Captcha Club Review (Ugly Scam Exposed!) (Updated 2020)

Captcha Club Review

Hello! Welcome to my Captcha Club Review!

If you tried to look for ways to earn money online, I am sure that you have stumbled upon articles or even advertisements telling you to visit a website wherein you can earn money through captchas!

Well, I am not really a hater towards them. There are websites that can actually pay you. And there are some that are scams! Also, take note that most captchas are just enough for making extra cash, not a full-time source of income.

In this review, we will be discussing about Captcha Club! Moreover, we will find out whether it is legit or a scam. So if you are interested, be sure to finish reading the whole article!

Without any further ado, let's get started.

Captcha Club Review Quick Summary

Name: Captcha Club

Website: https://www.captchaclub.com/

Owners: Michelle Jowett

Upsells? Yes

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!

Captcha Club logo


What is Captcha Club?

To begin this Captcha Club Review, let's get some background information about it.

Captcha Club is a website that claims to provide you opportunities to earn money with online captcha and data entry jobs. Moreover, it promises you high amounts of payments.

Domain Registration

I have done a thorough research regarding Captcha Club. I found out that its domain is registered to GoDaddy LLC, under the namem Michelle Jowett who is from Texas.

At first, I thought of this as a good sign since Captcha Club did not hide its registration details.

However, there is more to his website than this. Keep on reading.

How does Captcha Club work?

Captcha Club works pretty much the same as other captcha websites. You have to sign up and create an account.

Afterwards, you can start earning money. How? You will be presented with different kinds of captchas that you must complete.

One is when you are given letters and numbers. You simply type them and then click enter.

The other is when  you are presented with pictures. you will be given an instruction and ask you to click on the ones that it is looking for.

And the last one is to simply tick a box wherein you will notify that you are not a robot.


Membership and Rates

Captcha Club Review Membership Rates 2

To be honest, while doing my research, I found different membership rates. You can see them above and below.

You can join Captcha Club for free. However there are other features which you are not eligible for. The better the membership you purchase, the more features you can have.

You can check them out in the pictures I have provided.

Captcha Club Review Membership Rates 1

Payment Methods

As for the payment, assuming that Captcha Club does pay, I read on their homepage that they pay through Paypal, Payoneer and Payza.

Moreover, there are some conditions for you to receive your earnings. First, you must reach the minimum payout which is $100! Compared to other websites which only require $5, Captcha Club really upped their game!

Apart from that, the moment you will withdraw and you have the minimum payout requirement, Captcha Club will tell you to pay $40 first! This already sounds like there is something going on, right?

Red Flags

To further make our final verdict a lot better, let me present to you some red flags that I discovered regarding Captcha Club.

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#1 Captcha Club Payment Proofs

Captcha Club has videos that show you payment proofs. Think about it. If Captcha Club was legit, do you think it is necessary to release these kinds of videos?

Some videos look like they were bought from people on Fiverr. I have seen lots of scams buy video testimonials from Fiverr. If you want to see some Fiverr gigs about testimonials, click here.

#2 Minimum Cash Payout

Most of the legit captcha sites have a minimum cashout requirement around $5.

Captcha Club allows you to cash out when you reach $100, which is really huge, especially considering the rates that you can earn.

#3 Pay to receive your earnings

This is not something you will see on their site, but when you reach $100 you will have to pay $40 to withdraw your money.

This is a hidden cost. It reminds me of Four Dollar click and Three Dollar click (big scams!)

#4 Expensive memberships

Even though the membership prices are confusing, there is no denying that they are too expensive for  "gig" that only gives you a small amount of earning.

Moreover, the benefits you can receive sound rubbish! I swear, you can look for other websites which you can join for free and at the same time, enjoy the same features that Premium Captcha Club membership gives!

#5 Negative reviews

There are a lot of complaints about Captcha Club especially on their Facebook page, but their agents work hard to delete them to keep their ball rolling.

Captcha Club review complaints

#6 Top Workers?

Captcha Club review top workers 1
Captcha Club review top workers 2

In Captcha Club's website, it highlighted its top workers. I don't know any of them except for two people.

First is Sharon Cuneta, who is a Filipina actress. But do you think an actress would work in Captcha Club? Morever, the picture there is not even Sharon Cuneta!

Apart from her, I am sure most of you know Jennifer Aniston. Does that girl in the picture look like her? No! Why use these names and not the right pictures? 

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Is Captcha Club a scam?

To conclude this Captcha Club review, it is time for me to give my final verdict and answer the question, "Is Captcha Club a scam?"

Unfortunately, Captcha Club is a scam and I highly do not recommend you to work here! First and foremost, it has a lot of red flags which I mentioned. Moreover, I never found any positive comment regarding it.

Besides, even if it did work, you won't be earning much. Captchas are only good for extra cash, not as a full-time source of income. If you want to know one method, read the next section.

Thank you so much for reading my Captcha Club Review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them on the comment section below!

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Review Date
Captcha Club
Anis Chity

Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt, but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate he managed to earn a 4 monthly figure at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home, you can learn more about him here.

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kkb - a few months ago

I reached usd 102.00 n tried to wothdraw it and they say you have to pay usd 40.00 first. I wasted 30 days in reaching and its a big scam. Just lay off them always.

    Anis Chity - a few months ago

    Yeah it’s weird to pay $40 to withdraw that’s definitely a big red flag.

mary henry - a few months ago

You can never get into it. Everytime you try to login…..it says it is closed down.
totally ridiculous.

Best paying captcha….however you can never type captcha. so do not upgrade ..as they will take your money

but you will never be able to input

    Anis Chity - a few months ago

    Thanks for the feedback Mary!

Mohammad Borno - a few months ago

is captcha club is a scam???

    Anis Chity - a few months ago

    Not a scam but it’s not worth it.

    mary henry - a few months ago

    Yes….. it is turning out to be.. I finally made my 100 dollars…..after 3 months….because most times when I sign on….. the page is not up.

    ANd out of that 100, they take 40 the first time. as a fee which they do not tell you.

      Anis Chity - a few months ago

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us

FAROOQ AHMED - last year


    Anis Chity - last year

    What do you mean Farooq?

Ayub khan - last year

Hello guys, Hello Anis. It’s really too good from u bro to help others, nd show them the true way.Anis bro i suggest u and all ofu guys to make a whatsapp group or fb ..whatever. And talk abt all of that.
What u say, Anis,?
This is my Number: +212696215900

    Anis Chity - last year

    Hi Ayub, you’re welcome, unfortunately, I’m too busy with other projects, if you need ways to earn you can join my email list or like my Facebook page.
    Or you can check out My Recommended Training for Making Money Online

Name it - a couple of years ago

Thanks to this review ,I’ve just watch their video on YouTube and try to find out if that was a scam or one that is legit…Good to be with 2captcha low paying but legit…

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Welcome 🙂

Scia - a couple of years ago

Hi Sir Anis thank you for your blog, I’m about to sign up this captcha club but looks not good so I decided to search and asked if captcha club is legit.

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    I don’t recommend it definitely is not a good option to earn money.

Michael Antwi - a couple of years ago

Please then help me with online captcha work website that i can work on there and get real money please

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    I don’t recommend any captcha work, I don’t think they are good enough.

Shahzad - a couple of years ago

Hi, Don’t waste your time it’s a fake website .

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Thanks for the feedback

Shahzad - a couple of years ago

It’s a fake website don’t waste your time. I have already earn 300$ on it and i have request activate my withdrawl but they are not reply so i have left the work on it because i understand this is fake.

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear about your experience!

Myleen - a couple of years ago

hi. . is ahadengi club a legit captcha site?? i already paid 5 times just to get my 5000 visit. . so just i can withdraw my money. . but half way to get my 5000 visit. .i just lost my 2000 visit. . it happend 2times. . its just that i hope its legit but it seems not. .can you recomend captcha site that is really legit and willing to pay me?

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Hi Myleen I recommend you to stay away from this captcha thing, it’s a complete waste of time, you’re better off doing something worthy like starting an online business!

Thomas Raj - a couple of years ago

It’s true I earn 80$ and suddenly they closed my account. I put the correct email id and password but it say invalid email id.

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Hi, Thomas, I am sorry to hear about that, Captcha club is a scam, hope people will avoid it.

    Thanks for visiting if you have any questions or looking for an honest way to earn money let me know

Rebecca - 3 years ago

Hi Anis! Thanks for the review! I actually was involved in a SIMILAR activity through freelancer com but thank the lord that I managed to convince myself that it was a complete scam. Great to hear that there are people out there doing reviews on similar sites.

Thanks for the awesome post!

    Anis Chity - 3 years ago

    Hi Rebecca filling out captcha is not a scam it’s a legit way to earn money but these guys at Captcha club are not honest enough to pay you for your hard work.

    Thanks for visiting 🙂

Amiel - 3 years ago

Hi Anis! Excellent review! I was surprised by the $40 withdrawal fee. Reminds me a bit of retirement funds where you have to pay to withdraw your OWN money lol. Thanks for sharing this and helping us be aware of scams out there!

    Anis Chity - 3 years ago

    Hi Amiel all they want you to do is to spend money, some scams even require you to upgrade to a membership to withdraw! Examples? Four Dollar Click!

Katie - 3 years ago

This one definitely sounds like a scam! I think you are right for giving it 2 stars! I can’t believe they make you pay $40 to withdraw $100. Thanks for the review, I will definitely stay away from Captcha!

    Anis Chity - 3 years ago

    Hi Katie hope people won’t fall for this scam, thanks for dropping by and have a great day 🙂

Seth - 3 years ago

Great review! The video looks like pretty bad lol.
I think it’s ridiculous that a person has to pay $40 to withdraw money they earn. That’s a heavy tax. Thanks for the heads up.
Keep it up man!

    Anis Chity - 3 years ago

    Right Seth, they make you pay that sum just to steal money from you and you will never get what you worked for. Thanks for dropping by and have a great day 🙂


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