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Seobility Review – The Best Free SEO Audit Tool?

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August 16, 2018

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seobility reviewed

I have written this Seobility review because lots of people want to read a review before trying it out, Seobility is a great SEO audit tool that will improve your site’s technical SEO.

Lot’s of people only care about optimizing their content and forget the technical SEO part, which is optimizing other areas of your websites that can affect rankings negatively and make all your efforts useless if ignored.

Some of the best Technical SEO practices are; improving the site loading time, checking for grammar issues on your site, fixing all the broken links, etc.

It’s not very easy to find all those errors by yourself.

Seobility is one of the best and professional SEO tools that will help you make that process like a walk in the park.

Name: Seobility Seobility review

Price: Basic: Free- Premium:$36/month- Agency $148/month

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

1- Seobility Product Overview

Seobility is an SEO audit tool which crawls and analyzes your website to check for errors and problems that might be holding it from getting better positions in the search engines.

This program is based in Germany and quickly became popular in the US and other countries.

What I like about it is the simple interface and the wealth of search engine optimization tips it gives you in addition to all the errors it finds in a short period.

Many tools similar to seobility will just check your website for mistakes, once you want to see the results they would just slap you with an upgrade landing page.

This program has a great free membership that offers a lot of great features that other programs would charge for.

Let’s have a look at some of the best features of this SEO tool.

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2- Seobility Best Features

Seobility has a lot of great features that are the following:

1- SEO Check

This is a great feature; that will break down for your all the possible errors that may affect your SEO.

If you do an SEO check and fix all the errors you see, you will surely notice more organic traffic and less bounce rate.

This feature is %100 free and yet extremely helpful.SEO check feature on Seobility

I have found lots of problems in my website with SEO check and fixed them.

It’s impossible to detect all the problems this tool will generate for you.

One tip, though, don’t get hooked by it, sometimes the tool may overreact and give you useless tips.

It’s just a machine 😀 after all.

2- Keyword Check

Another mind-blowing feature, where you can simply put the URL of your post and your target keyword.

The tool will give you tips to optimize your post better for that keyword by giving you a score and actionable tips to increase that score.Keyword score feature on Seobility

I like to go through my older posts and try to improve my keyword score, but remember that it might give you some senseless recommendations.

Just use your intelligence and don’t be a pushover of that tool 😀

3- SEO Compare

You have no idea of how useful this feature is; I love it. Seo compare feature on Seobility

All you need to do is to put the target keyword and the post that talks about it plus your competitor’s post URL that targets your same keyword.

It will show you the loser and the winner; the winner obviously is one that that is ranking well for that keyword.

The best part is it will show you why your competitors are beating you and actionable tips to improve your rankings!

4- Ranking Check

Have you ever wished to see what positions your keywords are getting on Google?

I know just typing your keyword on Google is not a reliable way to check rankings.

To check ranking positions simply put your target keyword, and your domain URL then hit check.

You will be able to see the position and the competitors posts.

5- Monitoring Service

If you register and add your website, the tool will crawl all your website links and give you reports of the problems and solutions.

The most exciting part is, it will regularly crawl your site and send you errors reports if they happen in your email inbox!

It’s 100% free for small websites with up to 1000 pages! 🙂

3- Pricing and Plans

Seobility has three different membership plans:


  • Free
  • No more than 1 website to check.
  • No more than 1000 crawled pages
  • Only 200 external links can be checked
  • Waiting time for re-crawls one day

2- Premium 

  • $36/Month
  • 3 websites to check
  • 25,000 maximum crawled pages
  • 5000 external links that can be checked
  • No waiting time for recrawls


  • $148/month
  • 15 websites to check
  • 100,000 maximum crawled pages
  • 20,000 external links to check
  • Immediate recrawls

4- Support

If you have problems with Seobility you can find their contact page and social links easily, there are numbers and emails you can contact.

You will never have problems with support, they also have an FAQ page.

My Final Opinion of Seobility

I recommend everyone to try this SEO tool, because it’s very useful, and I am sure it will help you to improve your website rankings.

Join Seobility now it’s FREE!

I hope you have enjoyed my Seobility review if you want to start an online business, don’t forget to check my #1Recommendation to Make a Living from your passion and it’s FREE!

If you have any questions just drop a comment, please share this review with your friends if you like it! 🙂

Your friend Anis 😀

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  • SEObility is an incredibly powerful SEO tool which, if you can afford it, should be used! It vastly helps you learn and understand SEO in the simplest of methods, also the customer support is brilliant!

  • Hey Anis, I have never heard of seobility before. It sounds like something I could definitely benefit from. I feel like I am working so hard but not getting ranked, and I really think this could help me figure out why. Ill definitely be getting this. Thanks again for the review, I learn something new everyday!

  • Thanks for the info Anis! This tool looks extremely valuable. I shared it as well.
    Do you think it’s worth it to pay for the Premium or Agency?

  • Hi Anis,
    Wow, I’d never heard of this, but can immediately see how it could provide incredibly valuable information. Thank you for this article. I’ve bookmarked your site and look forward to reading more. Meantime, I’ll check out Seobility.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Anis,

    Thanks for this helpful information. And you’re right, most people don’t think about the technical side to SEO, so it’s great there is a tool to improve the site loading time, check for grammar and fix any broken links. Your review clearly tells me Seobility is a credible and legitimate tool and I love that there’s a free option so I’ll definitely give it a go.

  • Seobility seems like an interesting tool to be used to find errors in ones website(s). I will definitely look into it as i want to take advantage of all the means of improving my ranks in search engines.

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