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Super Affiliate Success System Scam – Avoid!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 1, 2018

Can the Super Affiliate Success System force-Feed 4 to 6 checks per week or it's a total scam?

If you can't tell if this is a legitimate opportunity or not all you have to do is read this full review.

Want to know what Super Affiliate Success System exactly is and also discover alternatives to build a thriving affiliate site? 

Just read this honest review!

super affiliate success system scam

Super Affiliate Success System Quick Review

  • Name: Super Affiliate Success System
  • Website: superaffiliatesuccesssystem.com
  • Presented by: Tonya
  • What is it?: Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Price: $37 + upsells
  • Is it a Scam? No
  • Do I Recommend it? No
the super affiliate success system

What is Super Affiliate Success System?

The Super Affiliate Success system is an affiliate marketing training that claims to help people earn a full time income from home.

However what caught my attention is the income claims and hype that come with this website.

Tonya the lady voicing the video presentation of Super Affiliate Success System claims that she has some secrets to making money online.

She doesn't mind sharing them with you, but they must stay between you and her.

Her secrets should help you make money with affiliate marketing fast by just taking some simple easy steps.

Affiliate Marketing is VERY Profitable

Super Affiliate Success System teachings are based with Affiliate marketing.

Which means affiliate marketing is the business model you're going to learn and that's how you will make money with Super Affiliate Success System.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable online business opportunity.

It's a great opportunity where you can make a full time income from home by selling other people's products

It's a billion dollars industry where even regular people like you and me can earn a living from!

In fact, I make a full-time income from home thanks to affiliate marketing.

Well, this is not a post about affiliate marketing.

If you would like to learn more about this business model just click on the post below which goes deeper in the topic.

By now I think you know how amazing affiliate marketing is.

But There is a Problem with the Super Affiliate Success System...

The Super Affiliate Success System wants to teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Everything looks good so far.

However the Super Affiliate Success System says you will make money fast and easily...

I'd like to say that it's IMPOSSIBLE to make money fast with affiliate marketing.

Ask every affiliate marketer about affiliate marketing and they will tell how how damn hard it is and how long it takes for it to work!

Here's a great NO BS answer to how long it ACTUALLY takes to make money with affiliate marketing.

I think now you will agree with me if I say the Super Affiliate Success System is not honest and full of hype.

There is no way to start making money fast with this business model.

In fact it took me 4 months to make my first sale and 8 months to start making some extra hundred dollars from Affiliate marketing.

It took me 15 months to start earning over $2000 per month

Chances are you're a beginner with zero experience, making money fast with no experience is pretty not realistic.

With that said, below I'll reveal what the Super Affiliate Success System actually is.

How Does the Super Affiliate Success System Work?

The Super Affiliate Success System is not going to teach you how to start a business online because they have no training or anything.

This program is just a doorway to a different product that is called The Super Affiliate Network by Misha Wilson.

super affiliate network

The Super Affiliate Network is what you're actually buying

The latter is not a scam, if you buy it you are going to get some decent training.

However the Super Affiliate Network does not sound like affiliate marketing to me, more like an MLM scheme.

Because with this program you won't learn how to Start an Affiliate Website from Your Passion

This system focuses on teaching you how to make money by promoting exactly the same product you have bought.

The training will teach you how to create a webpage like Super Affiliate Success System where you promote the Super Affiliate Network.

The training focuses on buying & reselling high ticket products.

You will also need to buy traffic...

Wondering how much this is going to cost?

You will be surprised...

How Are You Going to Make Money?

The Super Affiliate Success webpage belongs to an affiliate (student) of the Super Affiliate Network.

The latter teaches people how to create pages that promotes them.

So to make money you will need to promote the high ticket items that you will need to buy from the Super Affiliate network then resell them through your own webpage with a custom domain name.

Here's how you're going to make money with the Super Affiliate Success System in a few words:

  • Buy the resell rights of the high ticket products of the Super Affiliate Network
  • Create a webpage like The Super Affiliate Success System but with a different name.
  • Spend money on traffic & start funneling people to buy the Super Affiliate network products & memberships just like you did.

The person voicing the Super Affiliate Success System does not tell you how much money you will need to put on this.

Because if they did you wouldn't even think about it!

The reality is The Super Affiliate Success System costs tons of money.

Their training as I said earlier involves high ticket selling through paid traffic.

It's crazy how expensive and risky this is. (I'm going to shed more light on what are actual costs of this program below so keep reading.

If you're looking for an affiliate marketing training without spending a fortune then check out My Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training for Newbies.

Here's How Much the Super Affiliate Success System Actually Costs!

This product is not going to be cheap.

Yes, you can make thousands per dollars per sale.

But there is a big catch here...

The catch is you need to spend the triple of what you will earn.

The Super Affiliate Success System has different high ticket products that come with different pricings.

You need to pick up a high ticket product buy it and resell it to make commissions.

How much you make per sale depends on which membership you have bought.

The more expensive the high membership you buy from the Super Affiliate Network the higher the commissions you will make everytime you sell it.

Here are the Super Affiliate Success System memberships & how much they cost.

  • The Basic Membership = $47 a Month
  • The Premium Membership =  $97 one time fee.
  • Super Affiliate Monthly = $47 one time fee
  • Pro Membership = $2,497 one time charge
  • Maui Intensive Mentoring = $12,497 one time charge

if you want to make money with the Super Affiliate Success System you will need to invest on the above memberships and then promote them.

The first 3 products obviously won't make you much money if you promote them.

If you want to make around $1,500 per sale you need to invest in the pro membership which costs $2,497.

But if you want to make $6,000 per sale you need to invest in the Maui Intensive Mentoring which costs $12,497.

The Super Affiliate Success System is a plug & play system, the more you pay the higher your earnings will be.

What bothers me though is the lack of transparency as they did not tell you how much you need to spend on the first place.

You Will Need to Spend More Money to Buy Traffic...

If you think there are no more costs you're wrong because you have to buy traffic in order to find clients.

The Super Affiliate Success System will ask you to set apart a budget for Solo Ads.

Solo Ads means you will advertise your offers on other people email lists.

Solo ads can cost you around $0.80 to $1 per every single click.

So in order to get results you will need to spend like $100 to $200 per day on solo ads and hoping a percentage of the clicks will convert into sales.

While solo ads can potentially make you money and be effective, they also come with a big risk.

If your clicks don't convert you will easily throw away thousands of dollars.

The Super Affiliate Success System as you can see is not a cheap product.

If you want to profit with it you have to have deep pockets.

If you can't afford this program then have a look at the orange link below:

Is the Super Affiliate Success System Legit or Scam?

The Super Affiliate Network is definitely a 100% legitimate training where you can build a profitable Full-Time home business.

However the Super Affiliate Success System is NOT.

Because it's just a doorway site that looks like the usual scams I review like:

It's not honest and ethical to mislead people to purchase a different product that costs a leg and an arm without even disclosing it.

Pros & Cons


  • You can make money with the Super Affiliate Network.
  • Good Training.


  • The disclaimer says the opposite of What they Promise
  • It's Very Expensive
  • Not Newbie friendly

Below I'm going to talk about the cons of The Super Affiliate Success System.

The Disclaimer Says the Opposite of What they Promise!

If you head to the homepage of the Super Affiliate Success System and scroll all the way to the bottom you will read this.

the super affiliate success system disclosure page

SOURCE: https://www.superaffiliatesuccesssystem.com/mainpage

They are literally telling you that the typical purchaser does not make money with this system in the bottom of their page.

In the sales video they promise you the moon.

How funny is that?

If you're wondering why they say no one makes money on the bottom of their page it's because of legal purposes they are forced to put that sentence there otherwise they would be taken down.

It's Very Expensive & Risky

I have explained and showed you how much this costs, you need to have deep pockets in order to afford this system.

It's exaggerated and there is no guarantee that you can get your investments back let alone earning thousands of dollars.

Not Newbie Friendly

I think the Super Affiliate Success Training is not suitable for newbies.

In order to profit from this website you need to at least have an email list or experience.

And if you buy traffic and you don't know what you're doing you will waste lots of money for no return.

Final Words

I don't recommend you to sign up for The Super Affiliate Success System because:

  • It's SUPER expensive
  • It's just a doorway to another product (which is legit & can make you money)
  • Not transparent
  • Not suitable for newbies as you need experience to make this work.
  • Like they say the typical purchaser does not make money!

If you want a serious and affordable training that won't cost you tons of money like the Super Affiliate Success System and where you actually learn how to make a living online then have a look below.

Did you find this review useful?

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  • I am actually intermediate level marketer but I definitely don’t know everything. For example I don’t know anything about e-mail marketing or did not start even PPC. However I know some things about social medial marketing especially facebook.
    You said that it is not suitable for beginners. But is it suitable for someone like me?

    • Hi Furkan, if you can afford it and feel like you’re not a newbie then give it a shot but not Super Affiliate System Success, I’m talking about Super Affiliate Network.

  • This an an excellent review of the Super Affiliate Success System and as a person brand new to affiliate marketing it is great that you have highlighted the cons of this program. I won’t be a purchaser!

    I have started to learn about affiliate marketing with the intent to make some extra money and I appreciated your inclusion of a video explaining just how long that might take. That video was very informative and it came across as honest.

    Thank you,


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