVERY, and in our world…THIEVES GET FRAGGED!!

    So please include a warning to Veterans in your next review…to AVOID THIS SHITSHOW LIKE THE PLAGUE THAT IT IS!!!

    Thanks again for your detailed review, and

  • Sadly I fell completely for this scam. I am trying to obtain a Customer service number for MTTB. Is there anyway you can help me?

  • My computer gliched up and now I cannot get back to the WA Program. It says that my email address is already registered and my password is already taken and will not let me progress to the next step when I hit start to watch the video. Ray

  • All these statements about My traffic Business are all 100% TRUE they are NOTHING BUT A THIEVING SCAMMING so called company I just signed up last Friday April 3rd went through a long phone interview with a guy named Eric after I paid my $ 47 .He told me if I had any problems going through the 5 learning modules they give to call him . I found out that no one but the answering service is in om weekends and they can’t help I was having a problem getting through module 2 I’m NOT a techy so I sent them 2 emails asking for help and since Monday April 6th I have called just to get a voice mail from Eric WHO DOESN’T CALL BACK and a lady named Abby has sent me emails saying she’d help me through module 2 and that’s another LIE she NEVER CONTACTED ME again .I have asked for my $ 47 back as they promised and the email I sent asking for my money came back rejected from their help mail box So there you have it I think maybe some one should go to their office in Oregon and see what they do when they are confronted face to face

    • Sorry to hear about your negative experience with my traffic business, thanks for sharing your review with us it will definitely help people know the truth about this scam!

  • I just tried to pay for the whatever it is but it declined my card then some Shazam people fraud alert texted me asking did I mean to purchase this or not been on phone waiting for representative but been on phone for ever and no one available is this real or a scam

  • I couldn’t agree more, SCAM SCAM SCAM!
    The videos at the beginning of the landing page and then the scammy clown “ronny” near the end were completely unbelievable.

    Do Not Buy This Lame ass Program!!!

  • I guess im jus looking to vent….i am a single middle aged mom of a 6yr.old who fell hard into a “on line”scam….im currently looking at receiving prison time for cashing fradulent check sent to me then returning thier payment im scared frustrated n totally embarassed that i was so stupid…..i dnt even really know wat a web site is that u asked for above….maybe i am just a idiot

  • I agree with the person above, that you’re probably a scammer, too. You’re giving the same pitch as the scammers. Give some detailed proof you can be trusted, your company can also be trusted.

    • I’m not giving the same pitch as the scammer, I’m sharing my story and how I started making money online and the program I recommend is free to try which scammers dont do so…

      • Your full is shit,you and this bogus ass company.u said full money back guaranteed if I decide to pull out.well u called me trying to persuade me to go along with this scam,but I sensed the manipulation.once I asked to be refunded my money you hung the phone up and now won’t answer my calls.this isn’t a company,it’s a bunch of fucking scammers and con artist conjuring up bogus ideas to rob people of their hard earned money.all you muthafuckas need to be shot

      • Hey there I am glad that I looked up that program you just reviewed or was that a presentation for yours now ????? So are you just saying all this for your own hype so are you a scammer too.??? To be completely honest with you would love to do your job how do I do that because I hate misrepresentation. I am a big believer in if it says something they should honor it and that doesn’t happen anymore. There are slot if people put too that I think should get legally made me follow thru with verbal or message promises that are devistating when not kept. So I am all for stopping the scammers. How do I go about doing what you do I mean doing the reviews on the scammers your kinda like getphardt lol I guess go read your stuff right I’m just so confused on WHO IIISSS telling the truth why should we believe you either. Well I will ve back to finish this comment ….to be continued ….hopefully you are resl……be back asap

        • You know I fell for many scams which wasted me time and money and made me feel terrible, that’s why I hate them so much and I’m happy that I can help people avoid scams and find something legitimate if you want to do the same thing like me or if you want to start a legitimate online business even if you have no experience I recommend you this training

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