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ThisPaid.com & YesMyPay.com Review Big Scams? Yes!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 5, 2019

thispaid and yes mypay review

Did you come across ThisPaid.com or YesMyPay.com and you are wondering if it's legit or a scam you should avoid?

The reason why I'm reviewing these two sites at once is that they are so similar and I'll be talking more about it in this YesMyPay.com and Thispaid.com review.

Is YesMypay.com is a scam? Or is thispaid.com a scam? You'll find the answers here 😉

Now without further ado, let's get into this Thispaid.com and Yesmypay.com review where i'll give you 5 reasons to NOT join any of them!

What Is ThisPaid.com?

This Paid is a website that claims that they are providing online data entry jobs and tasks.

They claim that you are going to get a $5 sign up bonus and if you refer your friends you'll earn 50% of their earnings and you can cash out when you reach $100.

Unfortunately, none of this is real, thispaid.com doesn't work as they claim, in fact, it doesn't work at all!

What Is YesMyPay.com?

YesMyPay.com and thispaid.com are twins! they both have the same website design, the same claims. and the same BS!

These two sites don't provide any information about them and their contact pages is just ridiculous.

The owners of theseYesMyPay.com and YesMyPay.com have a lot of similar sites but with different names. 

They basically create one fraud site and when a lot of people realize that it's a scam they shut it down and open another one to scam more people.

I've reviewed a lot of sites like these two and I can confirm that YesMyPay.com and ThisPaid.com are no better than the following:

Below I will be talking more about these two sites and I'll also give you 5 reasons why you don't want to join any of them

How do YesMyPay.com & ThisPaid.com Work?

I've tried to sign up with these two sites using an email that doesn't even exist (youarescammers@gmail.com) and they did not ask me to verify it.

data entry scam
dataentry fake sites

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The reason why they accepted it is because they are not legitimate!

Legitimate sites always ask for email confirmation and if you put an email that doesn't work they'll not accept it!

When I signed up there were no online data entry jobs or tasks they just gave me a referral link and claimed that I can earn 50% of their earning.

YesMyPay.com and ThisPaid.com don't work, they just want to sell your personal info and they also want you to refer your friends so they can sell theirs too!

And to give you more proof below, I will give you 5 reasons why YesMyPay and ThisPaid are scams!

5 Reasons Why YesMyPay & ThisPaid Are Scams!

YesMyPay & ThisPaid Are Rebranded Scams!

YesMypay.com and thispaid.com are just rebranded scams and the proof is that they both look similar.

I'm sure that there are other versions of these two scams and I'll update this review when I find them.

If you know any similar sites please drop a comment below so no one will fall for it 🙂

YesMyPay & ThisPaid Owners Are Hidden!

The owners of these two sites are hidden because they know that their sites are just jokes.

Scammers love using an anonymous service so no one will know who they are! 

I can't trust a site with a hidden owner because I believe that there is no reason to hide your identity unless you are planning to scam people

YesMyPay & ThisPaid Support Service is ridiculous!

The contact pages of YesMyPay.com and Thispaid.com don't have any email or phone number where you can contact them.

They just have a comment box and If you post a comment it will never show up and they will never reply it!

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Where Are The Jobs & Tasks?

If you sign up to Thispaid.com or Yesmypay.com you won't find any task because they don't have any.

They just want you to refer people so they can collect as much personal info as possible and sell them to third-party sites!

ThisPaid.com & YesMyPay.com Will Sell Your Info!

And this is how they are going to make money from you!

The owners of ThisPaid.com and Yesmypay.com are going to build a huge email list and there are a lot of scam artists and companies.

Email lists worth a lot of money, Scam artist and companies are ready to spend hundreds to get them to promote their products.

Are ThisPaid & YesMyPay Scams?

Yes, ThisPaid.com and YesMyPay.com are two big scams!

If you haven't joined any of them yet then do your safe a favor and avoid them at all costs because if you give them your email they will spam your inbox!

Please, stay away from this kind of sites who promise a lot of money fast because there is no easy or fast way to make money online or offlike unless you do something illegal.

ThisPaid & YesMyPay Legit Alternatives!

I hope this review was helpful and if it was don't forget to share it with your friends so they don't fall for these ugly scams 🙂

There are a lot of legitimate ways to make money online and in order to earn you need to put some hard work.

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